The 10 Best Bow Sight for Hunting in 2023 – Honorable Mention

Last Updated on March 1, 2023

Best Bow Sight for Hunting

Hunting requires accurate aiming. The more you are good at precision targeting, the better you are in hunting animals. A moving object is always hard to aim. As because within a fraction of a second it will be gone and there are more chances you have missed the target, perhaps didn’t go even close.

Especially in the case of animals, you have very less time to think, aim, and shoot. Then shooting the arrow at the right spot that will help you to take control over the animal is also crucial. When you are hunting, injuring the animal and letting it escape is never the intention, trapping or killing is.

So, to improve the aim using a bow sight on the bow is essential. So, here starts the search of the best bow sight for hunting. Not only in hunting, but bow sights are also significant in competitions and 3D archery as well.

Bow Sight for Hunting – Comparison Table


Best Bow Sight for Hunting

1. TRUGLO Range-Rover PRO LED Bow Sight

  • Adjustable slider sight
  • Micro-adjust windage
  • Green LED aiming point

Best Bow Sight for Hunting

2. Carbon Express IQ Bowsights Micro Bowsight

  • Retina lock technology
  • Micro-adjust knobs
  • Dual-position mounting facility

Best Bow Sight for Hunting

3. Trophy Ridge React Pro Sight

  • 019” fiber optic yardage indicators
  • Adjustable third axis
  • Micro-click windage

Best Bow Sight for Hunting

4. TRUGLO Carbon XS Bow Sight

  • Carbon-composite construction
  • Reversible bracket for vertical adjustability
  • Micro push-button light

Best Bow Sight for Hunting

5. Trophy Ridge Pursuit Vertical Pin Bow Sight

  • Delrin bushings
  • Rheostat light
  • Fiber optic ring

Best Bow Sight for Hunting

6. HHA OL-5519 Optimizer Lite .019 5500 Sight

  • Micro windage adjustment
  • Green sight ring
  • ARMOR sight pin technology

Best Bow Sight for Hunting

7. Trophy Ridge React-One Bow Sight

  • Adjustable brightness settings
  • Aluminum construction
  • Tool-less micro-adjustment

Best Bow Sight for Hunting

8. Apex Gear Covert Pro Green PWR-Dot Sight

  • Illuminated aiming point
  • Rear-facing sight tape
  • Adjustable indicator pin

Best Bow Sight for Hunting

9. TRUGLO Pendulum Treestand Bow Sight

  • Pre-printed yardage tapes
  • Adjustable rheostat LED
  • Lockable Pendulum

Best Bow Sight for Hunting

10. APEX GEAR Covert 1-Pin Sight

  • Micro-adjustable windage and elevation
  • Adjustable aperture housing
  • Aluminum construction

Reviews of the Best Bow Sight for Hunting

Adapting to the technicalities of a bow sight is difficult, but buying it is not, only if you have a fair amount of knowledge about bow sights. Only a single feature doesn’t make a product superior, a product which has maximum qualities always stay at the top and be the best.

Same goes for the best bow sight for hunting. Spending on an expensive bow sight is not going to guarantee that you have bought the best in the market.

A good-quality bow sight will be sturdy and have quite a few features like a single pin or multiple pins, brightness settings, high clarity, precision, easy to mount and adjust, tool-less adjustments of windage, elevations, and yardage and if possible more.

If the bow is cost-effective, ambidextrous and has all the must-needed features, then be sure that you have got the right one. You can have a look on our top picks of bow sights and know why we think they are good enough to have a spot in here.

1. TRUGLO Range-Rover PRO LED Bow Sight

Any device that is related to the vision is a tricky one to adjust. The success of such devices relies on how quickly one can adapt to the device by solving the trick.

Among the top manufacturers of bow sight, Truglo is one of the most renowned which has hit the right cord in making the adaptation fast and simple. You are going to find quite a few Truglo devices as they make the best bow sight for hunting.

Range-Rover Pro is an adjustable slider sight that works with Truglo’s innovative POWER-DOT illuminated center dot technology. The circle with the bright center and green LED aiming point of the revolutionary scope housing with 11 brightness settings ensure supreme accuracy during target precision.

It has micro-adjust windage, which means it is apt for 3D shooting. The yardage tapes are included and vertically adhered to the bow sight. It will be right at the front of the eyes.


  • Adjustable slider sight
  • Innovative POWER-DOT illuminated green center dot technology
  • Adjustable green LED with 11 brightness settings
  • Micro-adjust windage with a precision click and lock
  • Toolless yardage and yardage tapes included


  • Loosens quite often


2. Carbon Express IQ Bowsights Micro Bowsight

When it is about archery, Carbon Express is that name that cannot be avoided because they make every item related to archery, that too top-quality ones. This IQ bow sight is a right-handed model that uses Retina Lock Instant Feedback Technology.

Maybe the technology is difficult to understand, but once you do, there is no looking back, because it is that level helpful and convenient. It controls muscle memory, form, and consistency, which is very important for accuracy in long-distance shooting.

The built-in sight level, along with the patented technology, identifies the slightest of torque or anchor point change instantly. It uses micro-adjustment knobs for elevation and windage, and the adjustment can be made without any tool, quickly and conveniently.

The dual position mount allows you to fit the sight according to your preferable shooting style. It uses five .019 fiber optic pins, and the 2nd axis is also adjustable. So, you can put your money on this IQ bow sight without thinking much. All in all,  you can put your money on it without thinking much.


  • Controls muscle memory, form, and consistency with Retina Lock Technology
  • Dual-position mount adjusts eyesight to particular shooting style
  • Tool-free micro-adjust locking knobs
  • A right-handed model with built-in sight level
  • Adjustable 2nd axis


  • Need time to adjust with the retina lock


3. Trophy Ridge React Pro Sight

Trophy Ridge is no less in being the hot favorite. Their long-lasting stainless steel hardware and robust aluminum construction Pro Sight is our first pick. You can mount it on your bow in 4 different positions.

It is a multi-pin sight that uses five .019 fiber optic pins in it. The mathematical precision of React Technology is pretty well-known among the skilled bowmen. Adjusting all the five optic pins to the optimal position is the miracle which this technology does with aplomb.

It includes a glow-in-the-dark ring. It, along with the ultra illuminated pins and rheostat light, maintain the visibility even in the low light condition and changing light.

The tool-free adjustments of the windage and elevation are micro-click. Not only that, it enables both 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments. The adjustable third axis strengthens accuracy at critical angles over longer distances. The solidly marked yardage indicators remain visible in various environmental conditions.


  • Stainless steel hardware and aluminum construction
  • React technology adjusts all five pins to the optimal location
  • Advanced tool-less micro-click windage and elevation adjustments
  • Ultra-bright fiber optic yardage indicators
  • Adjustable Third Axis


  • Requires a fast bow


4. TRUGLO Carbon XS Bow Sight

TRUGLO XS is an ultra-lightweight bow sight for both right and left-hand archers. It weighs not more than 3.5 oz. The carbon-composite body uses TRUTOUCH soft-feel technical coating, which gives it a matte finish and also makes it look deluxe.

The inner diameter of the aperture is 1.8, which is pretty decent for accurately aiming the bullseye. Its Tru-Flo fiber design ensures a stable fiber-optic base with proper passing of the rays.

The fibers are extra-long and fully protected. This bow sight offers a large circular field of view, which means you are capable of viewing a reasonable distance at width. It uses four .019 black style optic pins and micro push-button light.

The standard adjustment of windage and elevation, along with the glow-in-the-dark ring, offers high clarity and clear vision. The ring also helps to align the peep sight. Mounting the bow sight is easy as it can be adjusted vertically with the reversible bracket.


  • Lightweight carbon-composite construction with TRUTOUCH soft-feel technical coating
  • For both left- & right-handed shooters
  • Reversible bracket guarantees more inclusive vertical adjustability
  • Extra-long, fully-protected TRUFLO fibers
  • Micro push-button light


  • Hard to adjust pins


5. Trophy Ridge Pursuit Vertical Pin Bow Sight

Trophy Ridge Pursuit provides you a clear, unobstructed view of the target. It is an apt bow sight for hunting. It is not ambidextrous, so you will have to buy the sight depending on your dominant hand as both hand types are available.

Even in terms of the optic pin, it is different. Unlike the horizontal single or multiple pins, it uses a single vertical pin. It is an ultra-bright .019″ medium vertical fiber optic pin that allows ultra-precise adjustments, supreme visibility, and high-performance.

The rheostat light allows brightness adjustment for every lighting condition. Then, it also includes a glow-in-the-dark and a circular fiber optic ring. The indicator pins maintain the precision in low and fluctuating lighting.

Unlike other bow sights, it has used Delrin bushings. It ensures a no noise, smooth movement of the bow sight and no metal to metal collision or contact while operating. Mountable in two positions, this one also allows windage and elevation adjustment.


  • High-performance vertical pin allows ultra-precise adjustments
  • Ultra-bright .019″ medium vertical fiber optic pin
  • Rheostat light with adjustable brightness
  • Maintain accuracy in low and changing light
  • Delrin bushings assure smooth movement with silent adjustments


  • Not for left-handed shooters


6. HHA OL-5519 Optimizer Lite .019 5500 Sight

HHA OL-5519 enhances the hunting experience by making the shooting smoother. It uses fully protected fiber optics. The length of the fiber optic is 5ft. It sights in at 20 and 60 yards, which means it is capable of covering a long shooting distance starting from 20 yards to 60.

The revolutionary yardage dial allows rapid adjustment by the yard. One just needs to sight in and select one of the yardage tapes. Tight groups become easier with it as the archer is allowed to hit the bullseye accurately, consistently.

It is a single .019 optic pin bow sight. The pin is incredibly bright and provides the utmost clarity while aiming. With that, it also includes an exclusive mechanical rheostat light to adjust pin brightness. The adjustments help to get the optimum visibility even in low light conditions.

It allows a tool-less windage adjustment system. The other adjustments are also tool-less, conducting the bow sight becomes effortless. It also includes patented ds-tapes and Mathews harmonic damper with it.


  • Sight in at 20 and 60 yards and yardage dial allows rapid adjustment
  • Patented ds-tapes and Mathews harmonic damper
  • Exclusive mechanical rheostat light adjusts pin brightness
  • Fully protected fiber optics
  • Tool-free micro windage adjustment system


  • Quality-wise could have been better


7. Trophy Ridge React-One Bow Sight

This one is our last pick from the Trophy Ridge bow sights. Pretty similar to the Pursuit bow sight, it is way too expensive than the Pursuit, but for valid reasons.

Though heavy, it has a sturdy aluminum construction that ensures durability and capable of combating in any harsh conditions. The archer can always carry the bow sight mounted on the bow. It will survive the jerky troubles while transporting the bow from one place to another.

The bow sight allows the archer to sight in at 20 yards and 60 yards with included yardage tapes. So, the archer can aim at a distance of up to 60 yards and perhaps an extra 10 yards. It allows smooth windage, elevation, and yardage adjustments, and all of that is absolutely tool-free and hasslefree.

The single vertical optic pin is bright, green, and removable. It also includes a rheostat light with three different settings, to provide high performance and clarity in low light and light changing conditions.


  • Aluminum construction
  • Tool-less micro-adjustment
  • Rheostat light with adjustable brightness settings
  • Ultra-bright fiber optic pin works without rheostat light in low light
  • Sights in at 20 yards and 60 yards and includes yardage tapes


  • Heavy


8. Apex Gear Covert Pro Green PWR-Dot Sight

Apex Gear Covert Pro uses the new, innovative PWR-Dot Illuminated Center Dot Technology. In this technology, the sight has an adjustable green LED center dot with 11 brightness settings.

The center dot lens is similar to a rifle scope. The flash created from the center dot, and the brightness settings along with glow-in-the-dark ring provide ultra-superior long-distance accuracy from dawn till dusk. It has an aluminum built and allows one-hand dial adjustments.

The bow sight is perfect for 3D shooting competition and hunting. Its micro-adjustable windage plays a massive role in the efficient 3D shooting as only smooth adjustment are not apt for 3D archery. Such sports require micro-adjustments of windage and elevations. It also features a rear-facing sight tape with adjustable indicator pin.

Not only that, it enables both 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments and both horizontal and vertical tilt adjustments. Such type of aperture housing allows for more fine-tuning options. It eliminates the noise created from metal to metal contact.


  • New PWR-Dot Illuminated Center Dot Technology with 11 brightness settings
  • Illuminated aiming point and adjustable green LED center dot
  • Easy to adjust with one hand
  • Adjustable indicator pin
  • Micro-adjustable windage


  • Yardage dial doesn’t work smoothly


9. TRUGLO Pendulum Treestand Bow Sight

For the treestand hunters, it is the most advanced bow sight. The reason is its unique Pendulum Adjustment System. The bow sight automatically aligns with gravity and compensates for high-angled shots.

It covers a good distance of 35 yards during treestand hunting. It is versatile as because if you are not hunting from an elevated position, then you can simply lock the pendulum and use the bow sight for hunting.

The .019 optic pin is green and bright enough to cover a long distance. The violet rheostat LED light is removable and adjustable, and with the glow-in-the-dark ring, it helps to maintain the accuracy in aiming in low lights.

Favorably the aperture diameter is 1.8-inch, which provides a good scope of passing the rays in the fiber optic.  The fiber it has used is extra-long, protected, and wrapped. Pre-printed yardage tapes are included.

An adjustable bow sight for left and right-handed shooters, this lightweight, CNC machined aluminum bow sight is a good investment indeed.


  • Quiet functioning
  • Automatically compensates for distances to the number of 35 yards
  • Removable adjustable violet rheostat LED light
  • Lockable Pendulum
  • .019″ optic pin and 1.8″ aperture diameter


  • Doesn’t work that well for left-handers as it does for right-handers


10. APEX GEAR Covert 1-Pin Sight

Made in the USA, the APEX GEAR Covert is distinctive. The reason is its allowance of pin change. Any skilled hunter will definitely understand how unpredictable the lighting can be.

This one is one of those bow sights which lets you change the optic pin into different colors so that you can adjust with the lightings. It comes with a single .019″ pin and also a glow-in-the-dark ring.

It can be a bright sunny day or a cloudy, low light condition, the change of the pin from red to yellow then green is a matter of a few seconds. The glow ring elevates the performance of the bow sight during the dusk.

It is an imported, precision machined aluminum construction bow sight, so quite durable. The aperture housing also includes vertical and horizontal tilt adjustments.

Windage and elevation are also adjustable, that too micro, so this one is a good option for 3D archers and hunters as they require acute accuracy.


  • Durable, precision machined aluminum construction
  • Vertically and horizontally adjustable aperture housing
  • Shooter’s ring illuminates in the dark
  • Micro-adjustable windage and elevation
  • Rear-facing yardage tape, easy to read


  • A bit noisy


Bow Sight for Hunting FAQs

How to Sight in a Bow?

Sighting in a bow maximizes the chance of hitting the target. It is essential if you intend to hunt animals. It helps you to become more accurate and allows you to create better-shot placement on animals. See the following steps to learn how to Sight in a Bow:

Step 1: Stuffs You Will Need

Here are a few things you will need to sight in your bow

  • shooting block or a target
  • Allen wrench set
  • arrows
  • mechanical release (optional)

Step 2: Checking Equipment 

Note that being an efficient shooter begins with accuracy. Any shot that you take should be handled in the same way. If your sights or rest are loose, each shot will be different, and you’ll have a hard time zeroing your sights. Before you start shooting, you can examine your equipment for loose parts.

Testing your bow for loose parts

  1. Wiggle your sights
  2. Wiggle your rest.
  3. May even verify the balance between arrow and bowstring

First, check at the arrows and make sure they’re not damaged.

What to look for:

  1. Test to see the practice position in front of the arrow.
  2. Review fletching for nicks or cuttings.

Step 3: Body Position

Again, continuity is crucial; do the same with each shot. With repetition, all three steps tend to be performed in one move. However, as a newcomer, it would be smart to create a visual checklist of the following steps.

  1. Stand up straight with your feet (perpendicular to your body)
  2. Hold your bow in the same way for each shot.
  3. Return the bowstring to the anchor point each time on your face.

Step 4: Evaluation at 20 yards

For a specific garden, each pin is allocated. A range of three pins is 20, 30, and 40 yards. Once steps 2 and 3 have been accomplished, continue arrows shooting to the target.

  1. Bring down the other pins and concentrate on the 20-yard pin
  2. Shoot the goal when you are safe.

Phase 5: The Sights Adjustment 

Before you change your sights, it could be helpful at the beginning to make sure your arrow groups are close together. It would be best if you changed your sights when you find the arrows are consistently moving.

  1. When the sight falls, the bow lifts, then you will be able to fire better.
  2. When you raise the sight, the angel falls, then the arrow causes a lower shoot.
  3. Moving the sight left drives arrows to the right
  4. Moving the sight right drives arrows to the left

Do the same until you dial in your 20-yard pin.

Phase 6: Cont. Sighting

Adjustment should be done on the left and right. The only change is that the independent pin is getting pushed up or down to get zero at 30 meters.

30-yard sight in:

  1. The red 30-yard pin is closer to your top pin with a smaller wrench
  2. Aim at 30 yards when ready
  3. Adjust the pin only to place it

Then, repeat the last step in the yellow 40-yard pin at the 40-yard range. Note that you’re just pushing the pin-up or down.

Step 7: Keep Practice

You must practice with your bow as much as possible, and then you will become more consistent. And when you become more consistent, the groups will become smaller. There might be times when you cannot shoot at the same location because, after each shot, the arrows will strike each other. In these circumstances, you need to improve the life of the target by aiming at multiple locations. When you know what works best, every shot will be reliable.

What Type of Bow Sight for Hunting?

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced shooter, bow sights will significantly improve your chances of bringing you a game. It will also reduce your tracking time significantly and ensure that you fire cleanly. Bow sights vary in size and shape, so the first thing to bear in mind is bow sight types.

There are several types of sights, so to find one that fits you mostly relies on the budget. Here is a short overview of the most common sights we do use:

  • Fixed Pin: Fixed pin sights are usually suitable for bow hunters. They are easier to set up and very reliable when used correctly. Although it’s a basic design of locked multicolored pins, adjusting the pins for correct yarding requires particular work.Most fixed pin sights allow several pins to get attached, which benefits you with the option to set several distances. Although the more pins you have, the more often they are a drawback than a benefit. You could usually get away with 3 or 4 pins. One pin has a high score for 20 to 25 yards. You will want another pin for the long shot and one for the closer shot. Even if your game isn’t mindful of you, you’ll have learned the adjustments between shots.
  • Movable pin sights: Movable pin sights vary from fixed pins. Usually, the moving pin has only one pin as compared to the multiples of fixed pins. Moveable pins are just as they sound. It enables the user to adjust the distance pin on every shot. The archer on a slider scale usually presets the distance for the shot, and you may need to adjust the sight for each shot’s proper distance. The two keys for every shot is correct distance evaluation and practice.
  • Pendulum Sights: Pendulum sights are different in bringing new measurements to the regular movable pin sights. This bow sight is usually placed on a pendulum within the sight bracket. The pendulum allows the tree stand hunter to take a more precise shot by making the bow at a downward angle.
  • Target sights: They are usually used for competitive archers. These sights are known to be the most reliable sights around, but it is not pricey. You certainly won’t see these in the field as their scale and cost render them less realistic for the average hunter. These sights are fitted with other tracking aids like single pins or lasers for intense accuracy. These styles typically have wind and height settings for better precision on each shot.
  • Bracket: The mounting bracket has two categories: set and dovetail. None of these brackets impact your shooting capacity but offer your sights some usability. Many hunters possibly choose the fixed bracket setup since there are few explanations of why the sight can be removed while mounted. Dovetail brackets are secured with a fixed plate but have a slot to slip the sight on to a fixed plate where a certain screw or nut will hold them.

How Do Bow Sights Work?

Before you purchase or use anything, it is necessary to learn how it works. The sight generally operates through the use of some key elements. It primarily uses the Parallax principle in its action.

The bow sight is usually placed in the middle of the bow. And there is a circular ring of aligned pins. Then there is also a lens, from where the archer sees the target and takes the short if correct.

The bow sight elements are used as follows:

  • One or more pins – The pins are positioned in the circular circle ring next to each other.
  • A circle: The circular ring is an item that directs the archer to see his target. It contains the image that the archer has seen in a circular ring.
  • Optical view age lens: The lens helps the hunter or shooter for magnification.

What Distance Should I Set My Bow Sights?

Many compound bows show minimal variation in the arrow trajectory from 10-20 yards. In this situation, the first pin is typically placed at 20 yards, often acting as a pin for 10-25 yard distances. When using the 20-yard pin on a 10-yard shot, you will be a few inches high, and a 25-yard shot will be a few inches low.

Can You Shoot a Compound Bow Without Sights?

Yes, you can. Shooting a compound bow without sight becomes challenging, especially when you are an amateur in archery or shoot for the first time with a compound bow. But with diligence as well as regular practice, you can acquire this skill profoundly.

What Are the 3 Axis of a Bow Sight?

3 Axis of a Bow Sight:

  1. The first axis refers to the degree of mountain bracket corresponding to the bow.
  2. The second axis corresponds to the head sight and pins.
  3. The third axis corresponds to the pitch of the sight head, like the door hinge.

Is It Better to Use a Single Pin Sight or Multi Pins When Bow Hunting?

Usually, hunters use both single movable and fixed multiple pin sights. But in many cases, hunters or archers found multiple fixed pin models a little bit confusing. Therefore, most dedicated target shooters usually recommended a single pin vision to get a more comfortable shot.

Are Bow Sights Universal?

Most of the bow sights are universal and can be mounted on any bow. A proper bow sight improves your accuracy and durability considerably. And so, when selecting a Compound Bow Scope, it is recommended to consider either the bow is universal or not.


Final Words

Now, you know our top picks, and hopefully, we were successful to gather as much relevant information regarding bow sights as possible. If you spend some time reading our review, you will get to know about the products and also understand what your requirements are from a Bow Sight for Hunting. Because we have listed quite a few and all of them are very different from the others.

Each one of those is similar products but not the same. Some of the sights have used some innovative technology to create the best bow sight for hunting. And the fact is they succeeded. The technology used and the features of the bow sights will improve your aim drastically. Hunting will be more enthusiastic and fun.

Missing a target will be out of the question. Try to spend on a bow sight which is well constructed and long-lasting, even if it will require some extra bucks. That way, you will be relieved in the long term. Make sure you spend well to buy wisely.


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