The 10 Best Cruiser Skateboards in 2023 (Review) – The Definitive List

Last Updated on March 1, 2023

Best Cruiser Skateboards

If you get bored of monotonous life and need a thrilling change today, let’s get yourself a skateboard to enjoy the fresh life in the city every day. It is an exciting activity that gives you the freedom to cruise on the smooth and rough land in your town.

A perfect skateboard offers the rider to enjoy more speed and safety that leaves an impression on the mind. To enhance your cruising experience without any stress, it is essential to pick the right model of the skateboard according to your style.

To choose a perfect cruiser skateboard, you need to consider your own skate experience as well as different aspects such as price, quality, length, width, concave, wheels, trucks and bearing to confirm how good it rolls.

If you want more speed and better on your feet, a board with more edge will perfectly fit you. In this article, we have gotten 10 popular skateboards with the aim of helping the riders at any level to pick the right one to buy and make sure to get your money’s worth.

Quick Answer – Top 10 Best Cruiser Skateboards

1. The Quest Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard

2. VOLADOR freeride longboard complete cruiser

3. Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed Bamboo Longboard Skateboard

4. Ridge Skateboards Cruiser Board

5. Eggboards Mini Skateboard

6. Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard Skateboard Cruiser

7. VOLADOR Maple Longboard

8. SANVIEW Complete Bamboo Longboard Skateboards Cruiser

9. Penny Cruiser Nickel Complete Skateboard

10. Yocaher Spirit Wolf Longboard Complete skateboard cruiser

Reviews of the Best Cruiser Skateboards

1. The Quest Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard

Best Cruiser SkateboardsQuest is a brand which products are truly able to fulfill the desires of all the rider. Its amazing features and styles provide fantastic longboarding experience to all levels of riders from the beginners to experienced.

The Quest Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard is a top-mount board which lives up to its name. It is a piece of gear which is known for being one of the best decks available. The deck on top of the trucks are in the traditional fashion.

The quest super cruiser is an affordable, long lasting and stable longboard due to its quality and performance. This is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for an affordable, long lasting and eco-friendly longboard for cruising and also minimizes the usage of the vehicles.

It provides stability, ease of control, smooth rolling and comfortable ride. Quest Cruiser measures 44 inches long and 8.2 pounds weighs. It is made of maple hardwood and multiplies Artisan super flex bamboo.

It has 7-inch aluminum trucks and features Hollow 4 mm risers; These connect to wheels with a 70 mm diameter polyurethane, and wheels are connected through Precision ABEC bearing to the truck with an 80 A diameter. It does not only perform well but also looks great.


  • Solid deck with nice concave
  • Affordable price
  • Best suited for the learners
  • Kick tail and Nose for performance
  • Durable wheels, kingpin truck configuration


  • The deck may split between the layers.


2. VOLADOR freeride longboard complete cruiser

Best Cruiser SkateboardsVolder freeride longboard complete cruiser is a perfect setup that is suitably designed for all kind of users whether you are an expert or beginners. It can hold up to 250 pounds.

It guarantees you the speed to reach your destination on time. It provides more control over muscles during turning and going downhill that makes you able to travel long distance.

This longboard is the right choice for anybody who wants the benefit of a first-class ride with a tight turning radius. This 42 inches longboard is a high-quality all-rounder which provides optimum stability for down hilling.

Its low deck height is suitable for pushing and driving around turns. It has dropped through trucks and 51 mm 78A wheels, designed for rebound and it brings ABEC 9 rated bearings with a special high speed.

It comes with a 34-inch wheelbase with 45-50 degree adjustable kingpin trucks and 9-inch spacious shock absorbent width deck that provides a comfortable ride for hours.

The 180 mm aluminum alloy trucks with black texture enhance its appearance and provide sturdy and robust as well. It does not only contain all the qualities that required for a comfortable ride but also affordable indeed.


  • Suitable for long distance riding
  • Bearings make the ride smooth and fast
  • Comes with various colors- lemonade, oriental cherry, purple spade, pine green and leaf green.
  • Affordable and eco-friendly
  • Healthy materials bring more fun to ride


  • You may feel drawback in the bearing.


3. Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed Bamboo Longboard Skateboard

Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed Bamboo If you want people to praise you then ten toes emporium zed bamboo skateboard allows you to explore your styles. It comes with an attractive, eye-catching sleek design and offers you both control and comfort.

This board contains a lot of features which makes your ride easy. The deck constructed with sustainable bamboo and Canadian maple wood can fit appropriately and provides strong support to the riders.

Moreover, the deck with 8 layers and 8 plies give the rider strong support and stability. The polyurethane with a diameter of 70mm by 52 mm that provides smooth and fast ride even on rough ground.

The ten toes do tricks gently through its durable, sturdy aluminum trucks construction, where most longboards support only one style.

The length of truck measuring 7 inches allows you to swift the direction even in the 90-degree turn. These lightweight trucks include the wheel with rock finish.

The size, shape, and weight are perfect for you on sunny days. This is a durable skateboard that can hold around 150kg as well. It is best suited for any riding and allows you to grip it tightly in your hands when you are not riding it.

It can provide control over stones, debris and cracks and best suited for practice. This skateboard is constructed with anti-bite technology and advanced planning that can avoid dangers.

Its 80AB grip tape delivers optimum adhesive control for steadiness. You can be the owner of this good-looking skateboard without any hesitation.


  • Supports both tricks and stunt along with normal cruising
  • Deck provides both comfort and control
  • Wheels are heavy duty with shock absorbing capacity
  • Flexible trucks
  • Durable parts and stylish look


  • Bearings could be made of more suitable materials.


4. Ridge Skateboards Cruiser Board

Ridge CruiserRidge is a renowned brand for high build quality and great design. Ridge skateboard is one of the quality product in the affordable amount which provides unforgettable skating experience to you.

So, if you want to get a mini cruiser board, it can be your best choice as well. Ridge has a 27″ long and 7.5″ wide cruiser deck, provides enough space to ride on.

The deck designed in the pretty black color with an orange wheel.  The 59mm wheels with 78A softness functions very well for cruising.

The wheels are soft enough to get over the cracks and bumps and the bearings make it pretty fast enough.  It is 5″ longer and 1.5″ wider than original Ridge board. This makes it slightly more stable and gives it a slightly larger turning circle.


  • Enough space to balance and ride on
  • Wheels function very well
  • Mini cruiser board
  • High quality and great design


  • Color is not out of the box.


5. Eggboards Mini Skateboard

Eggboards Mini Eggboards are generally smaller than regular cruisers which are designed to ride like longboards. This is ideal to skate through campus or have a chill ride by the beach.

Its big soft wheels are great for bumpy streets and large trucks provide smooth rides. The wheels offer more stability on the uneven surfaces such as- rough roads and cracks in the pavement.

It is the most compact, small and portable longboard which is made of sustainable bamboo wood. The most amazing thing that must be said about this nature-friendly mini cruiser is that- they will plant a tree for every board sold.

Its wheels stand with ABEC-7 longboard quality bearings. The deck is short but wider than most skateboards which feel comfortable in finding the best position for your feet. This skateboard is ideal for both beginner and expert men, women and kids.


  • Nature-Friendly
  • Light and portable
  • Fast and stable move
  • Perfect skateboards for beginners, experts, men and women
  • Provides a smooth and chill ride


  • Can not control so much for tricks and hollies


6. Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard Skateboard Cruiser

Best Cruiser SkateboardsPlayshion is a famous company which is renowned for manufacturing the best cruiser skateboards, longboards, kick scooters and other accessories.

The longboards manufactured by Playshion is considered as one of the best longboards for beginners and kids. These longboards are pretty good for any riding style, not just for pulling off trick.

Playshion Drop Through Longboard is popular among those people who like freestyle boards. It has a 39-inch deck which is constructed with drop through manner and 8 plies maple wood.

It provides flex with sturdiness and does a good job delivering a nice ride. Its features make it favorite among the riders.

The aluminum trucks are powder coated and it’s 70 mm polyurethane wheels gives a nice and stable ride at plenty of speed. The medium quality bearings measure 7 on ABEC scale provides a fast spin.

The wheel set up with wheel and bearings between the trucks gets most riders excited about this board. It can handle bumps and cracks well and can support up to 250lbs.

The bushings are also of high quality which measures 90 A. This board is one of the best longboard cruisers that can be used for the various style like- cruising, curving, sliding and freestyles.


  • 180mm aluminum trucks
  • 70mm wheels with 50 mm width
  • The board weighs in at 7 lbs, lightweight to carry around
  • Easy to push, break
  • Steering is soft enough to make a smooth ride


  • Does not allow serious tricks


7. VOLADOR Maple Longboard

VOLADOR Maple BoardVolador Maple longboard is an ideal board for beginners, but it also has the features that experienced users always look for. The deck is made of hard and sturdy maple which offers a un-disturbed ride.

This board is wide enough to provide you with a safe and stable ride. Its unique cold-pressed 8-ply hard maple gives the deck strength, meaning that it will not break at the slightest impact.

This board has a concave shape and good looking design which guards against any wheel bite that you may experience.

This is made of high-quality materials such as- aluminum alloy sleek trucks, tough carbon steel bolts, chrome steel bearing and high rebound PU wheels.

The artwork of this board is excellent. It does turning and cutting corners very well without compromising the user safety.

This is an environment-friendly board which uses sustainable woods and methanol-free glue. This skateboard is not only good looking and safe but also a competitively priced board.


  • Geometric graphics
  • Durable wheel work
  • Genuine aluminum kingpin trucks
  • 8-ply natural hard rock maple
  • It provides an unsurpassed smooth ride.


  • You may feel the wheels hard.


8. SANVIEW Complete Bamboo Longboard Skateboards Cruiser

SANVIEW Complete Bamboo Sanview bamboo longboard is made of high-quality materials including 7ply Canadian maple and 1ply bamboo. The cool graphic added a style to the deck which is wide enough to accommodate taller and bigger riders to enjoy their rides.

This drop through type board which is made with sturdy materials can provide a smooth and comfortable ride. Its overall measurement is 42″ length X 9.5″ width, which is suitable for the ride to school, work or plays.

Its wheel is made of PU materials which offer high rebound for big riders. The wheels are stable enough for carving out hard turns and cruising.

It contains 83A PU bushings and 7″ Aluminum Casting Trucks. These aluminum casting trucks make the longboard more durable for the riders. This skateboard is an excellent choice for the gift to the kids 9 and up as because of its cool graphics.

It is best suited for those who are looking to start longboarding around the block, parks and zero traffic zones. This is a flexible, stable as well as durable longboard indeed.


  • High-quality PU wheels
  • 260 lbs weight capacity
  • ABEC 9 bearings with Nylon Ball Cages
  • Sturdy deck materials
  • Best suited for the beginners


  • Bearings can be broken over time


9. Penny Cruiser Nickel Complete Skateboard

Best Cruiser SkateboardsPenny Cruiser Nickel Complete Skateboard is a good looking skateboard which is made of a classic waffle top non-slip deck and 3-inch aluminum trucks with powder coated finish.

The board itself is a high-quality plastic to provide a smooth ride. The wheels of 59mm are very high quality and the bearings are soft enough to spin for a long time.

The thick aluminum trucks make it high quality. The wheels can spin quite smoothly and sturdy enough to maintain some bounce.

This is a great skateboard of excellent quality which is small enough to pack into the backpack. It is a perfect fit which provides lifetime warranty at a reasonable price. This skateboard is suitable for the gift to the kids.


  • Classic waffle non-slip deck
  • Powder coated Aluminum truck
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Plastic cruiser


10. Yocaher Spirit Wolf Longboard Complete skateboard cruiser

Best Cruiser SkateboardsSpirit Wolf is a well-known company which symbolizes the mentality of pack skaters. Yocaher Spirit Wolf Longboard Complete skateboard cruiser is constructed to help the rider to turn, cruise, carve and overall longboard control.

Its durable aluminum trucks are mounted under the board which has enough clearance to avoid experiencing any wheel bite. This board is excellent for riding experience and constant cruising.

This skateboard measures 40 inches in length and 9.75 inches in width. It is shaped into a medium concave figure which is made of 7 plies of maple wood.

This shape is slim enough to increase the turn radius and eliminate the chances of wheel bite. The heavy-duty trucks are perfect for maintaining the stability.

The 70 mm wheels are strong enough to handle all small cracks, rocks, pebbles and debris. The ABEC 7 bearings are excellent in maintaining speed.

This is one of the best options among the cruiser regarding quality and price. It works great for both the beginners as well as advanced longboarders.


  • Comfortable size and shape
  • Sturdy construction
  • Precisions components
  • Affordable


  • Poorly packaged.


Cruiser Skateboards FAQs

What Are the Best Cruiser Skateboards?

Today’s market is full of different types of cruiser skateboards. And so, peoples sometimes find it confusing to choose the right one for them.

Hereby, Tactical Gears Labs always likes to come forward and tries to solve your confusion with specific, fair, and unbiased information.

After researching and reviewing the 10- best cruiser skateboard, we have found the following 3- skateboards as the top of the chart to get everyone’s considerations. So, if you are looking for a top-notch skateboard, you can give any of them a try undoubtedly. They are-

  • The Quest Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard
  • VOLADOR freeride longboard complete cruiser
  • Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed Bamboo Longboard Skateboard

How Do I Choose a Cruiser Skateboard?

Choosing a cruiser skateboard most often relies on personal preference. Besides, several essential factors also act behind to fill skateboard roles properly. So, before determining any specific skateboard, it is wise to cross-check the following considerations profoundly. Such as-

  • Flex vs. Flat
  • Choosing Size and Shape
  • Materials
  • Cruiser Wheels
  • Trucks
  • Brushing

What Type of Cruiser Skateboard Should I Choose?

Considering the materials, cruiser skateboards are usually two types. They are-

Penny Board: Skateboard with plastic construction is usually known as Penny board. These skateboards generally come with narrow deck and offer excellent turn ability yet. Though these skateboards are not suitable for the trick, they are optimal for kids as well.

Wooden Skateboards: Actually, the choice of the skateboard is totally up to individual preference yet. Wooden skateboards usually feature wider decks with softer wheels and higher truck. They are optimum for expert skaters yet. With this wooden skateboard, you can crash all around the city very well.

Which Shape is Ideal for Skateboards? (Flex Vs. Flat)

Skateboards are available in two different shapes. They are-

  • Flex Board
  • And Flat Board

Flex board is the stiffest option than the flat board. Especially at the higher speed, they are well capable of absorbing impacts and going fast with optimal flexibility.

Moreover, flex boards offer the most comfortable ride than flat boards. Besides, the flat board is also a safe option yet. Overall, the choice of board is totally relying on one individual experience and preference indeed.

How to Select the Perfect Cruiser Size for Me?

Like as cruiser’s shape, the choice of cruiser size also relies on individual preference. Usually, the cruiser skateboard length ranges from 25” to 32” and its widths from 7” to 9.5”. Here is the table which will help you to select your cruiser size.

Shoe Size

Deck Width

Best Suited for

US 4-6


Young Skaters

US 7-9


Any Skaters

Us 10 and larger

8.5” and up

Adult Skaters


Final Words

In the early days skateboard meant anything with a board and 4 wheels but these days skateboarding established as a sport of doing tricks. The purpose of the modern skateboards is only doing tricks.

Besides, young kids are seeking a new way to get a break from the bus, scooter by picking up a cruiser for long rides on smooth ground. So, if you want to wend through the town, you need a comfortable longboard of plastic or wood for riding around the cities.

Before buying a skateboard, it is necessary for you to engage in a bit of research. We hope our review will help you to find the perfect cruiser for you.



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