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Last Updated on March 1, 2023

Best Arrows for Compound Bow

Archery is an excellent form of art and sport. Developing the perfect archery skill requires constant practice. Not only practicing, but the expertise of archers also depends on the components they are using.

In modern archery, a compound bow is the most used component for target practice. They are more powerful and provide better accuracy without putting much physical strength. The precision of compound bow increases with the use of high-quality, well-constructed arrows.

Many might not understand the importance of top quality arrows. As managing with the average components is still possible, but only if the archery is done as a recreational activity, though it’s no fun. However, in a competitive sport, you need the most solid bows and shafts.

The same applies to animal hunting as well. Even there the best arrows for compound bow has no alternative. Sturdy shafts with perfect flex ensure target penetration with ease. Unless you are using the best pointers, you are not going to realize how effortless target hitting turns with a heavy and bigger compound bow.

 Quick Answer – Top 10 Best Arrows for Compound Bow


Best Arrows for Compound Bow

1. Carbon Express Maxima Carbon Arrows

  • Launchpad precision nock
  • Dynamic spine control
  • Laser checked for straightness

Tiger Archery 30Inch

2. Tiger Archery 30Inch Carbon Arrow

  • Nickel-plated steel arrow tips
  • Adjustable nocks
  • Precision carbon arrows

ANTSIR Carbon Arrow

3. ANTSIR Carbon Arrow

  • Carbon with rubber fletch
  • Lightweight carbon shafts
  • Adjustable nocks

Best Arrows for Compound Bow

4. Misayar 30 Inch Carbon Arrow

  • 100-grain broadhead
  • Removable tips
  • Carbon standard arrows

Carbon Express Maxima BLU

5. Carbon Express Maxima BLU Carbon Arrows

  • High-tech carbon shaft
  • Fletched arrows with blazer vanes
  • Optimum kinetic energy

Best Arrows for Compound Bow

6. Easton Game Getter XX75 Factory

  • Aluminum alloy shaft
  • 6-pack arrow with 4-inch vanes
  • Uni-bushings, nocks, and inserts

Gold Tip Hunter XT Arrows

7. Gold Tip Hunter XT Arrows

  • Straightness tolerance of +-.003″
  • Fletched with 2-inch raptor vanes
  • Different colors of vanes

Easton 019330 Pack of 6 Bloodline

8. Easton 019330 Pack of 6 Bloodline Arrow

  • Pre-installed red H nocks
  • High-strength carbon nanotube
  • HP inserts

Best Arrows for Compound Bow

9. Musen Carbon Archery Arrows

  • Carbon construction
  • Removable field points
  • TPU rubber vanes

Best Arrows for Compound Bow

10. Carbon Express Maxima Hunter Arrow

  • Dual spine technology
  • Camouflaged pattern shafts
  • Laser checked straightness

Reviews of the Best Arrows for Compound Bow

Coming to the best arrows for compound bow, the selection of arrows might be a bit tricky as there are plenty of items available in the market. However, we share with you the trick to buy it. To purchase the arrows, you have to keep quite a few factors in mind.

Like the material, whether it is made from aluminum, wood, or carbon, field points, shaft types, vanes, nocks, spine, and more. Then the arrows must match the requirements of the compound bow.

The draw weight of the compound bow must suit the shaft, or it is going to break, or you are going to have tough times to shoot from your bow and hit the target. In the case of compound bows, the cams also matter.

Compound bows are powerful. Its aggressive cams put force on the arrows. Therefore, the arrows will have to be sustainable to that dynamic force. Let’s just have a look at some of the best arrow set.

1. Carbon Express Maxima Carbon Arrows

Best Arrows for Compound BowCarbon Express arrows are very much popular among the archers. They are of high-quality and known for hitting the bullseye effortlessly, with ease. They have several types, and this one is our first pick.

The arrows have patented hi-tech carbon material built. The construction assures the broadhead fly better and controls the flex of the shafts as well. The 350 sized arrows weigh 9.07 Grains Per Inch (GPI) and have a 0.342-inch spine.

They are all 31.5-inch long and have a 0.300-inch diameter. These are laser checked as well for straightness and the real straightness measures to 1/10,000 of an inch with a weight tolerance of ± 1.0 grain.

At every attempt, the launchpad precision nocks ensure controlled arrow release, better alignment, consistency, and accuracy. This one is a matched set of 6 red and black finished blazer vanes.  The match depends on the weight and spine. It has favorably maintained the best-in-class consistency.


  • Constructed with patented hi-tech carbon material
  • Launchpad Precision Nocks ensure control and accuracy shot after shot
  • Maximum straightness
  • Controls arrow flex to the red zone with perfection
  • Matched red-black arrow set with best-in-class consistency


  • All the six arrows are not the same quality


2. Tiger Archery 30Inch Carbon Arrow

Tiger Archery 30Inch This one is an arrow set with much-needed durability and precision. The arrows are well made and robust enough to ensure long-lasting target practice and outdoor shooting.

Compatible with standard 40-60 pound draw-weight recurve, longbow, these are arrows for compound bow with same draw weight as well. These are indeed versatile.

In the package, there are 12 top-quality precision carbon hunting arrows including six extra nocks for free. These are 30-inch long shafts with a 7.85mm outer diameter and 7.85mm inner diameter. The 500 spine with13.0 GPI weighs just 35 gm each.

The experienced very well know the hassle of glued nocks. Here, the nocks are not fixed or glued. They are adjustable and replaceable; hence, the additional nocks come handy. The two black and one white colored plastic fletching helps the arrow fly straight to the point.

Moreover, the nickel-plated stainless steel tips are sturdy and durable for constant target practice and hitting the target efficiently without putting much effort.


  • Impeccable quality
  • Sturdy, precision carbon construction
  • Nickel-plated stainless steel arrow tips
  • Colored plastic fletching for pointed flight
  • Adjustable nocks with six replaceable free nocks included


  • Heavy


3. ANTSIR Carbon Arrow for Adult

Best Arrows for Compound BowANTSIR Carbon Arrow is quite similar to the previous arrow set. The first glaring difference between the two is the draw weight. This one is suitable for draw weight 18-50 pounds bows instead of 40-60.

So, you can buy this one if your bow’s draw weight matches this one. This one is also ideal for target practice and outdoor shooting. The 30-inch arrows with 7.8mm diameter have lightweight, yet robust mixed carbon fiber shafts.

The 12 pieces of arrows are known for improved wall thickness, which plays a part in its durability. The spine is 400, which implies it has the perfect mix of stiffness and flex. The tips are not permanent and made of nickel-plated stainless steel.

They are replaceable with the aluminum inserts. In this one also the nocks are not fixed or glued, adjustable instead. It has used double lock arrow nocks. The rubber fletch with 3-inch precision vanes, two red and one white assures accurate flight to penetrate the target.


  • Lightweight, yet durable carbon shafts
  • Replaceable nickel-plated stainless steel tips with aluminum insert
  • Provides optimal accuracy
  • Adjustable nocks, not fixed with glue
  • 3-inch rubber feather arrow vanes, two red, and one white


  • Wobbly tips


4. Misayar 30 Inch Carbon Arrow

Best Arrows for Compound BowNext on our list of best arrows for compound bow is the one by Misayar. A highly cost-effective 30 inches 7.8mm diameter shaft with a 400 spine. The pack of 12 carbon standard arrows is perfect to use with recurve, long and compound bows while target practicing, hunting, or archery practice.

Carbon shafts make the arrows lightweight and offer ultimate precision. The arrow is perfectly coordinated with a 100-grain point, which maximizes the accuracy and long-lasting penetration without damaging the tips.

The pack includes target points, removable tips to attach the broadhead. Other than the 12 arrows, the package also includes 3 vanes, 3 nocks, and 3 inserts.

Its adjustable nocks are inserted and not fixed with glue. The 3-inch vanes have two yellow fletches and one black fletch. The perfect fletching balances the shaft while it spins the moment it leaves the bow. That balance helps to hit the target accurately, with sheer perfection.


  • Flawless accuracy and spot-on penetration
  • Carbon standard arrows
  • 12 arrows with three vanes, arrows and nocks each
  • Removable Tips attaches with the 100-grain broadhead
  • Nocks can be adjusted, not fixed with glue


  • Some of the nocks are incorrectly aligned


5. Carbon Express Maxima BLU Carbon Arrows

Carbon Express Maxima BLU Here, we have another Carbon Express arrows set. Its claim to fame is its affirmation of being the best of both worlds. 31.5″ long Maxima BLU RZ is a combination of two separate Maxima arrow features.

It has combined the lightweight, speed, and accuracy of the Maxima BLU Streak Select and the broadhead accuracy of the Maxima RED. It has basically taken the best of both worlds and constructed a world-class item.

The arrows are constructed with Carbon Express’ registered Diamond Weave carbon material. Its shaft is made with high-tech carbon where the ends are stiff. The stiffer edges help to separate the flex of arrows in the middle of the shaft. The midpoint of the shaft is called the Red Zone.

This set is the best for those who are comfortable shooting from a lighter draw weight bow. With this one, the bowman is going to get maximum kinetic energy and accuracy. The 6-pack arrow set is matched by spine and weight and ensures optimum consistency.


  • Supremely lightweight with optimum kinetic energy and precision
  • Perfectly combination of Maxima BLU Streak and Maxima RED
  • Made of Carbon Express’ proprietary Diamond Weave carbon material
  • Stiff end with perfect flex in the middle of the shaft
  • Finished fletched arrows with blazer vanes


  • Overpriced


6. Easton Game Getter XX75 Factory

Best Arrows for Compound BowThis 6-pack economical arrow set from Easton is one of the best in the market, especially considering the price range. Though it doesn’t include tips, it is a great investment even if you need to spend some extra on the field points.

The best part of arrows without tips is you can buy tips according to your choice, with the ones you are comfortable and confident. It has a straightness tolerance of +-.003 Inch.

This one is made of 7075-T9 aluminum alloy, so here the straightness tolerance matters more than anything. These 31-inch arrows fly with perfection and high accuracy.

Hitting the target point with precision becomes easier with this one due to the straightness as well as fletching. The multi-colored plastic 4-inch, factory fletched vanes offer speed, broadhead stability, and long-range accuracy,

It includes nocks, inserts, and a set of uni-bushing as well. The uni-bushing provides a snug fit of the nocks and ensure precision alignment, strength, and accuracy.


  • High-quality shaft  made from 7075-T9 aluminum alloy
  • 6-pack arrow with 4-Inch Vanes
  • Straightness tolerance of +-.003 Inch
  • Pre-installed uni-bushings, nocks, and inserts included
  • Flies to the point and accurately hits the target


  • Doesn’t include field points


7. Gold Tip Hunter XT Arrows

Gold Tip Hunter XT Gold Tip arrows for the compound bow are reliable and durable. They are made to combat the most adverse situations and conditions. Nature or competition can throw you the toughest of challenges in bowhunting, yet the arrows will sustain.

This one claims to be the favorite of thousands of bowhunters, and the lightweight, solid construction solidifies the claim with utmost conviction. This 6-pack 32-inch arrow set uses 100% pure carbon to make the shafts.

Gold Tip’s Smart Carbon technology is a popular source of creating the most stringent and most consistent arrows. The rod doesn’t wear off, nor tear and maintains optimum accuracy while performing. It efficiently balances performance, speed, precision, and value.

It has a straightness tolerance of +-.003″ and a weight tolerance: +-2 gr. The 2-inch raptor vanes are factory fletched and come in various colors. The 340 spine gives the correct stiffness to the shaft during the flight to hit the bullseye with panache.


  • Provides speed and strength
  • A perfect mix of performance, accuracy, and value
  • Straightness tolerance of +-.003″ and weight tolerance of +-2 gr
  • Factory fletched with 2 inches raptor vanes
  • Different colors of stiff vanes


  • Tips not included


8. Easton 019330 Pack of 6 Bloodline Arrow

Easton 019330 Pack of 6 BloodlineEaston Bloodline is a high-strength carbon nanotube N-fused fibers constructed arrow set and includes six 32-inch arrows. All of those measures 7.7 grains per inch, has a straightness tolerance of ± 0.003 and weight tolerance of ± 0.2.

The smaller diameter shaft penetrates the objector target much deeper. It mainly depends on both the carbon material and small diameter. All the arrows are factory crested, so they are distinctive and easy to differentiate among all the other arrows without spending much time to get used to them.

The  0.400-Inch spine span provides the perfect combination of stiffness and flex, which eventually offers the perfect flight and precise target penetration. It enjoys the increased speed of lightweight carbon as well. So, the arrow combines speed, strength, accuracy, and value.

It uses Easton’s red H nocks, and they are pre-installed. The 2-inch blazer vanes stabilize the broadhead like no other. The High Precision inserts are also included in the package.


  • Six arrows with 2 inches blazer vanes
  • Factory crested
  • Combination of target penetration and increased speed
  • Straightness of ± 0.003 and Weight tolerance of ± 0.2
  • Pre-installed red H nocks


  • Not all but fletchings come off


9. Musen Carbon Archery Arrows

Best Arrows for Compound BowThe 30-inch precision carbon arrow shafts from Musen are lightweight. It is known for extreme straightness and the ideal arrow set for hunting and target practice. The pack includes 12 arrows and each on it is sturdy, durable and provides optimal accuracy.

The set is apt for both beginners and the most experiences, fulfilling the requirements of both the types of archers. It suits the 30-50 pound draw-weight of recurve bows and longbows as well as compound bows.

The nocks are adjustable, and stainless steel field points are removable and tight. The solid field points are anti-corrosion and apt for target penetration. Be it in extreme weather conditions or the wild environment; these are capable of nailing the performance.

The arrow fletching is equipped with TPU rubber vanes. Among the three 3″ vanes, two are white, and one is black. Such fletching with 500 spine help to keep the right balance during flight and the arrows fly straight to the target and penetrate it accurately and effortlessly.


  • Carbon construction
  • Solid, durable yet lightweight
  • Provides optimum accuracy with extreme straightness
  • Fletched with two black and one white TPU rubber vanes
  • Removable stainless steel field points


  • Excessive flex can be an issue for many


10. Carbon Express Maxima Hunter Arrow

Best Arrows for Compound BowThe last one in our list is another Carbon Express arrows set from its Maxima Series which solidifies the saying of last but not the least. It is an upgraded classic which is constructed adding the best benefits of two different arrow features.

This one is a mixture of Carbon Express’s Heritage and proprietary Dual Spine Weight Forward Technology. The specialty of Dual Spine Weight Forward Technology is that it amalgamates two different carbon materials.

The amalgamation creates two spines in one arrow and manages energy better. Not only that the technology has other benefits as well like making the arrows recover faster, spinning 20% sooner, retaining more speed, and delivering exceptional accuracy.

The straightness is also laser checked, and the result shows 1/10,000 of an inch, which is better than average, rather maximum. Like all other Carbon Express arrows, these are also sorted and matched by weight and spine for ultimate consistency and performance.


  • “Mossy Oak Treestand” camouflage pattern fletched arrows
  • Combines the best quality of classic heritage and Dual Spine Weight Forward technology
  • Patented technology used to create two spines in one arrow for flawless performance
  • Laser checked straightness
  • Perfectly aligned nocks


  • Though worth the money, but expensive


Arrows for Compound Bow FAQs

What Are the Best Arrows for the Compound Bow?

The importance of arrows is immense in archery. To get better accuracy and a more powerful shot, it necessary to get the most solid arrow for a compound bow. According to our best arrows for compound bow review, the following 5- arrows are best indeed. These are-

  • Carbon Express Maxima Carbon Arrows
  • Tiger Archery 30Inch Carbon Arrow
  • ANTSIR Carbon Arrow
  • Misayar 30 Inch Carbon Arrows
  • Carbon Express Maxima BLU Carbon Arrows

How Long Should Your Arrows Be for a Compound Bow?

Usually, the suitable length of the arrow is related to the arrow spine and draw length. Generally, the length of an arrow is estimated from the nock’s throat to the back of the point. For example-suppose, you want such an arrow that ends at the front of the riser. If your draw length is 28 inches, the length of your arrow should be around 27 inches yet.

How to Find the Best Arrows for the Compound Bow?

To make the right choice on the best arrows for compound bow, you need to consider several factors to understand whether the arrow will cover all your aspects and doubt. Here are the particular elements that may help you to make the correct choice-

  • Arrow Material
  • Arrow length
  • Arrow Diameter
  • Arrow weight
  • Arrow Spine
  • Arrow fletching
  • Safety Precautions

What Materials Are Used to Make the Arrows for the Compound Bow?

Usually, the arrows for the compound bow are made of several materials. These materials are 4- types, such as-

  • Wood
  • Carbon
  • Aluminum
  • Composite

Is Carbon Arrows Are Best for the Compound Bow?

Yes. Carbon arrows have an excellent reputation among archers since 1990. This is the lighter option that results in higher speeds and penetration yet. Carbon arrows are well capable of increasing accuracy and holding tighter tolerances at the maximum. Today a large no of archers prefer carbon arrows for their compound bow.



Final Words

Keep in mind, if you are a beginner, the best arrows and the best compound bow will not make you an expert within a day or two. However, the thing is, those good components play a huge part in learning something faster without losing enthusiasm.

If you do not buy the arrows suitable to your compound bow, it will not perform the way it should be. So, you might fail to hold the excitement of learning longer and stop practicing. If you are using top quality, best arrows for compound bow, the experience will be smoother, the subjugation of the archery skill will be easier.

So, first understand the art and dependence of archery, bows, and arrows on each other. A bit of knowledge and analysis will help you to buy the correct components, and you do not need to try different ones to get the right ones for years. Then you can also rely on our review. Have a cost-effective shopping!


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