The 10 Best Dive Computer For Beginners in 2022 – Top Products Review

Last Updated on January 4, 2022

best dive computer for Beginners

Have you ever heard about Dive computer? Well, it is every diver’s underwater best friend. A dive computer is also known as personal decompression computer. That is used to measure the time and depth of a dive to help drivers avoid any decompression sickness.

Scuba junkies would like to enjoy the wonder of the ocean than wasting time in dive calculation. Dive computer support divers by helping them monitoring and keep nitrogen levels within safe limits.

As it’s a complete piece of technology and knowing the spec may spin your head. That’s why we are here to make things easier when it comes to choosing the best dive computer for Beginners. We have listed ten best dive computer for Beginners available in the market.

Quick Answer – Dive Computer for Beginners

1. Cressi Leonardo Computer Watch

2. Mares Puck Pro Wrist Computer

3. Oceanic Geo 2.0 Air/Nitrox Computer Watch

4. Cressi Giotto Wrist Computer

5. Suunto Zoop Novo Dive Computer Wrist Watch

6. Mares Smart Wrist Dive Computer

7. Cressi DRAKE TITANIUM Free Diving Computer

8. Shearwater Research Perdix AI – w/ Transmitter

9. Shearwater Research Perdix Dive Computer

10. Shearwater Research Petrel 2 SA Dive Computer

Reviews of the Best Dive Computer for Beginners

We all might have gone through the situation where go out to shop for scuba gear and return empty-handed. Also, they left us confused. So, it is essential for a scuba diver to know the features of the dive computer.

An ideal dive computer has to measure the dive depth and time. It should warn drivers about emergency decompression stop and help them adjust their accent rate.

Some dive computer provides previous dive information. Besides, it should have improved air compatibility and low battery warning.

If you are aware of all these needs, then you are ready to shop for a reliable dive computer. Now, keeping your needs in mind, take a closer look at the list that we have made for you.

They all meet the specification of an ideal dive computer. For more of our best dive computer for Beginners recommendation, have a look over ten dive computer that we have listed. Let’s start the review:

1. Cressi Leonardo

best dive computer for BeginnersCressi Leonardo is an exclusive edition for simple and functional design. It’s a fantastic choice for those looking for their first ever personal dive computer.

Cressi Leonardo comes with a large edge-to-edge and high definition LCD screen. The screen provides a compact yet travel-friendly numerical display.

As a standard scuba dive computer, the Leonardo can program air and nitrox gases. You can easily set to gauge mode. An easy-to-see battery life icon and district audible alarm warn you in any critical condition.

All the installed algorithm allow safe decompression calculation for multiple dives.As it is user-friendly, beginners will also be able to track the ascent rates and dives time.

A sophisticated software always invigilates the nitrogen absorption and release. Also, how these can affect their remaining time in underwater.

This dive computer also comes with a PC download interface kit that allows you to download allthe dive information. Its backlight feature allows you to see data in low light condition.

All these excellent features come at an affordable price. It’s an excellent computer for the price for both beginner and advanced diver.


  • User-friendly for both the intermediate and experienced diver
  • Easy to operate-only one button
  • Extended battery life
  • Provide water temperature information
  • Retains nitrox setting
  • Inexpensive


  • The display is not standard for people who have lower eyesight.


2. Mares Puck Pro Wrist Computer

best dive computer for BeginnersThe Marex Puck Pro is an upgraded addition to the service of technology. An evolution of former Mares Puck pro, by implementing a larger display in a slimmer design.

With an upgraded firmware, multi-gas capabilities, bells, and whistles, no unnecessary frills, the puck pro wrist computer is what you are looking for.

This dive computer features all the component that drivers can expect from a beginner’s computer. It enables easy navigation with a single button that moves to the bottom of the case.

Traditional segmented display with 3-line layout assure a clean, clear, and comprehensive read. A maximum depth display with plan mode can be used in both fresh and seawater setting.

An attractive outlook with built-in backlight and extended battery life ensure a safer and longer drive. It has an optional USB interface to transfer your dive information on your PC.

Other well-received features include assent rate indicator, nitrogen reset, option to exclude audible alarm, date and temperature function, and many more. It can also shut your device when you are out of the water.

In a word, it’s easy to operate, super spontaneous, and full-featured RGBM Nitrox computer at a modest price. Considering all these, undoubtedly MaresPuck Pro is one of the best among all. So, go grab your one!


  • Larger display in a slimmer design
  • Upgradeable firmware and multi-gas capability
  • Intense backlight
  • High Contrast
  • Oversized digit
  • Protective program setting
  • Audible alarm
  • Optional USB interface


  • Battery life is low compared to others.


3. Oceanic Geo 2.0 Air/Nitrox Computer Watch

Best Dive ComputerA mid-level dive computer for recreation diver brought to you by Oceanic Geo. A perfect choice for those who are looking for reasonable and suitable-style computer watch.

Similar to other consistent dive computers, it makes dive more interesting and safer. But the quality that separates it from others is that it’s Oceanic’s exclusive Dual Algorithm.

Two Nitrox mix is available with auto-upgraded firmware. Oceanic Geo 2.0 operates in four modes such as; WATCH, NORM, GAUGE, and FREE DIVE.

You can adjust the mode based on your condition. A user-friendly interface allows forward and backward navigation through menus and settings.

This dive computer can handle up to four type of gases and also can handle both fresh and seawater. It maintains the consistent data even when the battery is changed. Also, the attached backlight allow it to operate on low light.

Like other, it can calculate dive time, temperature, max depth, stopwatch, and accent rates. The watch computer is so eye-catching, lightweight, and strong enough that you can wear it on a daily basis.

Because of its exclusive features, it comes at an attractive price. If you ready to pay extra for these additional reliable features then we would suggest you go for it.NOW!


  • Posh design and multipurpose computer
  • User-friendly interface
  • Data retention
  • Deep stop with countdown timer
  • Lightweight yet durable


  • A user instruction manual is not included.
  • Price is a bit high


4. Cressi Giotto Wrist Computer

Best Dive ComputerThe Giotto Wrist Computer is an improved edition from Cressi. It is one of the leading manufacturers in the diving industry. They have been leading the market for the last 40 years.

It is a stylish masterpiece from Cressi that is highly recommended by experts for its multipurpose use and attractive look. The 3-button interface of this dive computer makes the functions easy and effortless with three operating modes. The Modes are; Air, Nitrox, and Gauge.

Its high definition PCDscreen offers better readability with larger digits. The screen also displays the battery life and audible alarm information. Giotto uses new RGBM algorithm based on ‘Haldane model.’

This dive computer is incorporated with features like safe decompression, measurement of dives, time and depth, and accent rates. With its advanced electronics, you can monitor the absorption and release of nitrogen.

Giotto provides clock, chronograph, a calendar, and a versatile logbook. Besides, you can set the program related to the mixture of the dive.

If you are up to buy your first dive computer ever then, we would suggest you try this one. It is also perfect for the devoted diver who dives frequently. Check this out before stock expires.


  • Three button interface
  • High definition display
  • Easy to use
  • Provide all necessary information
  • Durable with attractive design


  • Way too big for female and adults.


5. Suunto Zoop Novo Dive Computer Wrist Watch

Best Dive ComputerWhen you about start your diving journey for the first time and looking for a dive watch that can assist you like your best friend. Then Suunto Zoop Novo dive computer has everything you need.

Suunto Zoop Novo is probably the best entry-level computer for the beginner. With it’s easy to understand dive data at a glance at the big super bright backlit display.

Everything is well placed, and the menu system is fairly easy to navigate. All the function are perfectly labeled with a four-button user interface that makes the Zoop Novo the easiest among all.

It does have both Air and Nitrox operating modes, where nitrox is 21% to 50% programmable. The watch shows the time of day-display and shut automatically after 5 minutes of inactivity.

The dive has a strong internal memory of 50-hour dive log retention. The clear visual of the screen is perfect for them who like to keep a digital dive log. It provides the option to set the profile to more decompression level.

Also, it offers you an optional software and a data transfer kit to download the data for future. Being a newbie, you don’t have to worry about the price.

Because compare to construction and solid plastic best, the price is very modest. So all you need to dos is SUIT UP, DIVE DOWN, and ENJOY THE VIEW.


  • Easy to navigate the menus
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Large display and sporty vision
  • Solid construction


  • Not enough for advanced divers
  • Not good for daily use


6. Mares Smart Wrist Dive Computer

best dive computer for BeginnersMares is one of the well-known manufacturers of diving equipment since the 1940s. The Mares Smart Wrist dive computer is one that won the SCUBALAB’s best buy award.

The Mares smart wrist has features that are suitable for entry and advanced level diver. The sharp and mineral glass display allows you to keep an eye on average depth, dive time, temperature, NDL, and an accent rate indicator.

An audible alarm will notify you whenever you are ascending too quickly. You can manage the depth, decompression, and ancillary information in underwater.

The navigation of menus is well operated where top button toggle the top row information and bottom row toggle the bottom row information.

Both recreational and professional diver can enjoy diving with its simplest two-button design and reliable LED backlight. You can upgrade the firmware online from mares through a Dark interface cable.

The Led screen only allow the information that is important for you. Overall, Mares smart wrist is one of a quality computer for recreational and professional diving. Like all other Mares, the price is worth with the quality.


  • Clear information layout
  • Super sharp and clear display
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to program the software
  • Look decent and not too large on hand
  • Two button operation is spontaneous


  • Not durable like other Mares dive computer
  • Price is a bit high but worthy for the features


7. Cressi DRAKE TITANIUM Free Diving Computer

Best Dive ComputerDrake Titanium is an advanced slim edition by Cressi for the passionate free divers.Free divers with theoretical and practical training, enjoy the ultimate experience with Drake Titanium.

The construction is so modular and extremely rugged that shares its base with tested Newton diving computer. Its case is made with stainless steel, titanium, and ABS anti-shock that is lightweight yet compact.

Though the dimension is small, the visibility of digit on screen is extraordinary. The mineral glass display shows the ratio between recovery time and free diving time to avoid ‘Taravana’ (means madness) syndrome.

It shows the current and maximum depth of the dive, depth alarm, and dive time in minute and second. You can operate in four modes such as; free mode, Pro mode, Static mode, and Dynamic mode.

The four rounded buttons on the side are well-integrated and low-profile. A Bumpon transparent protector is available with a user-friendly display.

Its backlit display activates with the alarm sound. Also, the program configuration is easy with access to information and reading data.

The dive logbook can hold up to 500 dive with information of depth, the number of dives, and duration. In a word, this computer watch is the ultimate goal for a free diver for the price. Check this out before STOCK OUT!


  • Specialized for the freediver
  • Solid and sturdy construction
  • Slim design
  • Ideal for regular use also
  • Mineral glass display with oversize digit


  • Color is not attractive  (not black but blue-camo)


8. Shearwater Research Perdix AI – w/ Transmitter

best dive computer for BeginnersShearwater Research is a Canadian based company that is famous for making quality dive computer. They are focused on making dive computer both for intermediate and advanced divers.

Perdix AI is the newest member of Shearwater Research family which is similar to all other Perdix except the large display than others. Perdix has a full-size 2.2-inch display with vivid and enhanced color range.

The screen is very easy to read that can display tank pressure as well as gas remaining time. It is capable of connecting to one or two transmitter that gives the divers option to monitor both tanks.

The design of the body is thin and low-profile that is 30% smaller than Petrel. Besides the watch body, it has two button interface which is simple to navigate.

Two replaceable battery provides 35 hours of dive time. It has Bluetooth that enable it to communicate with other devices with low power.

In sum, Shearwater Research Perdix AI is a technological revolution in a dive computer. Which reflects in its price but for that extra money you will get all the facilities you need.

Although you are beginning recreational diver, this watch will be a long time investment for sure. So if you are up to look at quality watch with a good price then indeed this would be the best option for you.


  • Extra-large HD screen
  • Support Air, Nitrox, and Trimix
  • Best compass among all
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • Five programmable gas mixes
  • Sturdy and durable enough


  • Price is high


9. Shearwater Research Perdix Dive Computer

Best Dive ComputerAnother exclusive edition from Shearwater Research, which is the early version Perdix AI. It is powerful, simple, reliable, and smaller. Perdix successfully marge the sleekly contoured design for the technical divers.

The screen comes with a 2.2-inch large easy-to-read display with the large and colorful digit. Its intuitive user interface is so easy to operate. The watch provides all the dive information and alarm perfectly.

Similar to Pedrix AI, it is 30% smaller then Petrel and 30% longer battery life than Petrel 2. The memory allows you to keep 1000 hours dive log simultaneously. Its intuitive menus structure is simple to use.

An integrated bungee mount in the bottom of watch provides an option with standard strap mount. The perdrix dive is powered by one standard size battery that can provide 35 hour dive time. You can transfer your data with Bluetooth option.

Overall it’s a step up for a recreational dive computer. You should give it a try as the price range is low compared to other Shearwater Research dive computer.


  • Thin and low-profile design
  • Higher resolution screen
  • Bluetooth
  • Easy to function


  • Too heavy to use as a regular watch


10. Shearwater Research Petrel 2 SA Dive Computer

best dive computer for BeginnersShearwater Research petrel 2 is what we would call a basic dive computer that we have reviewed in this article. Like other Shearwater Research computer, it has gone through difficult testing.

After that, they proved their commitment to safety and reliability. The Petrel 2 is a fully loaded open and close circuit wrist computer. Also, five different programmable gas mixture supports technical divers in critical condition.

An extra-large 2.2inch LCD screen allows you to see the function in the main screen without scrolling. This high-resolution, colorful display operates in low power consumption.

The Petrel 2 works with standard AA battery with a three-axis digital compass. The battery can get over 100 hours at a time.

Because of its larger size, it uses two nylon strap instead of the watch strap. It works on multiple drive modes that give you the option to choose.

The two-button keep it simple, and the menus are well placed. Like other Shearwater computers, it’s an all-rounder including all the exclusive feature. Go get you one NOW!


  • Solid construction
  • Works with re-breather
  • Extra-large HD screen
  • Great for technical diving
  • Smart Bluetooth option
  • Digital compass


  • No wireless air accumulation.


Final Words

If you are a scuba diver, then you must know the importance of dive computer for having a safe dive. However, choosing the right dive computer considering the condition also play a vital role. We would suggest you go through our ten best dive computer for Beginners once again.

Get your dive computer that meets your needs and budget. Thanks for checking out our best dive computer for Beginners review. We hope you make a conversant decision on the model that is right for you.

If you want to recommend a dive computer that we didn’t include them, please let us know in the comment box. Till then, have fun and be safe out there!

10 Best Dive Computer

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