The 10 Best Concealed Carry Holster in 2019 – Rated and Tested

Nowadays, many people possess licensed guns to ensure the protection of themselves and their loved ones. The holster is a common expression for those who are familiar with firearms and Glocks.

Firearms and weapons are hazardous and can cost lives by accidental triggering. Even the most skilled can falter while managing a fire gun. If an individual uses a firearm for protection, that means he will keep the gun with him for long hours.

The only way to keep the weapon with oneself is the pocket which is extremely dangerous, and that’s why having a carry holster is significant. A holster is used to restrict the movement and hold the gun in its place.

It is a form of protection to oneself from his or her weapon. Holsters are mainly used to eliminate the accidental triggering as they come with the auto-lock system.

All the best concealed carry holster have this lock system through which the trigger is kept locked until you unlock it and draw the gun from the holster. A holster can efficiently restrict any movement of the firearm.

Quick Answer – Concealed Carry Holster

1. Blackhawk! Serpa Cqc Concealment Holster

2. Comforttac Ultimate Belly Band Holster

3. Concealed Carrier (Tm) Ankle Holster

4. Concealed Carrier (Tm) Iwb Holster

5. Lirisy Inside the Waistband Holster

6. Owb Glock Holster Concealed Carry

7. Undertech Undercover Concealment Holster

8. Comforttac Ultimate Belly Band Holster

9. Concealment Express Iwb Kydex Holster

10. We the People – Inside Waistband Concealed Carry

Reviews of the Best Concealed Carry Holster

For secret services and agencies carry holsters are as conventional as keeping a wallet. Concealing the gun becomes very important in such cases. Even with ordinary people, hiding the weapon is as essential as restricting the movement of the firearm to avoid accidental triggering.

It is a fact that firearms be it non-lethal or lethal causes fear. For one’s own good, it must be concealed. So, while you are getting a gun, make sure you get the best concealed carry holster available in the market. To make it more easy for you, we are going to enlist ten of them with all the necessary features and information.

1. BLACKHAWK! SERPA CQC Concealment Holster

Best Concealed Carry HolsterBLACKHAWK concealment holster has a stylish design with a matte finish. It is the ideal shooting gun stock accessory.

It features patented SERPA auto lock release in it. The specialty of this patented lock system is that it engages the trigger guard when the gun is holstered and offers maximum security.

It also has passive retention detent adjustment screw. This immediate retention system results in an audible click upon reholstering the weapon. The SERPA lock system doesn’t let go of the safety lock unless it’s released.

It has a superior draw technique which features a full firing master grip. Though it doesn’t fit polymer frame Taurus Judges, it correctly supports the 17, 22, and 31 Glocks.

It includes a belt loop and a sturdy paddle platform. Both have adjustable draw angle. To swap from one option to the other, it just requires removing the screws. It also allows both adjustable forward and backward cant.


  • Features detent adjustment screw and patented SERPA Auto Lock
  • Belt loop and paddle platform hold it close to the body
  • Audible click upon reholstering the weapon
  • Superior grip and draw technique
  • Fits Glock 17, 22, and 31


  • Not for long slide weapon


2. ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Holster

Best Concealed Carry HolsterComfortTac Belly Band holster is built from thick Neoprene. The flexible surgical grade elastic holster stretches up to a 44″ belly and fits perfectly.

It is constructed keeping the tummy and hips in mind and not the pant size and hence feels exceptionally soft and comfortable against the skin. It doesn’t pinch the skin or pull the body hair.

This holster fits small, compact, subcompact, even full-size revolvers, and pistols and handles the gun weight pretty efficiently. It supports a wide range of Glocks and weapons like Taurus, Beretta, Springfield and more.

It is versatile and can be worn in several different ways – both inside and outside the waistband, five and twelve o’clock, on the small of the back, high up the shoulder, with a concealed carry shirt, appendix, and cross draw style.

It has a spare magazine pocket for keeping the accessories and optional retention strap. It is also great for AirSoft guns.


  • Adjustable neoprene band stretches up to 44″ belly
  • Surgical grade elastic equips all size weapons
  • Available both in the right and left-hand draw
  • Versatile carry in position
  • Fits a wide range of Glocks


  • Bulky


3. Concealed Carrier (TM) Ankle Holster

Best Concealed Carry HolsterThis holster Concealed Carrier LLC is the best concealed carry holster for the ankle. , The holster offers maximum comfort guarantee due to its surgical grade elastic neoprene construction.

The materials are padded with thick foam, breathable and assure proper ventilation to the legs. It comfortably fits any size calf and ankle. It is the result of the lifelong firearms experience of a team of U.S. military veterans.

Without any doubt, it will among the most efficient concealed carry holster. It is capable of accommodating any size firearms from a subcompact to the full-size ones. It is universal and designed for both right and left-handed users.

It guarantees effective quickdraw by flicking up the retention strap with the back of the thumb. The double strap design eliminates the chance of slightest slip down of the holster. Jumping, walking, running, working out, it handles every type and kind of activities without sliding an inch from the place it is tied down.

It also includes an extra built-in pouch for a folding knife, spare magazine, folding knife or other non-lethal tools like pepper spray or taser.


  • Provides quick draw and non-slip guarantee
  • Universal, breathable, thick padded, neoprene holster
  • Designed by U.S. military veterans
  • Fits all gun and leg sizes
  • Built-in elastic pouch for extra magazines, knives and other tools


  • Poor-quality velcro straps



Best Concealed Carry HolsterApart from the ankle holster, Concealed Carrier LLC also has its universal inside waistband holster (IWB). It is made from breathable surgical grade elastic neoprene.  Its soft foam padded innards prevent rubbing and discomfort against the skin.

Like every other Concealed Carrier LLC holster, it is also a product from a team of U.S. military veterans.  They offer a lifetime warranty on it. It accommodates all gun sizes from subcompact to the full-size.

A couple of stitches and cut can fit those exceptions which are not compatible. The sturdy metal belt clip holds the gun so efficiently that it doesn’t move from its place during any vigorous movement of the body. It guarantees no print due to its sleek design.

Concealing it is very easy, and it doesn’t show through the pants. Drawing the gun is convenient enough due to the thumb flicking retention strap. It also comes with an extra neoprene belt clip for carrying a spare magazine, knife pepper spray and more.


  • Combat veteran owned business
  • Guarantees maximum comfort
  • Fits most gun sizes
  • Extra neoprene belt clip for spare magazines, knives, and more
  • Quick drawing guaranteed and don’t peep through the pants


  • Seams cause itchiness


5. LIRISY Inside The Waistband Holster

Best Concealed Carry HolsterLirisy’s inside the waistband concealed carry holster is made from the thinnest 0.3 neoprene material. The materials are breathable as well. It is wearable against the skin due to its ultra soft built. It’s unique and robust 600D nylon wraps prevent tears and holes during extensive use.

It has a flexible fit and bends when the user bends. Like this, it successfully reduces the pain from the pressure against the hip. This inside-the-pants holster is apt for daily use.

Its convenient concealing feature leaves little to no print and allows versatile dressing without showing the weapon through the apparel. It has a sturdy snap button which allows an inaudible and safe quick draw. It is available in both right and left-handed version.

It fits most of the Glocks available starting from the smallest and compact size to the large ones. It also fits any pistol with a slide length of 6.5″ to 7.2 inches. Most of the guns with light or laser attachments is also congruous with this carry holster.


  • Built with superior thinnest 0.3mm neoprene material
  • Soft and breathable against the skin
  • Easy to conceal, ensures no printing beneath any dress
  • Flexible removes pain from the hip
  • Fits almost all the Glocks available in the market


  • Design too simple


6. OWB Glock Holster Concealed Carry

Best Concealed Carry HolsterCytac’s Outside Waistband (OWB) is a paddle holster and has a black matte finish. The specially injected soft silicone materials paddle design slides easily onto belts and pants. Taking it off is equally convenient.

It’s high-tech polymer materials body frame is long-lasting. This durable holster is water, sweat, and wear-resistant. It’s a right-handed model. Its fully adjustable 360-degree rotation carry angle allows adjustment according to the withdraw angle of the user.

The user can tilt it less or tilt it more. The auto lock system doesn’t release the weapon until the release button is pressed down. It enables a smooth and quick drawing motion and is an index finger actuated system.

It ensures easy reholstering. Upon re-holstering it creates an audible click which increases the safety quotient a bit higher. It sustains in the hardest operating conditions. It allows versatile use for military, courser, shooting coach, law enforcement agencies and personal protection.


  • High-tech matte finish polymer material construction
  • Soft silicone paddle platform securely slides on to pants or belts
  • Auto Lock System and audible click upon reholstering
  • 360-degree rotation carry angle (cant) adjusts with the withdraw angle
  • Water, sweat, and wear resistant


  • Not for left-hand use


7. UnderTech Undercover Concealment Holster

Best Concealed Carry HolsterUnderTech Undercover is an all-weather compression concealment tank shirt for women. Its more delicate micro poly blend provides maximum comfort and is machine washable. It doesn’t restrict movement and cools the body. It is apt for summer and warmer weather use.

It has an improved fit and function and offers higher retention. It conforms to any and every body type. It allows immediate access when wearing button down shirts, T-shirts, pullovers.

The shirt features two identical easy-access holsters which comfortably conceals two handguns one on each side at the same time. If not weapons the user can put the spare magazines, handcuffs, documents, cell phone or iPod on one side. The holster fits different guns and pistols. It secures the weapon or tool at its place.

It is ambidextrous, so it works for both right and left-handed people. It fits most of the handguns. Made in the U.S.A. this power shirt is worn by FBI, DEA, TSA, Secret Service, police departments and many other agencies nationwide.


  • Made in the USA
  • Ambidextrous, works for both hands
  • Fits like a second skin to any body type
  • Two identical holsters on each side carry two handguns simultaneously
  • Widely used nationwide


  • Tough to conceal the guns


8. ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Holster

Best Concealed Carry HolsterComfortTac’s Deep Concealment Edition is similar to its previous belly bend but far more upgraded. The significant difference is, this concealed carry holster comes in four different lengths compared to the other holster which comes in just one size and claims to fit all.

It gives much more choices to the user, and there are not many left-over materials. It starts from a small size which fits up to 31″ belly. It also has medium and large sizes which respectively fit up to 37″ and 42″ inches belly. It also comes with an extra large size which fits up to 53″ belly.

Any types of guns and Glocks perfectly fit in this surgical grade elastic holder. It even hangs airsoft. It supports carry in any position – inside the waistband, outside it, high up like a shoulder holster, concealed carry shirt and more.

Its patent-pending retention strap provides a smooth, fast, and easy quickdraw. It is for both right and left-handed users. It offers a comfortable concealed carry guarantee where you can return the holster for a refund within 30 days.


  • Comes in four different lengths
  • Patent pending retention system ensures smooth withdraw
  • Fits a vast range of Glocks and versatile carry in position
  • Available in both right and left hand
  • Offers comfortable concealed carry guarantee


  • Girthy


9. Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster

Best Concealed Carry HolsterConcealment Express 100% handmade holster is custom molded according to the specification of the weapon. It is made of 0.08 inches KYDEX and top-quality components. The material is thick enough to ensure a long lasting rigid structural integrity. It has Threadlock in all its fasteners. It has a Black Oxide hardware finish and is anti-scratch.

It has a sleek and straightforward design. The retention pressure is conveniently adjustable. It has Posi-Click audible retention lock system which makes a sound while holstering the gun.

The cant is adjustable from 0-degree to 15-degree angle according to the preference. Its integrated full-length sweat guard on the body facing side provides keeping the weapon dry and sweat free. It is apt for everyday use.

It has multiple carry options such as IWB, appendix carry, and small back carry. It comes with a lifetime warranty and also offers an absolute satisfaction guarantee as well.


  • Custom molded fit with 0.8″ thick Kydex material
  • 100% hand made in the USA
  • Adjustable retention pressure and carry angle from 0 to 15-degree
  • Posi Click audible retention lock system and integrated sweat guard
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Doesn’t fit many guns


10. We The People – Inside Waistband Concealed Carry

Best Concealed Carry HolsterWe The People’s custom molded inside waistband carry holster is of top quality components. The robust waterproof KYDEX construction ensures rigid structural integrity for a lifetime. It comfortably accommodates any carry draw whether its appendix, the strong-side of the hip or cross carrying the gun.

It is very lightweight so carrying it including the weapon becomes easy. It reduces the pressure from sensitive areas. It ensures a precise fit of the gun as it is custom molded according to the measurements of the firearm.

It is fully adjustable according to the comfort level. The adjustment is pretty easy by only screwing the clip in the desired height and angle. Tilt the holster on your preference, up, down or carry angled.

It offers quick, reliable access to the weapon concealed in the holster. Drawing and reholstering the gun becomes more comfortable, even after keeping an eye on the target or threat. It creates an audible click sound upon reholstering the weapon to assure the firearm is safely put. This U.S.A. constructed product comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Custom molded with 0.8 inches waterproof KYDEX material body
  • Conceals inside waistband and offers quick access
  • Reduces pressure from sensitive areas
  • Positions the holster up, down and carry angle (cant) for desired tilt
  • Easy and secure reholstering


  • It pokes


Final Words

When you are buying a carry holster make sure it is lightweight. The design, structure or type can be different, but being lightweight should be the prime feature of the best concealed carry holster.

A firearm or Glock, be it compact, small or large, it will have a considerable amount of weight. So, to carry it continuously for hours can be difficult which is why a lightweight holster is so essential.

While concealing the weapon, we choose the sensitive areas. A lightweight and well-padded holster will help to reduce the pressure and eliminate the pain caused by those pressure. Comfort is the key in this case.

The next two features which are very significant are the lock system and quick draw. Make sure you have reliable access on your firearm and when reholstered the trigger is locked.

A top-quality carry holster will have all these features to ensure maximum security. Hopefully, we were successful in building an informative review of the carry holster for you.


10 Best Concealed Carry Holster



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