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Last Updated on March 1, 2023

Best Camping Saw

Let’s face it, in camping, cutting branches or wood is a common and essential task. But who wants to carry a full sized wood saw on the camping trip? No one, I am sure.

Luckily for the campers, many manufacturers come with a proper solution. That’s why the market is full of camping axe, saw shovel, and so many other belongings that are portable and easy to carry.

You already understand our today’s topic from the title. We are going to discuss some of the best camping saw in here with proper pros and cons.

Camping saws are available in different shapes and sizes that range from pocket size to collapsible bow size. They are easy to carry and perform like a full sized saw.

However, while choosing camping saw the main factor to consider is the efficiency and compact size. By studying those aspects seriously, we made a list of 10 products. All the products are made with quality materials and work as a true champion.

Quick Answer – Top 10 Best Camping Saw

1. Hooyman Extendable Tree Saw

2. PockeTech Arborist High Limb Hand Chain Saw

3. Agawa Canyon BOREAL21 Tripper Kit

4. Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw 36 Inch Long Chain

5. Sven Saw-21″

6. LivWild Camping Pocket Chainsaw

7. PockeTech High Limb Hand Chain Saw

8. Felco F-600 Classic Folding Saw

9. Coghlan’s Folding Saw

10. SUMPRI Camping Survival Gear Pocket Chainsaw

Reviews of The Best Camping Saw

Making a shortlist of camping saw was not an easy task as it assumes. The reason is obvious; the market is full with different camping saws. Not all of those are worth buying.

Some of the products are cheap in quality as well as price. Don’t just fall for a low price; you will end up with crap. Anyway, we tried to enlist some good quality product that is available at a reasonable price.

We tasted each of the products practically, and we are amazed by their built quality and performance. I am sure after reading the honest camping saw reviews you will also be surprised. Let’s not waste any more of your time instead read out the best camping saw reviews quickly:

1. Hooyman Extendable Tree Saw

Best Camping SawThe Hooyman 655227 10 Foot Extendable Tree Saw with Wrist Lanyard and Sling is on top our article due to its excellent quality. It is an extendable 10 feet saw that collapses to 28 inches.

The dimension and design make one of the most versatile options too. This saw comes with an in-line design that let the folding saw to slide and lock into the extension arm when a pole is needed to detach as you only need the handsaw.

The saw is compact and lightweight. It is constructed with high carbon SK5 steel that is combined with impulse hardened 4-edge tooth. So, if I declare it as one of the strongest camping saw, it will not be a lie.

With positive locking extension system and collapsible quality, it is super simple to use as well. Overall, it is a good buy at a good price.


  • Can be used as a handsaw while needed
  • Standard size
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Well-constructed with high carbon SK5 steel with hardened 4-edge tooth
  • Easy to use with positive locking extension system and collapsible ability


  • The blade is a bit flimsy


2. PockeTech Arborist High Limb Hand Chain Saw

Best Camping SawThe PockeTech 48-inch High Limb Hand Chain Saw is another effective option for outdoor trips. It is a heavy duty chainsaw that can deal with the strongest task within a moment.

The design of the saw is entirely different with blades on both sides. Doesn’t matter how it lands, it will work according to its purpose.

The saw can cut 25 feet or more according to the rope size. The chain is standard in quality as it is made of premium quality materials. The item also comes with blade sharpener, ropes, throwing weigh pouch and extra handle.

Still, the price is not as high as you are thinking. You will get the entire set at a decent price. Hurry up to pick the set before the stock expires.


  • Has blade on both sides
  • The blade is made of premium quality materials
  • Can cut from both sides
  • Easy to carry and store
  • Can cut more than 25-feet limbs
  • Comes with several additional accessories


  • Not very suitable for large trees, ideal for smaller tasks


3. Agawa Canyon BOREAL21 Tripper Kit

Agawa CanyonThe Agawa Canyon- BOREAL21 Tripper Kit is the solution if you are looking for a bow saw. It is a fantastic bow saw with a dimension of 21 inches.

The saw is an all-purpose solution comes with a strong body and blade. The Agawa Canyon is a revolutionary invention that folds and unfolds within a second.

The blade length is about 2 inches that are powerful enough for providing amazing swing strokes. Also, it offers larger diameter cuts with three hinged trapezium-shape frame.

The blade is medium toothed with double pointed raker between the sets of cutting teeth. So, you can effectively cut notch of wood chips and fiber.

It can cut green woods as well, but experts recommended to cut dry hard and soft woods. It has rust protective coating included along with few other features. Overall, it is a good product to purchase at such a price. Hurry up to click the link below before the stock turns out.


  • Comes with strong aluminum frame
  • An all-purpose blade that is strong as well
  • Comfortable and classy yellow handle included
  • Lightweight still durable than many other camping saws
  • High-quality leather shoulder strap and green canvas sheath included that has extra blade compartment
  • Folding bow saw easy to carry and use whenever required


  • The item so far has no drawbacks though the price seems a bit high to us


4. Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw 36 Inch Long Chain

Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw The Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw is considered as the most durable survival hands saw on Amazon. It can rips though anything within a moment. Cutting overhead branches will never be a problem with this camping saw.

The saw comes with a heavy-duty, rugged handle and metal brackets. So, there is no question about the durability of the item. It is comfortable to hold and provides good leverage and control.

The item is easily be re-sharpened within a moment. Unlike most of the 24-inch saws, this one is not too short, or too weak. It will not break after a few uses, that’s for sure.

Also, it is a bi-directional self-cleaning chainsaw that can cut from both ways. In whole, it is a decent option available at a reasonable price. If you need something long lasting, you should pick this camping saw right away.


  • Heavy duty rugged handles with metal brackets
  • Can easily be re-sharpened quickly
  • Comes with tough nylon front snap storage pouch and belt loop
  • Made of high 65 mn high carbon heat treated steel
  • Longer chain equals incredibly fast cutting time with razor sharp blades
  • Self-cleaning chainsaw style cutting teeth
  • Easy to carry even in the pocket


  • Firestarter that comes with the saw is not as good as one expects


5. Sven Saw-21″

Best Camping SawFor camping and other outdoor trips, the Sven Saw-21inch is another ideal choice. It is an extremely compact saw made of highest quality materials.

The blade of the saw is made from Swedish steel, and the handle is made of premium quality aluminum. Also, it is perfectly crafted. So, longevity and heavy performance are what the Sven Saw offers.

The size is standard for any backpacking and hiking activities. The saw is large enough for huge trees and large branches. The saw is compact and super simple to carry and store.

You can fold the blade into the handle that allows easy transportation and storage. Overall price is acceptable for such quality. So, why are you waiting for? The Sven Saw is a popular item, so, the stock might turn out before you click the link! Don’t waste time!


  • Comes with durable Swedish steel
  • The handle is strong aluminum made
  • Lightweight yet strong
  • Easy to fold into the handle
  • Easy to store and carry


  • Putting it together seems a bit tricky at first, but you will get proper instruction with the item. Just make sure to follow properly


6. LivWild Camping Pocket Chainsaw

Best Camping SawLivWild 26inch Camping Pocket Chainsaw is another amazing option for outdoor trips like camping, hiking and so on. The best part of this chainsaw is its cutting ability.

It provides 3x faster cuts than most other camping saws in the market. The construction quality of the saws is amazing with industrial-grade heat treated steel materials.

The handle is made of heavy-duty nylon materials with bright orange color. They used orange color so that you can locate the saw even in the dark.

The handle is extendable with rope to reach high limb if needed. With the saw, you will get some additional accessories too.

You will get carrying case, wilderness survival guide eBook, Mylar Emergency Blanket, strong and convenient belt loop pouch too. Still, the price is not high! So, it is an amazing selection for professional campers.


  • Made of industrial-grade heat treated steel
  • Can extend the handles with rope to reach a high limb
  • Bi-directional, self-cleaning style cutting teeth
  • Useful in any outdoor situation
  • Comes with a convenient and compact belt loop pouch
  • Heavy-duty nylon handles in bright orange color
  • Offers quick cuts


  • The size is very small


7. PockeTech High Limb Hand Chain Saw

PockeTech High LimbThe PockeTech HighLimb2-48 inch Chain Saw is highly praised all over the world due to its convenient performance and strong construction quality. It is also considered one of the most compact and lightweight models in the market.

The saw features a patented 48-inch high carbon steel Bimatic Chain Blade that can easily saw through branches, thick limbs or an entire tree.

The 48-inch blade is effective for big cutting tasks. Besides, you will get blades on both sides so no matter how it lands on the limb it will cut like a champ.

You can carry it easily on any survival or camping tips. Also, this saw is highly effective for yard work, garden work and any home cutting needs. What about the price? Reasonable enough for anyone.


  • Can cut though branches, thick limbs, or entire trees
  • Blades on both side for cutting limb easily
  • Suitable for home use and any outdoor trips
  • Made of heavy-duty materials
  • Reasonable price


  • You have to buy your own rope. As the rope is not included with the deal


8. Felco F-600 Classic Folding Saw

Best Camping SawThe Felco F-600 Classic Folding Saw with Pull-Stroke Action is another amazing option we have in here. Why is it amazing? Because of its quality construction and exceptional ability to cut.

It is made of a high-quality hard-chromed steel blade. The blade can cut through anything with ease. Also, the blade is rust resistant and thoughtfully designed. It is thinner on the top and thicker on the bottom which expands the lifespan of the blade.

The handle of the saw is convenient as well. You will get a handle that is ergonomically designed and non-slip. One will get the highest level of comfort and leverage.

However, it is compact and lightweight. The length is standard for any outdoor activities. No matter what it will cut through branches like a true champion of the field. If you need decent camping saw at a fair price, this is the choice you need to make right away.


  • Made of high-quality steel, hard-chromed blade
  • The blade is rust resistant and suitable for cut though anything
  • The blade is thinner on the top and thicker on the bottom that increases the lifespan
  • Ability to cut branches up to 4 inches diameter
  • Comes with ergonomic non-slip handle
  • 14-inch length where the blade is 6 inch
  • Lightweight and compact


  • The blade doesn’t always seat properly when folding the saw


9. Coghlan’s Folding Saw

Best Camping SawAre you looking for the Best Folding saw for backpacking? If you are, then the Coghlan’s Folding Saw is our recommendation. It is one of the most excellent options you can buy at a decent price.

The item is made of premium quality serrated saw blade of 21 inches that can cut though woods with ease. The handle of the product is rugged anodized aluminum made that can hold extra blades too.

The item folds compactly within a moment, and it is ideal for camping, backpacking, or any other outdoor tasks. Overall, you will glad to have such kind of camping saw in this price range. Hurry up to grab one before the stock turns out.


  • Serrated saw blade of 21-inch size
  • Comes with rugged anodized aluminum handle
  • Can hold extra blades
  • Folds compactly within a moment
  • Lightweight with 16 ounces of total weight
  • Affordable for such quality
  • Ideal for camping, backpacking, backcountry treks and so on


  • Blade wobbles a bit in time of cutting


10. SUMPRI Camping Survival Gear Pocket Chainsaw

Best Camping SawLast but not the least, we have SUMPRI Camping Survival Gear which is praised all over the world among the professional campers. The reason behind its love is its consistent performance.

The item is made of high strength heat-treated steel that can cut though anything with fast cutting chain and razor sharp blades.

The item is ideal for hiking, camping, emergencies or simple yard work. The handle is extendable with rope so that you can quickly reach high limb.

An additional feature is also available with the product including compact belt loop pouch, fire starter and so on. It is rain, cold, fire, and even waterproof. The price of the product is suitable for everyone. Pick before the stock turns out.


  • 36 inch, Bi-Directional, Self-Cleaning Chainsaw
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Can cut 3inch limb in 10 seconds
  • Made of strong heat treated steel
  • Comes with longer chains that ensure fast cutting with razor sharp blade
  • Ideal for any outdoor trips or home use
  • Comes with compact belt loop


  • The strap handle is small


Camping Saw FAQs

What is Camping Saw?

A camping saw is specially designed for cutting woods, plastic, metal, and meat during camping activities. Usually, hunters, campers, backpackers and survivalists use camping saws yet. It is a special type of hand saw which is compact enough to fit any backpacks. Indeed, camping saws are handy for gathering woods and prepare camping sites as well.

What Are the Best Camping Saws?

We have done in-depth research on camping saw available in the market and concluded the 10-best camping saw list for you. After taking a closure look and reviewing all these 10- camping saw, we have found the following 3- camping saw to be the best. So, you can give a try to any of these camping saw without any doubt. They are-

  • Hooyman Extendable Tree Saw
  • PockeTech Arborist High Limb Hand Chain Saw
  • Agawa Canyon BOREAL21 Tripper Kit

How to Choose the Best Camping Saw?

If you are still confused about deciding the camping saw that is best suited for you, here are some factors that may help you to find the right one yet. You just need to give a close look at the camping saw and break down the following factors or features to ensure whether the camping saw is right for you or not. The factors are-

  • Construction Quality
  • Camping Saw’s type
  • Portability
  • Ease of Use

What Are the Types of Camping Saw?

Almost every camping saws are portable and convenient to store. But depending on the cutting capability and your style of camping or using camping saw, camping saws usually come in 3 different types. The design and cutting performance of these 3- types of camping saws differentiate each other yet. The kinds of camping saws are-

  • Pocket Chainsaw
  • Bow saw
  • Folding Saw

What Type of Camping Saw Should I Use?

Actually, it depends on the type of camping you will be doing and your camping style. The choice of camping saw totally depends on camping activities.

If you are planning for outdoor camping, then it is recommended to select such a camping saw that can cut both small and large trees.

Moreover, you will not find any alternative to camping saw in preparing a campsite during an outdoor camping. Nowadays, campers recommended multipurpose camping saw for outdoor camping.



Final Words

So, that’s all for the best champing saw reviews. You can see all the above products are rich in quality while made of high-quality materials. Those are effective for camping as the size of those products is small, and the weight is standard as well.

Also, all the products are available at a reasonable price. You can give a try to any of the product, and I am sure you will not regret. Anyway, while shopping for camping saw it is essential to consider a few factors such as size, weight, handle, blade, materials, and price.

Before discussing those, you should know your preference too. Otherwise, you might end up with a product that is not at all effective according to your requirement.

Saws are dangerous. Lack of awareness can cause an accident. Always stay focused and get all the safety equipment’s with the camping saw. At the end of the day, our safety is the highest concern. So, be careful while operating a camping saw.

I am wrapping up now. If you have anything to know concerning camping saw, feel free to comment below. We will meet again soon with other useful tips, tricks, and product reviews. Till then: Stay Safe!



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