The 10 Best Deer Decoy in 2022 – Review on Top Picks

Last Updated on January 4, 2022

Best Deer Decoy

To change your luck on deer hunting adventure, one of the specific methods is the strategic deploy of deer decoys. They help you hunt more bucks than any other traditional methods you are using for years.

Whether you are a pro hunter or beginner, you can use them pull the deer to your comfortable shooting zone. Though decoys are the great way to hunt, all of the available models are not the same. You need to identify and pick the best deer decoy from the market to bring success in your next hunting adventure.

Deer Decoy – Comparison Table


Best Deer Decoy

1. Primos Scarface Decoy

  • Removable antlers
  • Natural movement
  • Realistic design

Best Deer Decoy

2. MONTANA DECOY Antelope Buck

  • Folding design
  • Polyester fabric
  • Buck & Doe combo


3. Flambeau Outdoor Deer Decoys

  • Composite plastic construction
  • Two sets of ears
  • Large diameter screw cap


4. MONTANA DECOY Eichler Elk

  • String hanging system
  • Folding design
  • Hunting tips DVD

Best Deer Decoy

5. Rinehart Targets Doe Decoy

  • Rinehart’s exclusive quiet foam
  • Lifelike movement
  • Removable antler

Best Deer Decoy

6. MONTANA DECOY Dream Team Buck

  • Whitetail doe & buck decoy
  • Realistic design
  • Fits in backpack

Miss Muley

7. Miss Muley by Montana Decoy

  • Folding design
  • Legs poles
  • Compatible with the quickstand


8. MONTANA DECOY Miss September Feeding Elk

  • Extremely portable
  • Foldable to 22″ X 13″
  • 33 oz. only

Best Deer Decoy

9. ULTIMATE PREDATOR Deer Stalker Decoy

  • Blaze Orange safety straps
  •  Collapsible to a 10-inch diameter disc
  • Microsuede fabric

Best Deer Decoy

10. MONTANA DECOY Antelope Buck Decoy

  • Tent-style poles
  • HD photo realism
  • Lightweight

Reviews of the Best Deer Decoy

Decoys always favor the hunters. But identifying the best deer decoy is stressing and confusing task. To make it easy for you, here we will talk about several of the best deer decoy available in the hunting market today.

We have come up with ten best deer decoy to help you hunt the antelope in an easy way. You can also do it yourself, and if you don’t have much time, you can read this article to pick the best one for you.

1. Primos Scarface Decoy

Best Deer DecoyThis full-bodied buck decoy by Primos is very effective at attracting other bucks. The Scarface is a quality materials built product by Primos. It is designed and tested for the toughest environments and situations.

It’s realistic design lures the deer to your hunting spot. Whether you are a professional hunter or recreational user, this decoy will fit all types of people.

Movement of your decoy is one of the crucial features for your success in deer hunting. With the Scarface, the slightest breeze will move the tail and head naturally.

The antlers on this decoy are removable so that you can use as a doe decoy during the rut. Besides, it is very easy to carry. All of the Scarface components: head, antlers, ears, and legs fit inside the body cavity.


  • High-quality construction materials
  • The slightest wind gives the head and tail natural movement
  • All parts can be stored inside the body
  • Removable antlers
  • Realistic design


  • It cannot withstand harsh elements for a long time
  • Hard to put back in the included carry bag


2. MONTANA DECOY Antelope Buck

Best Deer DecoyThe Antelope Buck and Doe combo by Montana Decoy gets you set up for any deer hunting situation you may find yourself in. The Montana Decoy combo is the perfect toolkit for any antelope hunt.

All the body parts are constructed from durable material which enables the decoy to serve you with incredible long-lasting performance. The durable material like polyester and cotton were used for the body casing, and steel springs were used to pop up and fold down.

The photo-realistic polyester fabric makes the decoy appear true to life. The impressive realism of these decoys will attract the keenest eyesight of deer.

The two 2D decoys are portable and are perfect for any weather or season. You can carry both the buck and doe decoy easily with you on every hunt. Set up is also very easy, they include poles for staking into the ground.

They fit inside your backpack easily, ready for any decoy situation. This is a versatile combo, whether its spot-and-stalk situation, waterhole hunting, or making a setup while calling the rut, they are applicable in all ways!


  • Photo-realistic polyester fabric
  • Both decoys easily fit inside your pack
  • Easy to set up and take down
  • Easy to carry and use
  • Well constructed poles


  • Does not look nearly as great as the pictures


3. Flambeau Outdoor Deer Decoys

Flambeau OutdoorIf want a decoy that can stand on its own on the frozen hard ground, this decoy is very stable on its four legs. Its composite plastic construction is robust for frequent use.

To change the attitude of the decoy, it also features two sets of ears. Besides, the rear leg is designed to accept scent pads and the front leg is designed to allow MD-519 Invisi-Growl Electronic Deer Call which is sold separately.

This will drive deer to focus their attention on the decoy very effectively. The head and legs fit perfectly and have plastic pins to hold all four legs.

All the body parts head, limbs, and ears break down quickly, and you can store them inside the body cavity. It is lightweight and easy to carry. The setup procedure and take down is also very easy. Overall, this decoy is durable, looks real and the price is also great.


  • Durable composite plastic construction
  • Rear leg designed to accept scent pads
  • Body parts break down quickly
  • Features two separate sets of ears
  • Easy setup


  • The plastic pins do not stabilize the decoy legs properly
  • The doe had too much white on her chest and neck


4. MONTANA DECOY Eichler Elk

MONTANAThis photo realistic cow elk decoy is manufactured of a lightweight and durable polyester fabric. This decoy is durable enough to take day after day use without losing quality.

It includes fiberglass poles with steel step stakes for support. The Eichler Elk decoy also features a special string hanging system so that you can use over rocky areas or hard ground where the poles won’t work.

The Eichler Elk Decoy features technologically advanced design and a photo-realistic presentation which are very effective to attract bull elk.

Renowned bowhunter Fred Eichler designed this decoy. It gives elk hunters the edge they need. The decoy compresses down to a 19x 12 inches diameter disc. It weighs just 40 oz. including poles.

So it is very easy to transport. The inside spring band unfolds this decoy for fast, simple setup. This decoy also comes with elk hunting DVD with how to tips, tactics, and hunts from Eichler.


  • Made of lightweight and durable polyester fabric
  • Built using an actual elk picture
  • Set up with Eichler’s string hanging system or leg poles
  • Includes DVD featuring tips and hunts using decoys
  • Twist folds down to a packable 19×12 inches


  • A bit expensive


5. Rinehart Targets Doe Decoy

Best Deer DecoyDoe Decoy by Rinehart Targets is light and easy to carry. To pack it up, it includes a carrying bag with shoulder strap. Comparing with the quality, weight and other features, this is one of the best decoy available in the hunting marketplace.

As it is lightweight, a little bit of wind gives some natural movement to draw the attention of deer from distance. With its unique design and lifelike movement, this decoy proves appealing appearance to big game and predators alike.

The award-winning sculpture design stimulates even the weariest animal’s curiosity. This decoy features exclusive Rinehart quiet foam, a compact easy carry design, and lifelike movements.

The rear leg has an attached deer call. The body parts can be easily detached for easy storage. Due to its rubber coating design, it is very easy to carry and set up. It also offers a removable antler to change from a buck to doe.


  • Made of Rinehart’s exclusive quiet foam
  • Compact easy carry design
  • Lifelike movement
  • Offers an aggressive doe ear set
  • Removable antler


  • Set up is a bit tedious
  • Quite heavy


6. MONTANA DECOY Dream Team Buck

Best Deer DecoyThe Dream Team Buck and Doe combo is a necessity for any whitetail hunter. This decoy system to use throughout the entire season. You can use the decoys during all phases of the rut, in feeding situations and even in late season.

The Dream Team Doe and Buck decoy provide you with endless setup options. You can use these deer decoys paired with one another or on their own.

This deer decoy combo is a must-have for any hunter who wants to add decoying tactics. Both the decoys set up in seconds, fold flat, and fit easily in your backpack.

However, this is the ultimate deer hunters package. It is one of the lightest decoys, weighs less than 4lbs. It is foldable, and set up and take down requires only a few seconds. Overall, sturdily built realistic decoy for your next hunting season.


  • Made of sturdy materials
  • Both deer decoys fold flat, easy to carry and pack in
  • Looks more realistic with the endless setup option
  • Easy set up and take down
  • Fit easily in your backpack
  • Can be used on their own/paired with one another.


  • The poles seem a little bit flimsy


7. Miss Muley by Montana Decoy

Miss MuleyLike all other Montana Decoys, Miss Muley is also very effective in any hunting situation. To increase your odds you can take this 2D real-life deer decoy on your next hunt.

Montana Decoy has created this decoy for the enthusiastic mule deer hunters. This decoy is made from an HD Photo of an actual mule deer. Its realistic pose easily grabs the interest of rutting mule deer.

The life-size body gives you cover in stalking situations when there is not much. Easy setup, the photo-realistic body pops open very quickly and take down procedure is also simple.

It folds down tight to the diameter of a dinner plate. The decoy is light enough to carry on your every hunt. Its size offers better visibility and increased stalking advantages. This decoy is also compatible with the Quickstand which is sold separately.


  • Made from a real mule deer HD Photo
  • Folds downs easily to pack into the most remote locations
  • Use it to stake or stalk in the ground
  • Compatible with the Quickstand (sold separately)


  • It seems a bit flimsy
  • The stakes are a bit hard to drive into the solid ground


8. MONTANA DECOY Miss September Feeding Elk

MONTANAMiss September is a highly effective decoy throughout the entire Elk season. With an actual Elk photo, this decoy attracts prey very quickly.

It calms suspicious bulls, and the feeding urge offers that bull a reason to come near outside the rut. In late season situations or hard-hunted areas, this decoy can be the perfect addition to any setup.

This decoy will work even more magic in connection with other Montana Elk Decoys. Miss September weighs about 33 ounces. You can fold it to a diameter of 22×33 inches.

This decoy is easy to carry. So this decoy is going to be extremely portable for the long days even in the longest hikes. This is a very life-like decoy. Easy to use and looks great. Overall, this is a dangerous diva in elk country.


  • Built using an actual Elk photo
  • Effective throughout the entire Elk season
  • Works even more magic with other Montana Decoys
  • Extremely portable
  • Only weighs 33 oz. including leg poles


  • A bit expensive for what you get
  • Looks a bit flimsy


9. ULTIMATE PREDATOR Deer Stalker Decoy

Best Deer DecoyThe Mule Deer Decoy by Ultimate Predator is the most efficient and deadly deer decoys in the marketplace today. It is made of durable, Ultra Violet ray free, quick drying, microsuede fabric that ensures long life.

This decoy also features built-in orange safety strap and built-in shooting window. It has customizable hook and loop attachment system. This mule deer decoy is going to be a game changer in your next bow hunting adventure.

Easy setup, no need of extra hands. Take down procedure is also easy, collapses to a diameter of a 10-inch disc in seconds. The attachment system is also very easy.

The Mule Deer Decoy weighs about 9.15 oz with a warped dimension of 9 inches. You will love this deer decoy. This decoy will make it easier to hunt all species.

As an added defense, each decoy comes with the standard built-in safety orange straps. Overall, great product and straightforward to attach to your bow.


  • Durable, UV free, microsuede fabric
  • Collapses to a 10 inches diameter disc in seconds
  • Customizable hook and loop attachment system
  • Attaches securely to any bow
  • Total weight is less than 10 ounces


  • Not found!


10. MONTANA DECOY Antelope Buck Decoy

Best Deer DecoyThe Antelope Decoy by Montana Decoy is constructed of a durable polyester fabric, and to hold the body there is a spring steel band inside the body.

Fiberglass poles and step stakes are used to support the decoy. With a high-quality picture on both sides, it has a 3D look that attracts the antelopes. It is easy to set up and liter to carry.

The set up is very easy, pop the decoy open, insert the two leg poles and the decoy is ready! As the setup process, the takedown procedure is also easy.

By removing the poles and using an effortless twist, you can fold the decoy. When folded they are approximately 16-inches in diameter and 2-inches thick. They are flexible enough to conform into your backpack. Overall, quality product with life-like appearance.


  • Designed from highly durable cotton, steel springs, and polyester
  • Folds flat to a compact size of 13×10 inches
  • The HD photo-realistic 2D technology
  • Quick setup in seconds
  • Lightweight design (at only 3lbs)
  • Comes with tent-style poles


  • Not a good option for hard dry ground


Deer Decoy FAQs

What Is The Right Time To Use a Deer Decoy?

The primary step to being successful in deer hunting is using a decoy at the right time. It will increase the odds of inducing the deer into bow range. On the contrary, using a decoy at the wrong time can significantly decrease the odds, even it can spook deer. Deer can come closer to the decoy anytime, but they are often seen near the decoy during the pre-rut phase.

That means the perfect time for hunting bucks is from mid-October to late November. Thus, deer hunters set up the decoy at the end of the pre-rut phase, and it goes into the peak rut. That means they set up it two or three weeks before the rut. At this time, deer break up out of their groups and begin to establish their home range.

Are Deer Decoys Effective?

Deer decoys are as effective as other essential hunting equipment. They can allure deer and make them come closer to the hunter’s bow range. Thus, if you intend to hunt deer, you must set up a decoy to pull in deer closer and make better shots.

As deer will focus on the decoy and won’t make any movement, you can precisely aim and shoot at deer. But sometimes hunters can’t make the shot as their decoys are unable to attract bucks. They are well camouflaged and can’t see each other until they detect some movement. That’s why hunters attach a few strips of light cloth to the tail of the decoy. These strips move with air and counterfeit deer.

How to Place a Deer Decoy?

Decoy placement is essential as it helps to get the deer right to the decoy, and every hunter knows it. Thus, decoy placement becomes the hunter’s priority when it is about deer hunting. But all hunters can’t set up decoy perfectly and can’t get the deer into the bow range. Setting up a decoy is quite easy. Let’s see step wise how to place a deer decoy:

First, hunters need to make sure that the decoy is scent-free. If it isn’t, then deer hunters should wash it with scent removing soap and apply air drying. Then, they should seal it in a scent-proof bag.

Try to choose an area without being covered by bushes, grass, or trees. That means you have to place the decoy in a place so that the deer can see it from a far distance. Also, ensure that you use the decoy in a suitable season. As you know, the best time for setting up a decoy is before the rut.

You have to position the decoy broadside in front of you. Its benefit is that it lets you see the bucks that approach from both front and rear sides. After placing, for double sure, you need to use scent removal spray all around the decoy.

Finally, try to keep the setup as real as possible. Still, if you fail to see any nearby buck, try to use deer calls to get attention.

Are Deer Decoys Legal in All States?

Although deer decoys are legal in all states, there are some restrictions on the use of decoys. Below we will describe them briefly. Hunters can place decoys on lands outside of the CWD Management Zone.

Decoys are restricted in wildlife management areas. They can hunt deer on private land from Sept. 1- Dec. 31. In Pennsylvania, hunters can’t use electric wildlife.

Buck vs. Doe Decoy, Which One Should I Choose?

Professionals always try to use both buck and doe decoys. And they recommend others to do so. That means both decoys can attract deer if you position them in the right place at the right time. During the rut, bow hunters use estrus doe and young buck decoys for luring in a buck. Estrus doe decoys can allure suitors while young buck decoys draw the attention of mature bucks.

Now, you may wonder why young buck-does allure mature bucks. Well, mature bucks tend to assert their dominance over young bucks. That’s why they will come when they notice a young buck decoy. Anyway, if you want to allure bucks outside of the rutting season, you need to cautiously observe their behaviors. If they are seeking deer to feed with, you need to set up a feeding doe decoy. And if they want to socialize, you should place a decoy in a bedded position. That’s how you should use decoys.

Do Whitetail Deer Decoys Work?

Most beginner deer hunters think that the whitetail deer decoys can’t significantly impact their overall hunting. That’s not true, either. Using whitetail decoys is an excellent way to allure deer and bring them in the range to make precise shots. But some hunters fail to place and position decoys correctly and believe that whitetail decoys don’t work.

Although whitetail deer are brilliant animals, they are inducible. After observing their behavior and setting up decoys appropriately before the rut, deer hunters can hunt deer successfully. Anyway, experts recommend using deer calls and scent besides setting up the whitetail decoy.

Do Montana Deer Decoys Work?

Of course, Montana deer decoys work. They are the most promising decoys on the market. They are vivid and HD photorealistic. Mainly Montana Deer Decoy can attract small bucks during the rut. But they hardly allure mature deer. These deer get attracted to Montana decoy from a far distance, though. Once they approach within 20 or 30 yards, they become suspicious and don’t go ahead. It is advisable to use other essential deer alluring equipment and try to position the decoy as real as possible.

Final Words

So you have read the article, these are the most favored decoys by hunters from all works. Successful deer hunting starts by recognizing and purchasing the best decoys. Besides, all decoys available in the hunting marketplace are not the same quality.

That’s why we come up with the best deer decoy review article to help you make the decision easy. Whether you are a pro or beginner hunter, we hope the mentioned deer decoys will help you bag more bucks.


10 Best Deer Decoy



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