The 10 Best Cycling Sunglasses in 2022 – Recommended by Users

Last Updated on January 3, 2022

Best Cycling Sunglasses

Cycling refers to the use of cycles as a way of relaxation or anything else. This aerobic activity improves your physical fitness level. It is responsible for increasing strength and flexibility as well.

If you are obsessed with cycling, you must focus on your safety. For an occasional rider, who rides at a slow speed, using safety gears is optional. But high-speed cyclists or who rides on rough terrain must need safety gears as their protection.

One of our most recommended safety gears is cycling glasses. Your eyes are precious. But while cycling, you have to face bugs and dirt which can be very harmful to your sensitive eyes.

Besides the UV (ultra-violet) radiation of sunbeam and unfriendly weather conditions can also affect your eyesight. So, don’t even think of going on a long ride without safety glasses. Always make your journey secure with one of the best cycling sunglasses you have.

Quick Answer – Top 10 Best Cycling Sunglasses

1. Oakley Jawbreaker OO9290-09 Shield Sunglasses

2. Oakley Men’s Flight Jacket Cycling Sunglasses

3. Oakley Flak 2.0 Xl OO9188 SunglassesX

4. Oakley Flak 2.0 XL Cycling Sunglasses

5. Oakley Men’s Flak Jacket XLJ Cycling Sunglasses

6. Oakley Men’s Radar Ev Shield Sunglasses

7. Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 Iridium Sport Sunglasses

8. JiMarti JM01 Cycling Sunglasses

9. Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 XL Polarized Sunglasses

10. Tifosi Wisp Cycling Sunglasses

Review of the Best Cycling Sunglasses

There are a variety of sunglasses available on websites. Most of them are unique and satisfies different requirements. Before selecting any eyewear, focus on its features and affordability.

It should fulfill all of your demand as well as should not cross your budget.  You may get confused about what kind of sunglasses will be the best suitable for you. To help you in this regard, we are enlisting top 10 best cycling sunglasses in this article.

1. Oakley Jawbreaker OO9290-09 Shield Sunglasses

Best Cycling SunglassesThis is one of the most top-rated cycling sunglasses which comes with a heavy-duty plastic frame and lenses. The width of the lenses is 31 millimeters.

The size of the bridge is 131 millimeters, and the arm is 121 millimeters. It is overall 8 centimeters high and 9 centimeters wide. The Non-polarized Iridium lenses provide you glare protection with a great visual experience.

It supports tuned light transmission while riding. The iridium coating makes it scratch-proof. It enables you to remove the lenses quickly in a convenient way.

Give some pressure to slip them out and replace with another pair of lenses. Its HIGH DEFINITION OPTICS offers a clearer and sharper vision than ordinary glasses.

The lenses are custom-made based on prescription. The Unobtainium ear socks and nose pads combine to assure a comfortable grip which locks the position of the glass.

So the fitting is tight and secure. It gives you 100% UV protection saving the eyes from harmful ultra-violet radiation. The package includes a carrying case along with the glass. The sunglass is specially designed for cyclists or tennis player.


  • Durable plastic frame and lenses
  • Prescription ready removable lenses
  • Iridium coated non-polarized lenses
  • Complete UV protection
  • Light-weighted and comfortable


  • Can be tight for larger heads


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2. Oakley Men’s Flight Jacket Cycling Sunglasses

OakleyThe US-made sunglass has a plastic frame with a durable plastic lens. The size of the bridge is 16 millimeters, and the arm is 126 millimeters. It is overall 8 centimeters in height and 9 centimeters in width.

It comes out with a nice zippered carrier case. The Prizm lenses ensure 100% UV protection. So the UV rays cannot cause you any harm while cycling. The Prizm lenses also help to increase contrast to develop the vision with superior Optical clarity.

It has a ventilation system which approves airflow inside the sunglass. Therefore, it prevents over-heating of face despite a very high temperature.

You can adjust the airflow with a moveable nose bridge by moving the glass closer or further. So, you won’t face any trouble with fogging. The anti-fogging feature gives you a better vision.

The glass fits well around the ears and on the face. This high-performance sunglass is non-polarized and iridium coated. This coating saves the glass from scratches reducing glare and debris from your vision. It gives you a lot of color and lens options to choose from them.


  • Heavy-duty frame and lens
  • Coated with Non-polarized Iridium
  • Complete UV protection
  • Provides good vision and ventilation
  • Protection from fogging and overheating


  • Tends to slide down over a rough mountain


3. Oakley Flak 2.0 Xl OO9188 SunglassesX

OakleyThis imported sunglass has a bridge of 16 millimeters and arm of 137 millimeters. The width of the lens is 60.5 millimeters. The plastic-made frame and lenses create a durable form.

The frame size is standard along with good coverage of the lens. The frame material has two barrels which makes it more durable and stylish. The rectangular frames come with a  single bridge.

The Prism lens gives a fine-tuned technology which supports enhanced and better contrast than other glasses. Its 8.75 base lenses extend the peripheral view and provide good side coverage. The High Definition Optics feature optimum clarity for a sharp and optimized vision.

The ear socks consist of Unobtanium which maintains a firm grip along with soft nose pads. So, it fits quite well and stays secured on your face.

The Unobtainium structure enhances adhesion while the rider sweats. The non-polarized glass has an iridium coating that gives protection against scratches and reflected glares. This coating also provides a balanced light transmission.

It also features 100% protection from UV ray. The XL edition sunglass is super durable and comfortable. The package also provides a case to carry the glass. All of these features fulfill the criteria of best cycling sunglasses.


  • Prizm lens provides enhanced contrast
  • High Definition Optics ensures optimum clarity.
  • Glare reduction with an iridium coating
  • Complete UV protection
  • Lightweight and durable


  • Expensive


4. Oakley Flak 2.0 XL Cycling Sunglasses

Best Cycling SunglassesThe hight and width of the sunglass are 4 inches. The O-Matter shape of the frame makes it pressure resistant and flexible. So the structure is sturdy and not easily breakable.

The standard XL frame size gives the user better coverage. It has soft, hydrophilic Unobtainium nose and temple pads which increases the grip if you sweat.

The pressure of the glass is evenly distributed among the riders face, nose and ears. So it gives a secure fitness for a long duration. The soft material doesn’t seem bulky on the face thus assures comfort.

It has High Definition Optics(HDO) which enhances performance and gives protection against sun, wind, and climate. As a result, it blocks UV rays to save your eyesight.

They also provide the facility of optimizing the peripheral visual experience. The lenses are interchangeable. The polarized lenses prohibit glares generated from various surfaces. The lenses allow you to see more details to colors and your surroundings.

You will get a soft vault and cleaning cloth as well. The case saves the sunglass from breakage regardless of its flexibility. Best suitable for people who do a lot of outdoor activities.


  • Polarized glasses
  • High Definition Optics lens
  • Lens are interchangeable
  • Unobtainium nose and temple pads help to fit well
  • Sun and air protection


  • Minor distortion in the lenses


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5. Oakley Men’s Flak Jacket XLJ Cycling Sunglasses

Best Cycling SunglassesThe plastic structure of frame and lenses makes the glass highly durable. Each lens has a height of 1 millimeter. The size of the bridge and arm are 14 millimeters and 135 millimeters respectively.

Overall, it is 4 inches in both height and width. Non-polarized Iridium coverage adjusts light transmission and also blocks glare from surroundings. It features fantastic optical clarity.

The O-Matter frame reduces pressure on the face and withstands unfriendly weather conditions. This characteristic makes the glasses sturdy and light-weighted as well. The lenses give full protection of eyes blocking UV rays.

The custom-made lenses are prescription ready. The permanent Hydrophobic lens coating prohibits the lenses from placing rain and sweat on them. So it hardly blocks the vision being foggy.

It doesn’t become clingy by dirt or other pollutants. Therefore, very easy to clean. The lenses are interchangeable, so you can easily remove and replace them. They enhance the vision of the riders.

The Three-Point Fit feature enables the glasses to give high fitness and superior optical clarity. Its flexibility tends to resist impacts that provide long-lasting comfort. It comes with a soft case as its protective carrier. All these features made it one of the best cycling sunglasses.


  • Durable plastic construction
  • Prescription-ready glasses
  • Non-polarized Iridium lenses
  • Complete protection against UV rays
  • Unbeatable optical clarity


  • Tend to fog on high humidity climate


6. Oakley Men’s Radar Ev Shield Sunglasses

Best Cycling SunglassesIt is one of the most versatile cycling glasses. Its plastic frame and lenses optimize high durability. With a 138 millimeters bridge and 128 millimeters arm, it has height and width of 4 inches.

The O-matter frame makes it flexible along with stress reducing capability. The Unobtanium materials secure the grip on the face. The fitness doesn’t pinch at all.  So even after a long time of using, they will be comfortable for you.

The removable and adjustable lenses give unbeatable optical clarity and 100% UV filtering advantage. Just give a slight pressure and the lens will come out instantly.

These prescription lenses allow precise fitness of lens according to the exact prescription of your vision. Its iridium coating blocks ambient lights to provide a clear vision. This metal oxide coating regulates reflection, light absorption, and works against harmful environmental conditions.

It has unique RADAR EV PATH feature which enhances the performance extending the view of the upper portion. So, it maximizes your vision range in the peripheral region. The lens is taller than other ordinary glasses. The package also includes a carrier to carry it easily.


  • Iridium and UV protection coating
  • RADAR EV PATH extends the upper vision of the rider
  • Custom-made adjustable glasses
  • Sturdy plastic structure
  • Unobtanium components for a firm grip


  • The long arms can be problematic for some helmets.


7. Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 Iridium Sport Sunglasses

OakleyThe USA-made sunglass has a composite frame and composite lenses. The composite parts consist of various materials making them thin and sturdy.

The composite feature supports protective characteristic such as no reflection and glaring from surroundings. Besides, it is compatible with scratch-resistant construction.

The height and width of the lenses are 37 millimeters and  58 millimeters respectively. The size of the bridge is 17 millimeters, and the arm is 129 millimeters. Overall, its height is 2 inches along with 3 inches of width.

The frame of the glass is available in black and dark grey G40 lens. One can pull the lenses out easily by grasping them with the nose piece. They consist of Plutonite which blocks UV rays up to 400nm. It also allows impact resistance.

The hydrophobic material prevents moisture from building up when it comes in contact with sweat or water. So, they remain clear and never fog up.

This iridium coated lenseoptimize a clear vision. The lenses are also photochromic which get darker on exposure to different kinds of light intensity.

The lenses are non-polarized and smudge-proof. But if you want to polarize lens, you can purchase them separately. It has an O-Matter polycarbonate frame which defines the lightweight and secures firm grip on the face. Its innovative designs are available in two colors- black and blood orange.


  • Composite lens and frame
  • Has coating for UV protection
  • Dual lenses are interchangeable
  • Hydrophobic material prohibits building up moisture
  • O-Matter polycarbonate frame


  • May seem a little bit tight for bigger heads


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8. JiMarti JM01 Cycling Sunglasses

JiMartiThey are quite popular cycling sunglasses due to their unbreakable figure. Its TR90 frame is shatterproof and very flexible. You can easily bend the frame. It only weighs .60 ounce.

Its lightweight gives you comfort while cycling. The polycarbonate lenses are also non-breakable. You can clean the lenses easily using a soft, moist cloth. These reflector flash lenses have a complete UV protection coating.

They provide a sharp vision with minimum distortion.It has a wrap-around architecture. So it gives good coverage to your eyes with an improved lateral vision. The glass ensures amazing fitness with soft rubber nose and earpieces.

So they won’t fall off, even if you are riding at high speed. This sunglass is a little bit scratch-prone, but it hardly affects your visualization.

They are attractive, fashionable and available at a low price. Besides all of them, you will also get a lifetime breakage warranty on both lens and frames. It is most suitable for outdoor games, cycling, biking or running.


  • The non-breakable and bendable TR90 frame
  • tear-proof polycarbonate lens
  • Coated with UV protection
  • Soft rubber nose pads and ear pieces make it comfortable
  • Lifetime breakage warranty and money back guarantee for one month


  • Get scratches easily


9. Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 XL Polarized Sunglasses

Best Cycling SunglassesThis USA-made sunglass has a flexible frame made of polycarbonate. The frames have a 17-millimeter bridge and 129-millimeter arm. The width of the lens is 58 millimeters, and the height is 37 millimeters.

It delivers high durability due to its composite lens and composite frame. The lightweight O-Matter frame and Unobtainium materials comfortably secure its fitness. No matter how fast you are driving or how much you are sweating, the glass won’t lose its grip.

The lenses are coated with iridium and UV protection. The premium iridium coating includes metal oxides for balancing the transmission of light and repelling glare.

It has the best side protection from sun or wind due to its  8.75 base lens curvature. The High Definition Optics give the user razor-sharp optical clarity with 11% light transmission.

You can easily swap out the lens with a new one to optimize performance in any weather condition. The polarized optics ensure visual fidelity and resist impacts from surroundings. The prescription-ready lenses provide an excellent peripheral view. It also allows open downward view with its semi-rimless design.


  • Enables 11% light transmission
  • Removable, custom-made lenses
  • Composite construction of frame and lenses
  • Flexible and durable
  • Polarized lenses


  • It doesn’t come with a protective case


10. Tifosi Wisp Cycling Sunglasses

Best Cycling SunglassesThis imported cycling sunglass is made of polycarbonate. Grilamid nylon frame allows stable fitness and very light-weightiness. Its Resin TR-90 frame construction optimizes durability and chemical-resistance.

The frame has a bridge of 15 millimeters and arm of 120 millimeters. The Hydrophilic rubber nose pieces and ear tips give flexibility to the glass.

It features two full coverage non-polarized lenses. These lenses are composite incorporating polycarbonate and other kinds of components. Therefore, they are long-lasting and shatterproof.

These polycarbonate lenses have more resistance to impacts than ordinary glasses. They are interchangeable as well, so you can change according to different environmental impacts.

The brown and smoke lenses save your eyes from high-intensive sunbeams. And also the AC Red lenses are best for cloudy weather. It filters out UV radiation from the sunbeam. The width and height of the lenses are 60 millimeters and 38 millimeters respectively.

The overall construction of the sunglass is 3 inches high and 4 inches in width. Its sufficient coverage gives the rider a sharpen peripheral vision.

The glare protection coating minimizes distortion and tiredness of eyes. It also comes with a hard-shell, zippered case and a microfiber pouch for storing and easy cleaning.


  • Prevents UV damage
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Minimum distortion
  • Shatterproof and adjustable lenses
  • Amazing fitness with flexible ear tips and nose pads


  • Weak nose bridge construction


Cycling Sunglasses FAQs

What to Look for a New Cycling Sunglasses?

Cycling sunglasses are not all about fashion but also necessary for our eyes as well. So, before making any purchase on cycling sunglasses, it is essential to consider several factors that give a good idea of which cycling sunglass is best to serve both your fashion and eye safety very well. These factors are-

  • Lenses Quality
  • Lens Shape
  • Glass Frame
  • Glass color
  • Durability

Do Cycling Sunglasses Protect Your Eyes From UV Rays?

All cycling sunglasses are not able to protect UV rays. Ordinary cycling sunglasses only protect our eyes from mud, rain droplets, and winds that blow debris and dust particles. They are also helpful when insects fly right into our face during cycling. But these ordinary cycling sunglasses are not UV ray resistant yet. Only top-notch cycling sunglasses from well-reputed brands come with UV ray protection. 

Which 5- Things Are Most Important About Cycling Sunglasses?

The most crucial features of cycling sunglasses are:

1. Proper Fit: 

  • Nose Bridge
  • Frame Width 

2. Lens Type: 

  • Standard Lens
  • Photochromic Lens
  • Polarized Lens
  • Orange/ Brown Lens
  • Clear Lens
  • Low Light Lens

3. Interchangeable Lens

4. Air vents

5. Grip

What Color Lens is Best for Cycling?

Amber lens colors are best for cycling. Amber and rose lens tints usually deliver the brightest field of vision and increase visual acuity yet. These tints also offer strength in color contrast and weak sunlight to a great extent. 

Do I Need Glasses for Cycling?

A piece of cycling glass is necessary for cycling due to two reasons. They are-

  • Cycling sunglasses are a part of fashion. These fashionable glasses make us look cool, indeed.
  • It is also necessary for our eyes to ensure our eye safety as well. It protects our eyes from rain droplets, mud, and dust particles. It is also helpful to protect our eyes from harmful UV rays yet.


Final Words

Various kinds of pollutants or dirt can be dangerous for the eyes. Therefore, professional cyclists don’t go for a ride without sunglasses. A cycling glass gives you a complete outfit look as well as ensure safety for your eyes. So, instead of thinking about the cost, you need to consider its quality.

Though some of them can be costly, you should pay the price for anything worth it. This list of best cycling sunglasses represents top-rated glasses with their features. They give a perfect balance of style and better visualization. Fix your own requirements and purchase the glass which can fulfill all of your personalized demands. It will surely give you more functionality along with safety.


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