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Last Updated on January 3, 2022

Best Bicycle Mirror

It will be best for you if you attach a mirror with your bike’s handlebar. It increases the possible rate of you having a safe ride on your bike. When you are riding your bike on a highway or a busy road, you have to be very cautious.

A mirror or a pair of mirrors make sure that you are aware of any vehicles coming very fast near you. Depending on others to see you and pass through you safely is like gambling with your life. When you attach the best bicycle mirror with your handlebar, you can adjust the mirror according to your comfort.

By this, you always will be aware of the vehicle’s movement behind you. If you are already aware of what vehicles behind you will do a few moments after, then you can prepare yourself and take a step to avoid fatal accidents.

That is why, if you have handlebar mirror, then you won’t have to rely on vehicles’ drivers behind to aware you or notice you. Today we are going to talk about mirrors that you can mount onto your bicycle’s handlebars. These bicycle mirrors for touring are very useful and helps you to avoid any kind of fatal accidents. Here are the names and details of the chosen products below.

Quick Answer – Top 10 Best Bicycle Mirror

1. Mirrycle MTB Bar Bicycle Mirror

2. Hafny Bar End Bike Mirror

3. Mirrycle Mountain Bike Mirror

4. Venzo Bicycle Bike Stainless Steel Mirror

5. Third Eye Bar End Bicycle Mirror

6. LX LERMX Bike Bar End Bicycle Mirror

7. Sprintech Left Side Mirror

8. Bike Peddler Take A Look Cycling Mirror

9. Ventura Bicycle Mirror

10. Alloet Bicycle Handlebar Mirror

Reviews of the Best Bicycle Mirror

1. Mirrycle MTB Bar End Mountain Bicycle Mirror

Best Bicycle MirrorIf you wish for a mirror that has a unique and fine structure, then you can buy a Mirrycle MTB bar end cycle mirror without any doubt.  This mirror gives a great view and lets you know what is coming behind.

The function of this product is very much helpful. That is why you can be safe using this mirror. You will be able to avoid many fatal accidents. The mirror is made of glass.

The convex mirror is pretty much durable and capable of providing views in most of the situations. The mirror is adjustable according to your comfort. A wrench is included with the product.

This wrench will help you to mount this mirror onto the end of the handlebar. This mirror will work on both right and left side. So you can mount it wherever you want. The parts of this product are available all time. So you can replace any part of this product if you need.


  • The product mounts on the end of bicycles handlebars.
  • Three inches round convex mirror gives you best view of everything behind.
  • You do organize the angle of the mirror according to your comfort.
  • Can be mounted easily within a minute.
  • A wrench is included so that you can mount this product.


  • The threads on the screws are not user-friendly. They are a little tight.


2. Hafny Bar End Bike Mirror, Safe Rearview Mirror

Best Bicycle MirrorThis mirror is very much useful and user-friendly.  As you can see, you can rotate this mirror in any angle. That is why you can use this with most of the handlebars with satisfaction.

There is no such issue of adjusting problems as the manufacturer has already claimed this product ideal one for every single type of bicycles a buyer may have.

You may say that durability is this product’s biggest facility. The material used to make this product assures you that you can use this product for a long time.

The product has no bad record of not performing after getting old. The 360-degree rotation system is awesome. This is the reason why you can use this product on both the left and right side.

You can set the position easily whenever you want. Another good side of this product is the other parts of the products are made of eco-friendly materials. This is the reason why nature won’t get any harm by throwing this product away after this product stops working.


  • The lens is made of stainless steel.
  • As the lens is made of stainless steel, it doesn’t break easily and stays strong in every situation.
  • Fits with handlebars having inside diameter around 17mm 21mm.
  • The frame is durable enough. Made of Nylon plus fiber.
  • No plastic odor is present to let you feel uncomfortable.


  • The barrel part of this product is short. It doesn’t go deep enough for secure holding.


3. Mirrycle Mountain Bike Mirror

MirrycleWith the assistance of this mirror, you can see everything behind very clearly. The wide helps you to see the activities of vehicles behind you.

By this, you can take a decision whether you increase or decrease speed, or give some space to the vehicles behind. This mirror is a convex one. You can adjust this mirror according to your viewing comfort.

The adjusting system is user-friendly. So, you can adjust it easily within a few seconds. Not just adjusting, mounting is also easy here. You can mount this mirror within a minute.

To help you mounting this mirror, you will get wrench along with the product. This product is specially designed for mountain bikes.

So, if you have a mountain bike, you surely can buy this stuff without any hesitation. The pivot connections are tight enough. That is why it stays strong and doesn’t move even a bit in worse roads.


  • Handlebars with 15.2 to 23.4 mm diameters inside are perfect for this mirror.
  • Convex mirror gives you a wide and clear view.
  • The mirror is adjustable to any angle.
  • Can be mounted onto the left side of the handlebar.
  • A wrench is included so that you can mount the mirror easily.


  • The small-cap screws are not good enough. They are much tighter than they should be.
  • You have to put a lot of efforts to mount this product properly. If you try hard, then you can mount it quickly.


4. Venzo Bicycle Bike Handlebar Safe Stainless Steel Mirror

VenzoVenzo has brought a mirror set that has both durability and clear view facility. These two features are most important for any pair of mirrors.

The lenses of this product are made of stainless steel. We all know how much durable stainless steel is. So you don’t have to worry about the mirrors if the bike faces any accident or crash.

It won’t get damaged easily. The stainless steel is polished very well. That is the reason why you will get a clear view of behind vehicles and other things.

You can rotate the mirror head parts in the 360-degree angle. This helps you to adjust the mirrors according to your viewing comfort. The screws for this product are very strong.

It allows the mirrors to stay at one place and doesn’t allow moving a bit. Arms of this product are long enough to produce you a clear view. The materials used in this product are eco-friendly.


  • Highly polished stainless steel used to make the lenses.
  • The arms are made of Nylon with fiber.
  • Screws are also made of stainless steel. They lock the mirrors firmly at an exact position.
  • The construction of this product is strong enough and performs very well in most of the situations.
  • This product doesn’t break easily. It doesn’t even take small damages so easily.


  • Doesn’t provide good pictures like glass mirrors.


5. Third Eye Bar End Bicycle Mirror

Best Bicycle MirrorThird Eye’s bar end mirror is eligible for most of the bicycles. You can use this product easily as this is easy to mount one. You have to mount this product at the end of your handlebar.

The mirror is not big enough. But still, capable of providing a great view. The mirror has a convex shape. The shape allows you to have a clear view.

The product is quite simple. You can attach it with your handlebar without any hard efforts. Lack of distortion is one of its features. It stays steady and helps you have a nice look behind you.

You can even adjust this mirror while you are riding your bike. Adjusting doesn’t need much effort at all. It works very well with the straight handlebars.

No external bolts or something like this is used. The structure is so simple that you hardly will face any problem using this product.


  • Easy to mount. No extra effort needed.
  • Have to attach the product at the end of handlebars. Works as a third eye which gives you clear idea what is going on behind you.
  • Convex mirror gives you a wide viewing angle.
  • Medium size but enough to know what is going on behind.
  • Comes with 2 size rubber knurled inserts.


  • Lack of quality materials. Though the construction is well, durability is not guaranteed.
  • The mirror doesn’t stay steady after a long ride. You have to check it earlier on every ride.


6. LX LERMX Bike Mirrors, Bar End Mountain Bicycle Mirror

Best Bicycle MirrorThis pair of mirrors is one of the finest set of mirrors found in the market. You may use this mirror without any doubt as this pair can be attached with most of the bicycles.

The rotation system of this product is fabulous. You can adjust the angle of this product. You can even change the angle while you are cycling. This product will never disappoint you.

As you can see the rotation system is quite strong. So it will stay steady and won’t move until you move it yourself. This product is an ideal set of mirrors for straight handlebars.

Even after installing them, you won’t feel any problem holding the shifters and brakes. Long arms of the mirrors are very useful. They give e better and wide view of the backside and warn you.

The materials are very good. They are very durable. That is why the frame is strong enough and capable of protecting the mirror all the time.


  • You can rotate the mirror in the 360-degree angle. You will always get a good viewing angle.
  • Easy to adjust the viewing angle. Just loosen the screws and move the arms and mirrors to get your desired position.
  • Arms are made of Aluminum alloy. Ensures durability.
  • Suitable for handlebar within21 to 23 mm diameter inside.
  • ABS optical frame helps to protect the mirrors all the time.


  • The size of the bolts doesn’t satisfy the users.
  • Handlebar bracket is thin. So you have to be careful about it.


7. Sprintech Left Side Mirror

SprintechIf you have a road bike or a racing bike, then you cannot hesitate to buy this product at all.  The design of this mirror is very fantastic and eye-catching.

People will definitely admire the combination of this mirror and your cycle. The mirror can attach onto the left side of the handlebar. This mirror doesn’t just look great but also works well too.

This product is not as big as third eye ones. But still, this mirror will help you to be aware of vehicles coming towards you from behind. This product is lighter than other one-sided mirrors.

This product doesn’t hinder the movement of the rider at all. The rider just has to look a little down to make sure nothing is coming near him very fast.


  • You will get a good view without any blind spot if you adjust it correctly.
  • Stays steady very well. Ideal for drop bars. Very sharp and produces clear images.
  • The structure is very simple. The process of attaching the mirror is also simple.
  • The design of the product is very much attractive.
  • The mirror doesn’t shake at all.


  • The mirror is not suitable for all types of situation. In a cold morning or rainy day, this mirror might not be able to produce its hundred percent.


8. Bike Peddler Take A Look Cycling Eyeglass Mirror

Bike PeddlerIf you want a mirror to attach with your eyeglasses or helmet visor, then you must check this product. You will not face any problems adjusting this mirror.

If you are able to adjust the mirrors correctly, then you can surely have the facility for this product fully. You will be surprised to know that the mirror is frameless.

So, you can enjoy the wide field of vision. The wide field of vision lets you see every single point and activities happening behind you.

You will find no interruption while looking at this mirror. That is why you can always be aware of everything behind. The pivot points of this product are very strong and useful.

These pivot points ensure the adjustability. This product can fit in both the left and right sides. So it’s up to you where will attach this mirror.


  • The product is vibration free. It stays steady for a long time.
  • The user can mount this product on eyeglasses or helmet visors.
  • Adjustability is ensured by three pivot points.
  • The mirror is frameless and strong.
  • The mirror can provide a wide field of vision.


  • The mount to the glasses is not perfectly constructed.
  • You have to adjust the mirror consistently when this product gets old.


9. Ventura Bicycle Mirror

Best Bicycle MirrorWon’t it be amazing if you have a mirror that will give your bike a little bit of classical look? Ventura has brought a product that has a classical design but performs very well.

As you can see this product contains one mirror with round shape. The bar of this product is adjustable. You can organize it following to your comfort.

That is why you will surely get the best view of the back. By having a good view of the back, you can be aware of large vehicles coming right behind you very fast.

The material used to construct this product is pretty much durable. It won’t break or stop working easily. It stays in place and doesn’t move at all.

That is why you can rely on this product when you are riding your bike on a very busy road. The simple construction might be the reason for this product’s durability and easy to install facility.


  • The diameter of this mirror is 80 mm.
  • Bar of the mirror is adjustable and capable of giving you a good view of the back.
  • Aluminum construction makes this product durable and strong.
  • Vintage style will help you to look unique and good.
  • Can fit with most of the common size handlebars.


  • The nuts are the weakest part. You have to take extra care of this part so that it can help you hold your product with the handlebar.


10. Alloet Bicycle Handlebar Mirror Bicycle Mountain Road Bike Rearview

Best Bicycle MirrorAlloet is a company which makes products that can be attached to any bicycle you have.  Alloet’s pair of handlebar mirrors is made of finest quality materials.

But still, you will find this product light. That is why you won’t face any problem while holding your handlebar after integrating the product.

Normally, light weighted products are small in size. But this product has large lenses. You will clearly see vehicles behind you while you are riding on a road.

As far as the stability is worried, this product can perform its best without any problem. It is almost impossible that this pair of mirrors will lose its color easily.

Scratch resisting system is awesome. You will surely be beneficial with this facility. The positioning of the mirrors is important. You can adjust the position of these mirrors easily.

And finally, if you talk about installation, then you will be pleased to know that this pair mirror is easy to install.


  • Light weighted. Doesn’t let you feel any extra weight.
  • Easy to adjust. You may set it according to your ease of vision.
  • Large lenses help you see everything behind you and keep you safe.
  • Scratch resisting system allows you to use this product for a long time.
  • For riders extra safety, the manufacturer has included the white reflector on the rear.


  • The mounting brackets that hold the product on the handlebar are made of cheap plastic.


Bicycle Mirror FAQs

How Do You Put a Mirror on a Bike?

Installing a bicycle mirror is very easy with some simple steps. All the procedure are given below –

  • Rotate the metal bolt in the mirror arm as long as the wedge section is parallel with the arm.
  • Now insert the mirror bar on the accurate position of the handlebar.
  • After that, tighten the bolt in the mirror until the mirror bar is wedged inside the handlebar section.
  • Adjust the mirror and make sure that you can get the full view of the object behind you. 
  • The last step is to final tighten the metal bolt without overtightening.

How to Choose the Best Bicycle Mirror?

It is crucial to choose the best bicycle mirror for your better riding experience. Before buying a mirror, look up the following steps –

  • Ensure that the mirror offers the complete view behind you that you don’t need to rotate your head.
  • When selecting a mirror for your bicycle, considering the weight of the mirror is crucial. Keep that weight down as much as possible to prevent headaches.
  • Among handlebar, helmet, eyeglass-mirror, choose which is comfortable for you.

Should I Put a Mirror on Both Sides of My Bicycle?

Actually, it depends on your choice. Usually, you don’t need the mirror on both sides. Just install the mirror on the side where vehicles will pass you.

What Are the Best Bicycle Mirror Brands?

There are various brands making bicycle mirrors; among them, some are highly reputed for making quality mirror for your bicycle. The best bicycle mirror available in markets are –

  • Xsafe Rearview
  • Hafny HD
  • Mirrycle MTB
  • Bike Peddler Take A Look
  • Sprintech Roadbike

Which Type of Mirror is Used in a Bicycle?

Usually, a curved mirror that features a slightly bulging reflective surface is used as a bicycle side mirror. There are two types of curved mirrors. One is convex that bulges outwards, another concave that bulges inward. Concave curve mirrors are used for side-view in a bicycle. It helps to cut down the blind spots until the object is in focus.

Final Words

Mirrors are really important when you are on your bicycle on a busy road. It is all about your safety. No matter what you should put your life at risk. Spend a little on buying a perfect mirror for your bike.

But just buying will not be enough. You must ensure that you bought the best one. You have to make sure that the product you have bought is made of quality materials and they are very much user-friendly.

It will be beneficial to you if your product is easy to mount. So try to buy a product that has these qualities. Think a lot before buying because the product you buy will help you to be safe.


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