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Last Updated on January 4, 2022

Best Bow Hunting Camo

Hunting is a work of patience. A hunter needs to look after the target, wait for that. It can take a longer time. But if the targeted animal an see the hunter, it can run away. So, the hunter needs to hide.

Camouflage is the best solution for hiding thyself into the surroundings. There are ways to get camouflage and hide into nature; a camo shirt or jacket can be the best solution in this case. Bowhunters must need a camo for successful hunting.

Quick Answer – Top 10 Best Bow Hunting Camo


Best Bow Hunting Camo

1. HECS Hunting Energy Concealing Hunting Suit

  • HECS stealthscreen fabric
  • Conductive carbon grids
  • Versatile and unisex

Best Bow Hunting Camo

2. Legendary Whitetails Canvas Big Game Camo Jacket

  • 10 oz. sanded canvas
  • Zip-off hood
  • Double interior pocket

Carhartt Men’s Flannel Lined

3. Carhartt Men’s Flannel Lined Camo Active Jacket

  • Realtree AP HD camouflage pattern
  • Quilted-flannel lined body
  • 100% Cotton

MAGCOMSEN Men’s Army Camouflage

4. MAGCOMSEN Men’s Army Camouflage Hunting Jacket

  • Sharkskin softshell fabric
  • Non-detachable hood
  • Inner fleece

Best Bow Hunting Camo

5. King’s Camo Cotton Hunting Hoodie

  • Combination of cotton and polyester
  • Kangaroo pockets
  • Camo cuff

Best Bow Hunting Camo

6. Under Armour Men’s UA Icon Camo Hoodie

  • UA Storm technology
  • Soft inner layer
  • 100% fiber

King’s Camo Cotton Long

7. King’s Camo Cotton Long Sleeve Hunting Tee

  • Tag-less label
  • Rib-knit collar
  • Left chest pocket

North Mountain Gear Leafy

8. North Mountain Gear Leafy Hunting Suit

  • Hood with adjustable drawstrings
  • Elastic waist and ankles
  • Natural camouflage

Best Bow Hunting Camo

9. Mossy Oak Men’s Camo Hoodie

  • Camo-lined hood
  • Double-needle cuff
  • Pouch pocket

Best Bow Hunting Camo

10. SITKA Men’s Jetstream Jacket

  • Gore-Tex windstopper softshell
  • Articulated arms
  • 100% Polyester

Reviews of the Best Bow Hunting Camo

Camouflage is the best way to merge you into nature for bow hunting. If you are a bowhunter, then you have to cover yourself by the color of your surroundings. For this, you need a camo dress.

You may find a lot of camos in the market. But all of them are not durable, breathable, and quality. To help you, we’ve researched well on bow hunting camo. After researching, we are giving reviews on the ten best bow hunting camo here in this article.

1. HECS Hunting – Energy Concealing Hunting Suit

Best Bow Hunting CamoTaking camouflage is an important part of hunting. It helps a hunter to get hidden into nature and let the animal come near to the hunter. The HECS hunting has brought an excellent quality camo for being successful in hunting. Some superb quality features have brought this in the shortlist of ten best bow hunting camo.

This is a revolutionary and technology used combo pack. The HECS Hunting energy concealing camo comes with 3 pieces suit. It contains a long sleeve top, a pair of bottoms and a headcover in the pack.

This camo also contains conductive carbon grid which is woven into the fabric. That allows much comfort for you. It has a patented technology. Its fabric can create a conductive grid that blocks the EMF.

This camo can take to the 69% to 75% closer to your target animal without letting that know the hunter is near. This camo dress is versatile and useable in any environments. Due to its unisex design, both male and female hunters can wear this with ease.


  • Comes with 3 pieces
  • Contains conductive carbon grids
  • Blocks the EMF
  • Let the user go 69% to 75% closer
  • Versatile and unisex


  • Top gear is of low quality
  • Not well breathable


2. Legendary Whitetails Canvas Big Game Camo Jacket

Best Bow Hunting CamoIf you are in hunt and animal see you, it can run away. So, you need a camouflage which will let you hide into nature and allow you to get much closer to the animal.  And the Legendary Whitetails has brought the Men’s Canvas Cross Trail Big Game camo for you.

This jacket so much high quality and natural that you will able to go much near to the animal without alarming it and become successful. This camo jacket has taken place in the best bow hunting camo for its great features.

Its shell is made of 10% cotton, lining and fill are of 100% polyester. The camo contains heavy-duty sanded canvas of 10 oz. Its insulation system is great and featured using a 210 grams full insulating system.

This jacket is enough to keep you warm and dry in rainy weather or hunting in water land. The jacket contains heavy-duty zippers with storm flap and double interior pockets. And you will get zip-off hood into this jacket.


  • 100% cotton made the shell
  • 100% polyester made the lining and fill
  • 10 oz. heavy duty sanded canvas
  • Able to keep warm and dry
  • Heavy-duty zippers and a zip-off hood
  • Double interior pockets


  • Seems are not so strong
  • Sizing is a bit hard to match


3. Carhartt Men’s Flannel Lined Camo Active Jacket

Carhartt Men's Flannel Lined To get a complete camouflage, a good camo jacket can help you much. And the Carhartt Flannel Line Camo Active jacket can be the perfect choice for men. This jacket will help you much to get invisible into nature and come much closer to the targeted animal.

The Carhartt Flannel Line camo will make you go to outdoor as you want for hunting. This jacket is made using 100% Cotton. This camo contains a Realtree AP camouflage pattern which is of HD. It also featured using quilted flannel line body and quilted nylon lining.

There you’ll also get two large pockets in the lower-front, two pockets on the inside, rib-knit cuffs, and waistband. In this [fine camo jacket you’ll also get quilted-flannel lined hood. Drawcord closure is also available in this with tipple stitched main seams. This hunting camo is machine washable.


  • Perfect for men
  • 100% cotton made
  • Machine washable
  • Flannel lining
  • Provides Realtree AP HD camouflage


  • Insulation is thin
  • Bulky fitting


4. MAGCOMSEN Men’s Army Camouflage Hunting Jacket

MAGCOMSEN Men's Army CamouflageA camouflage always helps a hunter to go much closer to the target animal. And a good quality camouflage jacket will make you look like nature, and nobody would be able to the difference. The MAFCOMSEN Tactical Army Outdoor Coat camouflage jacket is such kind of jacket.

This camo jacket is specially made for men. It has some great features to make you hidden while hunting. There are also some other reasons for you to buy this jacket. This Tactical camo jacket is made of shark skin softshell fabric.

It also contains an inner fleece, which will keep you warm. This camo is perfect for any weather conditions. So, you can use this to keep safe from water, wind or hot. It is much breathable too.

For drawstring waist and concealed non-detachable hood made this camo is completely windproof and thermal. In this camouflage wear, you’ll get two pockets in the high chest, two large zippered pockets at the backside, and two pockets on the sleeve.

The zippered pockets will allow you to carry maps, gloves, etc. and the sleeve pockets are for carrying cell phones, mp3 player, etc. In the fore3arm pocket of the left arm, you can keep keys, rings, etc. There are vent zippers under every arm of this jacket that allows venting and make the jacket much breathable.


  • Sharkskin softshell fabric made
  • Weather-resistant
  • Water and windproof
  • Much pockets for various use
  • Great ventilation system


  • Cutting is not good
  • The zipper may break down


5. King’s Camo Cotton Hunting Hoodie

Best Bow Hunting CamoA quality camouflage can help you to go much closer to an animal while hunting. It won’t let the animal know that the hunter is nearby of it. The King’s Camo Cotton Hunting Hoodie can be the right choice for you to make yourself invisible to your target in hunting.

This company was established in 1995 and still now their product is providing the best service to its customers. The King’s Hunting Hoodie is made using Cotton and Polyester where cotton is 60%, and the rest is Polyester.

This cotton/poly blend camo shirt is much comfortable for hunters for hunting any conditions. It contains 8.5 ounces of materials. The camo is made in the USA. In this camo shirt, you will get kangaroo pockets.

There is a drawstring hood in this shirt. It also contains camo cuff in the sleeve and waist. You won’t have to worry about its cleaning because it is machine washable. So, this can be the best choice for you to get camouflage while hunting.


  • Cotton and Polyester blend
  • 8.5-ounce materials
  • Perfect for any condition
  • Drawstring hood
  • Kangaroo pockets
  • Made in the USA


  • Too much thin
  • Price is a bit high


6. Under Armour Men’s UA Icon Camo Hoodie

Best Bow Hunting CamoIf you can go much closer to the target animal, your chance for being successful in hunting will raise high. For this, a camouflage is too much essential. And the Under Armour UA Icon Camo hoodie is a great camouflage jacket for this.

This camo is perfect for running with the condition and weather of this country. It has taken place in the shortlist of best bow hunting camos due to its durability and quality. The UA Icon camo is made 100% other fiber and features Armour fleece.

These made this camo jacket lighter and breathable. This camo is perfect for providing you the superior mobility too. It also contains UA storm technology. For this, the camo is completely water repellant. But this won’t make any impact on the breathability of it.

Its soft inner jacket layer will always keep you warm and provide much comfort while hunting. There have front pockets in this camo. Besides, it has an internal phone pocket too on the right side. The dimension of this machine-washable camo is 13 x 2 x 7.5 inches.


  • Made of 100% fiber
  • Completely waterproof
  • Much breathable
  • Soft inner layer
  • Machine washable
  • Multiple pockets


  • May not fit perfectly
  • Rubber under armor may come off early


7. King’s Camo Cotton Long Sleeve Hunting Tee

King's Camo Cotton Long SleeveA good camouflage will always help you to get close to your target animal for hunting. It won’t create stress for you to move. The King’s Long Sleeve Hunting tee is such kind of camo wear. This camo is durable, breathable, and good quality.

The company is producing camo wears for about 20 years with success. Now a day their productions have taken a revolutionary stage. The overall dimension of this long-sleeve camo tee is 12 x 8 x 1 inch.

The King’s Long Sleeve hunting tee is a perfect camouflage dress for getting closer to the desired animal without letting that come to know about the hunter. This camo tee is made using heavyweight cotton and poly blend where the ratio is 60-40. It contains a tagless label.

For this, you will feel much comfort while in hunting. There is a pocket on the left chest side. In that pocket, you can carry your small necessary items. The tee also contains a rib-knit collar.

Its sleeves are long. So, you’ll get a complete camouflage on hunting wearing this tee. You can buy this to get a complete camouflage and become successful in hunting.


  • Made of a heavyweight cotton-poly blend
  • Tagless construction
  • Much comfortable
  • Pocket in chest left side
  • Long sleeve


  • May get shrink quickly
  • Made of thin material


8. North Mountain Gear Leafy Hunting Suit

North Mountain Gear LeafyIf you can hide into nature, you can go to much closer to your target animal for hunting. A good quality camouflage can help this here a lot. And the North Mountain Gear Camouflage leafy hunting suit can be the best choice for you.

This bow hunting camo is a supernatural camouflage, and it helps much to merge with nature. The North Mountain Gear camo is made of high-quality materials. This hunting camo is designed to help the hunter in rough and tough conditions.

The jacket contains complete zip in the front side. There have two front slash pockets, and all are zipper closure. It also contains elastic in the cuffs and waist. Its hood is attached using adjustable drawstrings.

In the pant, there has elastic in the waist and ankles. The waist elastic comes with drawstrings. This camo will help you much to hide your human outline when you are hunting in the woods.

This suit is super lightweight. Its weight is approximately 1lb and comes in various sizes. That’s why; you can select the ideal suit for you which will fit perfectly.


  • Supernatural camouflage
  • High-quality materials
  • Great for rough and tough conditions
  • Zip front side
  • Elastic waist with drawcords


  • Construction quality is not high
  • May tore early


9. Mossy Oak Men’s Camo Hoodie

Best Bow Hunting CamoIf you can merge yourself with the color of nature, the rate of your success on hunting will increase much. For this, you need to get a camouflage. A soft, durable, and breathable camo jacket can make you invisible surrounds you and take you closer to the targeted animal.

For this, the Mossy Oak Camo Hoodie can be your best choice. This camo jacket is specially made for men. Mossy Oak is an excellent hooded sweatshirt camouflage; an ideal option for hunters.

This camo shirt is made of cotton and polyester. 70% cotton and 30% polyester is used to make this shirt. This shirt contains break up a country pattern which is of authentic Mossy Oak. It contains functional concealment with an authentic style too.

Its cuffs are of the double-needle and contain a camo-lined hood. So, this camo shirt is excellent for casual outdoorsmen. There is a pouch pocket in this camo. The total dimension of this camo shirt is 1 x 1 x 1 inch. So, this is lightweight and provides much comfort for the hunter.


  • Provides ideal camouflage
  • Made of 70% cotton and 30% polyester
  • Break the upcountry pattern
  • Camo-lined hood
  • Double-needle cuffs
  • Pouch pocket


  • Sleeves are not so long
  • May get damaged on washing


10. SITKA Men’s Jetstream Jacket

Best Bow Hunting CamoFor getting invisible and merged into the surround, taking a camouflage is a great idea. There are so many mediums for taking camouflage. But a camo jacket can be the best solution.

The SITKA Jetstream Jacket is one of the best camo jackets which can help you to hide into nature for getting much closer to the desired animal on hunting. The SITKA Jetstream camo jacket is made for men.

This imported camo jacket is made using 100% polyester and soft shell Gore-Tex Windstopper. So, this will keep you warm and dry in rainy weather. This camo will protect you from the wind too. But you won’t have to sacrifice breathability.

This water and wind repellant jacket are much breathable. To make this jacket much weather-resistant, it has smooth finishing. In this camo jacket, you’ll get completely zippered front side, hood, and Melco tape accents.

It also contains completely articulated arms. These will let you move and hunt perfectly without facing any problem. This jacket has a limited time warranty.


  • Made of 100% polyester
  • Gore-Tex Windstopper construction
  • Water, wind and weatherproof
  • Much breathable
  • Limited time warranty
  • Weighs 1.65 pounds only


  • Gets hot while moving
  • Feels tight in cold weather

Bow Hunting Camo FAQs

Do You Need a Camo for Bow Hunting?

Yes. Camo is very helpful and essential for bow hunting. It is required to hide in bushes and prevent animals from figuring out from a distance. Especially when hunting with a bow, camouflage becomes much more important.

Is Camo a Color or Not?

No, the camo is not a particular color. It comes in different patterns, shades, and colors. It offers a wide variety for all sorts of landscapes, climate, and terrains. Especially, you will find 4- basic types of camouflage available in the market.

Can Deer See Orange Camo?

Not yet. As human beings, deer cannot see blaze orange yet. Orange appears gray or brown to them. But they are more sensitive to capture any movements that hunters may make. They can easily detect movement and spot a hunter even after wearing camouflage patterns.

How to Choose the Correct Camo for Bow Hunting?

Taking an informed decision while making a purchase always help people to make their money worth. And to make an informed decision, it is necessary to have a firm knowledge of the product’s basic features. Therefore, here is some essential consideration regarding the best bow hunting Camo that will help you to find the best one for yourself. The factors are-

  • Comfort
  • Material
  • Camouflage Pattern
  • Durability

What Types of Clothes Perfect for Bow Hunting?

Usually, hunters use different types of apparel based on their hunting conditions, environment, and needs. And so the choice of hunting clothes can be varied according to the hunter’s preference yet. There are some types of clothes which are best suited for bow hunting:

Single Piece: It can be a lightweight shirt or pant with camouflage patterns.

3D suits: This clothing is usually covered with branches and leaves. Besides, they are heavy and less comfortable as well. But they are effective to blend you with the bushes.

3-piece with camo pattern: This clothing suit comes with a shirt, a pant, and a headcover. This clothing is also comfortable indeed.

Final Words

Hunting becomes much easier if the hunter can get closer to the targeted animal. A good camouflage helps the hunter to get merged with his surroundings. So, we researched on bow hunting camouflages found in the market. All the camos are not well made or not durable. We hope these reviews will help you to find out the best bow hunting camo.


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