The 10 Best Bow Hunting Gloves in 2019 – Recommended by Users

Choosing the best hunting gloves is essential for a hunting adventure. A great hunter always looks for the right hunting gloves to make plenty of successful shoots. When you wear an excellent pair of best bow hunting gloves, it can block your scent from your targets during hunting.

Whether you are a professional or occasional hunter, you can make your hunt comfortable with a high-quality set of gloves. Before having a set of bow hunting gloves, you have to consider the weather condition for picking up the right ones.

In the winter, cold hands can make hunting more challenging. You can’t control your bow and release it correctly. So, you will feel the necessity to have such a pair of great hunting gloves that can keep your fingers and hands warm.

Besides, when you are using a pair of gloves, you will be safe from severe injuries and unwanted accidents. You just need to choose a good pair of gloves that fit your hand correctly. You may also have some extra features such as- making a call and taking pictures with the cellphone with a pair of best bow hunting gloves.

Reviews of the Best Bow Hunting Gloves

Finding suitable gloves may not be an easy task for everyone. You may get confused with a lot of brands and models available on the market. Among them, you have to choose the best ones that can fulfill your requirements.

The best bow hunting gloves usually come with a bit of Thinsulate insulation, camo pattern, and adjustable Velcro straps. Again, some best hunting gloves also have a sweat-wicking system that always keeps your hand warm.

These gloves can reduce your body heat through the evaporative cooling system in warm weather. Again, if you don’t want your fingers getting cold and wet, then a pair of waterproof gloves may be suitable for you.

If you are still feeling uncomfortable about what gloves to select, then you can see our list of the 10 best bow hunting gloves. Whatever your hunting style, we hope you will be able to choose your best one among them.

1. Glacier Glove Alaska Pro Camo Glove

Best Bow Hunting GlovesIf you are an enthusiast and want to buy cold-weather hunting gloves, this one may be a suitable option for you. The Glacier Glove Alaska Pro Camo is one of the best cold weather bow hunting gloves.

It comes with 60 grams of Thinsulate insulation material, which is a sort of synthetic thermal fabric with fiber. The palm of the gloves, which is made of genuine leather, helps you maintain the grip while in the field, and ensures durability and longevity.

Besides, they are waterproof and keep your hands warm through the cold weather. Despite being lightweight, the glove feels comfortable and remains secure and breathable.

This pair of gloves leave extra dexterity so that you can shoot at your targets accurately.  Overall, there are 5 available sizes of gloves on the market. This product may be one of the best products for hunting.


  • Comes with waterproof materials
  • Lightweight gloves
  • Made of the leather palm with excellent grip
  • Allows air circulation
  • Provides maximum warmth through Thinsulate material


  • The cuffs are not waterproof


2. Under Armour ColdGear Camo Liner Gloves

Best Bow Hunting GlovesThe Under Armour Men’s ColdGearCamo is a fantastic pair of gloves. The gloves are made of 87% polyester and 13% elastane materials to ensure extreme comfort and warmth. They have a moisture management technology which can wick away sweat to keep your hands dry.

Also, they feature a silicone outer palm that ensures a firm grip on your weapon. You can get help from the extra-long gauntlet that keeps the wind and cold out and gives added protection to the forearm.

Again, these gloves are great to wear with heavier outer gloves in freezing situations. You can take off the outer glove and be able to shoot comfortably while still protecting your hands.

They are available in 4 different sizes and 6 colors. The gloves are also suitable for hunting in weather down to 32 degrees; so many hunters wear these as is without outer gloves. After all, choosing the pair of these gloves will be an excellent option for you if you want a comfortable set of gloves while hunting.


  • Provides extreme breathability
  • Wicks sweat away
  • Features a silicone outer palm for a firm grip
  • Ensures warmth in winter months and cold weather
  • Comes with multiple sizes and colors


  • The gloves may be tight around the wrist unless you have small hands.


3. October Mountain Products OMP Shooting Glove

Best Bow Hunting GlovesWhen you pretty much like leather materials while hunting, you can keep the OMP Mountain Man Leather Shooting Glove with you. These three-finger design gloves are a handicraft product made of soft, premium cowhide, providing you a comfortable and snug fit.

Besides, the gloves have Velcro wrist straps that offer security to your hands while using them.  The open design made of missing fingers ensures maximum breathability. You will feel very comfortable to wear the gloves as a second skin on your hands.

After all, it is a lovely set of gloves for an affordable price. If you are more into the bare hand experience, then this product is probably the best glove for you. We recommend this pair of gloves to anyone who is seeking a pair of hunting gloves but still wanting something thin enough for good sting feel.


  • Made of soft handicraft cowhide
  • Features a three-finger design glove
  • Comes with an adjustable Velcro strap
  • Gives open design and maximum breathability
  • Offers an affordable price


  • The glove is more prone to breaking and tearing.


4. Primos Stretch-Fit Gloves

Best Bow Hunting GlovesThe Stretch-fit bow hunting gloves from Primos are one of the great products available on the market. These gloves are made from quality materials, so they are suitable for every challenging environment.

This breathable pair of gloves comes with five inches extended cuff to cover the gap between the empty spaces on your hands. You can also use them like a glove liner to have a snug fit.

Besides, they provide optimum warmth to your palm of your hands and fit the mold for all types of people. These gloves provide excellent ability to load your firearms and arrows with an excellent sense for launching the trigger.

So, you can actively shoot at your targets. Furthermore, the print is the Mossy Oak New Break Up pattern that you will find the gloves quite useful. You will also find a small pocket in the opposite of the gloves.

If you are looking for the gloves that will make you feel like a second skin while wearing, then these Primos gloves are an excellent option for you.


  • Excellent grip
  • Very reasonable prices
  • Perfect for hot weather hunting
  • Usable as a glove liner
  • Breathable and suitable for most people


  • It is not a waterproof pair of gloves


5. Primos Stretch-Fit Gloves

Best Bow Hunting GlovesSometimes, you may not need the best waterproof hunting gloves. Perhaps, you only need a pair of gloves that ensure maximum finger protection. If you want such a glove with a non-slip black color gripping surface, then Stretch-Fit Gloves by Primos will be an appropriate option for you.

The glove is made of fully polyester material with a rubber grip and silicone. It delivers you extended cuff that can make comfort to have the optimal experience. Besides, this glove offers excellent dexterity for loading firearms and arrows to provide a unique feel during the release of the trigger.

Again, the glove features a pattern, Mossy Oak New Break Up, which will match the majority of the typical break-up patterns pretty well on the market. The glove has a nice little pocket on the backside of your gloves.


  • Offers an excellent grip with dotted palm and dotted
  • Features an effective camouflage
  • Provides an affordable price
  • Comes with durable and well-made materials
  • Has a rear pocket in the back of the gloves


  • Not suitable for cold weather.


6. Hot Shot “Predator” Pop-Top Mitten

Best Bow Hunting GlovesIf you love to have a pair of pop-top style mittens during hunting, you may need to take a look at this product. These gloves are made of 100% Polyester Camo Brushed Tricot nicely lined with 80 gm of Thinsulate material.

In the most intense conditions, these gloves provide breathability for cooling your palm without taking off the gloves.  It is usually a combination between a tactical shooting glove and mitten, like other pop-top models that make your fingers exposed.

Your hands inside the mitten will stay dry while you are holding the weapon to draw the trigger. Overall, the glove provides a design of pro-text that allows the use of touchscreen devices.

You will also have a zipper pouch on the backside of the glove. Keep in the mind that you will need to wash it in a washing machine with cold water. Don’t try to use bleach.


  • Perfect for archery and winter bow hunting
  • Comes with a beautiful pop-top style
  • Provides design of 100% polyester camo brushed tricot
  • Features a handy rear pocket
  • Thinsulate insulation for great warmth


  • May not be used under 6.66 degrees Celsius weather


7. ArcheryMax Handmade Three Finger Archery Gloves

Best Bow Hunting GlovesThe Handmade Brown Leather Three-Finger Gloves from ArcheryMax are designed of soft, durable cowhide leather. They allow the bow-hunter to have a perfect feel in your fingers to aim your target.

Also, the gloves come with an adjustable velcro wrist strap which has an adjustable real Velcro for a tight and snug fit. This glove allows you to get a tight and secure fit so that your fingers cannot slips.

While you are wearing this shooting glove, you will feel your hands lightweight. This glove helps you a natural feel while protecting your fingers from the bowstring so that you can shoot for hours.

Finally, the glove has a reinforced tip that offers better longevity. You will find it in multiple sizes with two different available colors. If you want an all-year-round set of hunting gloves, you can take this pair for comfortable and excellent hunting.


  • Made of cowhide material
  • Comes with an adjustable Velcro strap
  • Protects from bowstring for the continuous shoot
  • Offers multiple sizes and colors
  • Provides reliable and secure fit to avoid accidents.


  • A strong chemical smell may come when the glove is brand new


8. North Mountain Gear Camouflage Hunting Gloves

Best Bow Hunting GlovesHere is another lightweight pair of hunting gloves that can be a useful asset for you. The gloves are made of high-quality materials like durable polyester or spandex. They are field-tested and designed by hunters for hunters to withstand the most extreme conditions.

Also, they come with an excellent camouflage pattern that you can use them at any time of the year. Besides, when you are using the gloves, they give your hands and fingers plenty of flexibility.

You can even use both bow and gun for hunting with these gloves. The lightweight hunting gloves fit most sizes with an extended cuff and sport utility grip for an excellent snug fit.

Also, this one is a construction of the non-insulated design, which is compatible for smartphone touchscreen with a custom rubberized pattern. Taking your gloves off is not necessary to make or receive a phone call with these gloves.


  • Comes with just one size to fit all
  • Features an exclusive camouflage pattern
  • Made with Polyester/Spandex blend
  • Includes non-insulated materials
  • Suitable for various types of hunting


  • Not for cold weather hunting


9. Manzella Productions Bow Ranger TouchTip Glove

Best Bow Hunting GlovesThe Manzella Productions Bow Ranger TouchTip Glove is a set of suitable hunting gloves for hunters. The TouchTip Bow Ranger gloves are well-made and designed for specific hunting purposes.

This bow hunting glove offers a 4-way stretch, anti-microbial power fleece shell with a control palms  Trax for excellent gripping. Also, it features an exclusive bow release collar, allowing bow hunters to wear their favorite wrist release against their skin while protecting from the elements.

On those early season hunting, you can keep your palm warm if the temperature is not below freezing. The glove is flexible enough to hold your arrow and pull your bow quickly.

It has touch screen compatibility, so you can take photos on your cell phone without removing your gloves away. These best bow hunting gloves from Manzella are perfect for hunting at cold weather.


  • It features bow release style collar
  • Provide a perfect fit with 4 directions stretch
  • Comes with touch screen compatibility to make a call and take photos
  • Allows to return the gloves if you find any fault
  • Produces plenty of warmth


  • It might be thin for some hunters


10. King’s Camo Lightweight Glove

Best Bow Hunting GlovesThe King’s Camo Lightweight Glove is one of the best bow hunting gloves available on the market today. It is made of sturdy materials, including 88% polyester and 12% spandex.

Your hands will stay dry and warm inside the gloves because they are nicely lined with 45 gram Thinsulate material. They come with a camouflage pattern so that the animal cannot ensure your presence.

Besides, the gloves feature palm grips with a rubberized pattern specially designed for the trigger finger. When you are using the gloves, you can have a slight bit of soft stretch cuffs.

Also, it includes lightweight 4-way stretch material that gives a comfortable fit and feel. The glove is preferable for early season hunting where concealment is necessary for warm conditions. Overall, these are the great gloves for bow hunting. You can also use this pair of hunting gloves on cold days.


  • Comes with 100% polyester material
  • Features 45 gmThinsulate insulation
  • Offers streamlined trigger finger for comfortable shooting
  • Includes unique grip material in the palms
  • Waterproof gloves


  • Not suitable for warm weather hunting


Final Words

Hunting gloves are not an item for fashion or style. They are mainly a necessary material that can keep the hunter’s hands warm in freezing temperatures. They also perform a vital role to protect accidental injuries while hunting.

You don’t need to be afraid of the missing shots due to the cold hands. You only require a suitable pair of gloves that can give you comfort and warmth.

However, almost all hunting gloves include insulation technologies and high-performance materials. These 10 best hunting gloves can make a hunting trip more convenient and give you the best results. We hope you will find the best bow hunting gloves for you.


10 Best Bow Hunting Gloves



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