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Last Updated on March 1, 2023

Best Camping Axe

The AXE, maybe the oldest tool human ever created, provides tons of benefits in our daily life since the beginning. The design of an ax is simple with a metal blade and wooden handle.

Still, the benefit it provides is unexplained in words. An axe remains unchanged even after timeless utility. But the question is what a camping axe is? It is a type of axe specially designed for camping trips.

In camping trip, cutting wood is an ordinary and necessary task. Even if you collect dead woods from the forest floor, you need to chop those to a particular size. That’s why the importance of camping axe in the woods is huge. If the quality of your axe is weak, it can ruin your entire trip.

Today our topic is best camping axe. We will review ten of the thrilling quality camping axes of this era. All of those are made with quality. If you don’t trust me, it’s okay. Check the reviews and say what you have to say about those products. Let’s get straight to the point.

Quick Answer – Top 10 Best Camping Axe

1. Husqvarna A1400 23″ Composite Multi-Purpose Axe

2. Estwing Sportsman’s Axe – 14″ Camping Hatchet

3. Estwing Axe-All Steel with Shock Reduction Grip

4. CRKT Woods Chogan T-Hawk Axe

5. MTECH USA Camping Axe, Two-Tone Blade

6. Thrower Supply Throwing Axe

7. Schrade SCAXE2L 15.7in Large Survival Axe

8. Marbles Outdoors Knives Camp Axe

9. Yes4All Outdoor Camping Axe

10. Vaughan RB 28-Ounce Rig Builders Hatchet

Reviews of the Best Camping Axe

With stainless steel, ballistic, nylon and plastic composites materials the idea of an ax has changed noticeably. Axes become more effective nowadays and require little human effort.

Anyway, the market is full with different options and you can to give huge time and effort in order to get the right camping axe. We decided to lessen your effort by researching the market ourselves.

It takes almost two weeks and hundreds of axes to test practically. We learned every little detail about each product, their strength as well as the weakness.

Now it’s time to share our research with you people. I am sure after reading this camping axe reviews; you will easily find one. Let’s start:

1. Husqvarna A1400 23″ Composite Multi-Purpose Axe

Best Camping AxeWhen the name is Husqvarna, I don’t think anything else needs to be said. In tools and machinery industry Husqvarna is the most trusted and famous names.

They have been making quality machinery and appliances for years. Their products have the ability to provide maximum performance and durability.

This Husqvarna A1400 23-inch Composite Multi-Purpose Axe is another example of their fantastic quality. That’s why it takes the first place in our list.

The Husqvarna A1400 Composite Multi-Purpose Axe is constructed with a different kind of wood for forest work and construction. The head of the axe is a non-stick coating that provides little friction.

The handle offers proper grip and balance due to extended stainless steel shaft protection. It comes with fiber-reinforced PA shaft that’s why it is durable and robust as well. Overall, it is an amazing axe for camping available at a reasonable price. Pick before the stock expires.


  • Universal axe
  • Made of different kind of wood handle and non-stick coating head
  • Ensures less friction
  • Easy and effective for woodworking
  • Fiber-reinforced PA Shaft
  • Provides equal weight distribution and balance
  • Durable and robust


  • The sheath is a bit loose


2. Estwing Sportsman’s Axe – 14″ Camping Hatchet

Best Camping AxeIf you are in search for most durable and longest lasting Camping Hatchet,  I would recommend you to consider the Estwing Sportsman’s Axe – 14” Camping Hatchet.

It is regarded as one of the strongest axes with exceptional durability. It is forged in one piece which the secret of its strength. The axe is made of premium quality steel materials with wooden handle cover with leather grip. So, it is not only a durable axe but also highly effective.

Besides, you will be glad to know that the product is made in the USA. You all know how amazing the quality of US made products. This axe is versatile and able to do lots of outdoor tasks including chopping logs, small trees, and branches or splitting firewood and kindling.

The handle is comfortable and provides a soothing grip. The sheath it comes with is also heavy duty with ballistic nylon construction. All an all, it is an outstanding product available at a reasonable price.


  • The axe is forged one piece
  • Can deal with various chopping jobs
  • Durable and longest lasting than many other products
  • Offers amazing grip
  • The sheath is strong and ballistic nylon made
  • Genuine leather grip


  • A bit heavy for the size


3. Estwing Axe-All Steel with Shock Reduction Grip

EstwingEstwing is another reliable name in the tools industry. The example of their quality I already showed you have. Now it’s time to show you another example of their tremendous quality.

Yes, here is the Estwing Axe-All Steel with Shock Reduction Grip for you. Like the above product, it is also constructed with fantastic quality materials for long lasting service.

It is a one-piece construction which is indestructible, and the grip is excellent as well with blue cushioned. The axe can take a lot of shock out in every swing and hit.

The steel by which the axe is made is carbon metal and proper heat treatment. You can literally abuse the shaft over and over again and will never experience chipping or edge rolling.

You can even use the hammer section to drive nails or pound the crap out of any kinds of stuff. That’s why the axe is known as two in one, and it is useful for camping as well as everyday use. The price is reasonable too.


  • Strong one-piece medium carbon metal construction
  • Provides blue cushioned grip
  • Ability to take out a lot of shocks in swings and hits
  • Good heat treated
  • No chipping or edge rolling
  • Can be used as a hammer
  • A useful sheath that doesn’t hold moisture or rot in humid climates
  • Made in the USA


  • A little weighty


4. CRKT Woods Chogan T-Hawk Axe

CRKT Woods ChoganIf I declare the 9001310 CRKT as the best camping hatchet, you can’t oppose with me. Why? Let me tell you why. First of all, see the design of the product. It is totally user-friendly and looks like a true champion.

In the woods, this axe will make you appear as a boss!  It is constructed with 1055 carbon steel hot forged into a rock solid blade head, so, you can understand how much power this one is!

The weight of the hatchet is ideal, and the design is slim as well. So, the user can operate it with ease. Also, due to the perfect weight and slim design one can get amazing power while operating.

The handle is made from Tennessee hickory and feature a lacquer coat to so that grip is comfortable. Overall, it is a good axe at a reasonable price. You can give it a try, I can assure you, and this one will never give you any chance of regret.


  • Ideal for all outdoor survival needs
  • Hammerhead effective for chopping and hammering
  • You can pound nails or tent stakes or secure beams with it
  • T hawk handle included
  • The handle is made of Tennessee hickory
  • 1055 carbon steel hot forged rock solid blade that can cut through anything
  • Ideal for camping as well as for regular use


  • The handle sometimes feel slippery


5. MTECH USA Camping Axe, Two-Tone Blade

Best Camping AxeAre you looking for a compact and easily portable camping axe? Don’t worry we have the MTECH USA Camping Axe for you in that case which is small and lightweight.

The axe is perfect for carrying from one place to another. It features Two-Tone Blade with a black rubberized handle. The blade is effective for dealing woods, and the handle, on the other hand, is pretty comfortable to hold. While using the axe, you will get the balance you always wanted.

The axe features 3-inch satin finished 440 stainless steel blade, and the handle is about 8-inches. In a whole, it is 11 inch in size which is not that small nor that large. It is perfect for camping enthusiasts.

It is designed to withstand long-term repeated use. Also, the item is made in the USA. Is the price high? Not at all, so, click the link below and make your next adventure amazing with this product.


  • 3-inch satin finished 440 stainless steel blade included for amazing performance
  • Black rubberized handle offers comfort and balance
  • Standard length
  • Compact and easily portable
  • Ideal for camping and rugged outdoor expeditions
  • Comes with black nylon sheath


  • The sheath is not a snug fit


6. Thrower Supply Throwing Axe

Best Camping AxeAre you ready to explore what you have been missing all those years? The Thrower SupplyThrowing Axe is what you have been waiting for. It is considered as the Best Competition Throwing Hawk of the present time due to its fantastic construction quality, efficiency, balance and proper price.

It is a large champing axe with a length of about 18 inches. The item is big, and it can do big jobs. The hand forged and polished steel hawk blade is effective to deal with anything in its way.

The handle is also made with quality Grain American Hickory Wood materials. So, the handle is also strong and comfortable. You will find the ultimate grip and balance needed to swing.

Overall, weight is pretty light with 1.7 lbs only. So, operating and carrying the axe will never be a problem. As a whole, it a great product for camping trips. Simply click Add to Cart and explore by yourself.


  • Comes with hand forged and polished steel hawk blade
  • 18 inches length
  • Made of American Hickory Wood Sanded and Waxed
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy to carry
  • 8 inches of the blade edge


  • The wood handle gives a bit unfinished feeling


7. Schrade SCAXE2L 15.7in Large Survival Axe

Schrade SCAXE2LSome people prefer Axe and Hammer combo! For them, Schrade SCAXE2L 15.7-inch Large Survival Axe is a perfect choice. It is another excellent option to look for camping as well as for everyday use.

The item is strong enough and durable for years of hassle-free use. An overall length of the axe is about 15.7 inch, and the blade is about 4.2 inches where the weight is 1 lb 15 ounces. Both height and weight are standard for heavy duty chopping in the woods.

The blade of the axe is made of 3Cr13 Titanium Coated S.S., and the handle is made with a black, glass fiber filled PA and TPE rubber materials. So, the blade is super-efficient, and the handle provides amazing grip and balance.

The handle is highly secured as well. You can depend on the axe without any tension. The price is not prohibitive as well. Pick quickly before the stock turns out and make your next adventure amazing.


  • Standard weight and length to deal with heavy duty tasks
  • Strong and reliable blade made of 3Cr13 Titanium Coated S.S
  • Black, glass fiber filled PA& TPE rubber material handle included
  • The handle is cold resistance
  • Quick and easy with effective polyester belt sheath
  • Ensures proper balance and swing
  • Extremely secure with the handle
  • Handle offers great chopping strength
  • The blade can take a very sharp edge


  • The sheath needs to be improved a bit


8. Marbles Outdoors Knives Camp Axe

MarblesMarbles Outdoors Knives Camp Axe is another great attraction for the champers. The built quality of the axe is dreamlike. Both the blade and handle is highly constructed for long-term service.

It comes with a 6-inch high carbon steel head that offers 4-inch cutting edge. The blade is pretty powerful to deal with heavy-duty chopping needs in the woods.

The handle of the axe is superior as well with American Hickory wood construction along with enlarged lanyard hole. As the handle is large enough so, a user will get an excellent hitting force.

The handle not only provides grip but also give balance. However, some customers claimed that the handle is a bit thin which need to be improved. But our experts said it is worth the money. Give it a try for your next trip as the price is beyond the reach as well.


  • Offers proper balance
  • Comfortable American Hickory handle included
  • Cut through heavy woods with 1045 high carbon steel blade
  • The blade offers 4-inch cutting edge
  • Perfect for camp trips and regular use


  • The handle is a bit thin


9. Yes4All Outdoor Camping Axe

Best Camping AxeThe Yes4All Outdoor Camping Axe is another cool option to look for. It is a full package for any outdoor trips as the manufacturer provides a knife and an emergency fire started with the axe at the same price.

So, you will be highly benefited. Both the fire started, and a knife is highly effective. Now let me praised the 12-inch axe. I will appreciate it because the axe deserves.

It is ideal for chopping woods with a strong 420 stainless steel blade. The blade is strong and suitable for any outdoor activities. Also, it is pretty easy to sharpen with a sharpening stone.

The handle of the item is effective as well. It comes with a textured handle that not only comfortable to hold but also provide powerful grip. The handle will never slip as well.

It is extremely secure to operate. The weight and length make the axe an excellent option for both large and small tasks. While not in use, you can easily keep it in a protective sheath.

The sheath with the axe is quality made as well. As a whole, this is an amazing choice for camping. Pick quickly before the stock turns out.


  • Textured handle offers comfort and forceful grip
  • The handle is non-slip as well
  • Easy to sharp, strong 420 stainless steel blade
  • Ideal for any outdoor trips
  • Comes with a protective nylon sheath that provides a snug fit


  • The handle feels uncomfortable sometimes after a few swings


10. Vaughan RB 28-Ounce Rig Builders Hatchet

Best Camping AxeI guess the Vaughan RB 28-Ounce Rig Builders Hatchet is one of the Best Backpacking Hatchet of the present time. It is somewhere between an ax and a hatchet.

I mean it’s a combination of both which is ideal for processing woods and handling odd jobs in camping. Like all the above products, this one is also heavily constructed.

It is a large hatchet for dealing with large tasks effectively. The blade is forged high carbon steel which is high in quality, and the handle is large enough to provide a fantastic balance, grip, and strength. There is beveled nail slot included in the head as well. Overall, it is good for the price.


  • Fully polished camp axe for versatile outdoor needs
  • High-quality carbon steel head included
  • Large flame treated hickory handle that offers comfort
  • Extra-large size provides perfect striking force
  • Has large striking face that provides accuracy


  • The blade doesn’t come as sharp as expected


Camping Axe FAQs

What Is a Camp Axe Used for?

The axe is ancient outdoor equipment. Outdoor enthusiasts use this ubiquitous tool to shape, split, and cut wood. Nowadays, this tool has become quite famous among campers. Considering that, many manufacturers make and introduce the camp ax to the campers. The camp ax comes in many designs and forms with exceptional features. Campers use this camping tool to chop down trees, split logs, and other heavy-duty foresting tasks.

What to Look for While Selecting a Camping Axe?

Before opting for any camping ax, campers need to ensure that their axes have these mentioned-below attributes.

  • A secure grip of the handle: The right camp ax should offer a firm grip even though a camper uses it with wet hands. This feature is crucial as it ensures your safety and reduces the chance of accidents such as axe slipping, etc.
  • Easy to sharpen: After several encounters with hardwood, the ax’s blades usually go blunt. It gets challenging to cut wood using dull blades. That’s why ax’s blades need to be sharpened, and ideal camp axes should allow easy sharpening. As you know, none would love to spend the entire day sharpening the camp axe’s blade.
  • Safety: Safety is essential, and you need to take this into your account while choosing the right camping axe. You need to assure that your ax comes with a timber handle. It will not shrink over time and won’t loosen the contact with the ax head. Besides the handle, you need to ensure that the axe’s blade is free from rust, which means the blade should be non-stainless steel.
  • Sheath Guards: The perfect camping ax should come with robust sheaths to prevent injuries. These sheaths resist the blade’s sharpness and facilitate easy movement. For this feature, campers can safely carry the ax on a webbing bolt or inside the watercraft.
  • Vibration: While cutting through pieces of wood, the ax’s vibration can make campers feel uncomfortable. Generally, it happens when the axe can’t transfer the power efficiently. However, you need to make sure that your axe allows easy cutting without streaming vibration.

What Size Is Best for a Camping Axe?

According to the size, camping axes come in three types: small, medium, and large camping axes. Small camping axes tend to be 18 inches long, weighing around 1.5 to 2 pounds. They are ideal for splitting firewood, chopping down small trees, removing limbs, clearing brush and branches from an area, etc.

The Medium-sized axes are relatively light, and they weigh around 2 pounds. But they feature long handles of 24 inches. Campers use this tool when they need to accomplish the woodcutting task using one hand. This size axe is perfect for limbing trees.

The large ax is manufactured to cut down large trees, splitting big logs and wood. Large-sized camping axes are usually around 32 or 36 inches in length and three or more pounds in weight. They ensure a lot of kinetic energy in every swing. Anyway, the best ax-size depends on your needs. All of them are suitable for camping; you just need to use them correctly.

Do You Need an Axe for Camping?

Some campers believe that they don’t need any camping axe. The question regarding camping axe importance arises when campers notice that there are lots of alternatives. Although those tools can help cut wood, they can’t meet the camping axe’s versatility and potentiality. That’s why professional campers keep camping ax in their essential tool list. Even though they have other wood cutting tools, and you should also follow the experts.

What Kind of Metal to Make a Camping Axe?

It is quite apparent that every steel features a bit of carbon. Thus, plain carbon steel is the most famous material that most axe manufacturers use in axe forging. This material is convenient to sharpen, and it can withstand corrosion. Apart from that, it is more robust than other materials like stainless steel, etc. In terms of edge maintenance, it is better when exposed to stiff materials. That’s why it draws some top manufacturer’s attention when it comes to metal-choosing to make camping axe.

How to Sharpen a Camping Axe?

Working with a dull camping axe is quite challenging and tiresome. It requires more force to cut down wood. Besides that, the chance of ax’s uncontrolled movements increases. So, sharpening the blade and maintaining the camping axe are essential jobs for every camper. Anyway, campers apply different methods to sharpen their axes. Below we will discuss some of these techniques:

Some campers sharpen the ax’s blade using an ax file. Mostly they use 8 and 12 inches files for sharpening. They keep working with it until the blade’s edge features no dents, chips, or scoring. After making a perfect edge, they hone it with a sharpening stone. Lastly, they apply a protective layer of beeswax, oil, or other substances to the ax head to keep moisture locked in.

Again, some users use rock or river stone to sharpen their ax blades. Some prefer the Dremel tool, belt sander, and angle grinder for sharping their camping axes. All techniques are ideal for sharpening camping axes; you need to follow any one of them that seems convenient to you.

Should an Ax Be Razor-sharp?

It depends on who will use the ax. If you are a newbie and it is your first camping trip, you shouldn’t use a razor-sharp ax. It is because beginners are more prone to accidents. But if you are an experienced camper, you know the importance of a razor-sharp ax. All woodworking tools should be sharp enough to facilitate effortless wood cutting. And to keep it sharpened, campers need to sharp the camping ax regularly. They should spend a few minutes of the day to sharpen the blade’s edge.


Final Words

Advanced materials and practical design make a simple camping axe to a multi-purpose tool. A camping axe can tackle all your chopping task in the trip plus it can be used in regular days too.

So, picking the right camping axe is essential. How to choose a camping axe depends on your preference and budget. With a little research, you will be able to pick the right one for the money.

Remember, an axe is a dangerous tool as well. It can cause a sudden accident if you lack in focus. Always stay focused while using an axe also wear safety gloves, and glasses. After all, your safety is the highest priority.

If you pick a quality camping axe and maintain it properly, it will last a lifetime that’s for sure. All the products above in our best camping axe article are the example of quality.

You can choose one from the above list, or you can shop from any trusted local shop. It’s your choice. I am wrapping up now. If you have anything else to know, feel free to comment anytime. Thank You!


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