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Benefits and Uses Camouflage suits: Whether you are a calm person who likes to enjoy nature or with somewhat warlike hobbies, our camouflage suits will be very useful for you. These ghillies will give you a great advantage on your mission, such as hunting, playing airsoft, or bird watching. You also have the option to wear it to dress but don’t blame people if they mistake you for a pile of walking.

Benefits and Uses Camouflage Suits

What is a Camouflage Ghillie Suit?

A camouflage ghillie suit is a specialized garment that allows the hunter to blend in with the natural environment and hide his animals’ presence. It can also be called a kind of hunting blinds, which will help you hide from the target.

This hunting and airsoft accessory is specifically designed for the mountains and the field, seeking to create shapes with natural effects that resemble a bush to hide the straight lines and the body’s shape. So that it is almost impossible to distinguish between a plant or a tree on the ground.

Why Buy Camo Suits?

Once seen, what and what is a camo or ghillie suit for? It is easy to decide on its excellent features if the buyer needs to make use of them.

The Main Reasons to Decide on Your Purchase

They are the advantages it brings in certain competitive sports and hobbies, whether they are warfare or exploration.

If Airsoft is One of Your Great Hobbies

This camouflage suit will give you the incredible ability to blend in with the environment, giving you a huge advantage over other players.

Hunting or Animal Observation

If, on the other hand, your desire is hunting or animal observation. We are also before a tool that gives you an excellent opportunity to do it without being perceived—thus having greater chances of success in your mission in a really simple way.

Sniper Camouflage Suit

This type of suit has been widely used by the military and snipers, who wanted to keep a privileged position for the shot without being discovered. Little by little, it has been gaining popularity among hunters around the world and airsoft fans.

Camouflage has been used for centuries or millennia to blend in with nature without attracting attention. This garment’s great advantage is that it covers the entire body, and the end result is a visually almost imperceptible natural effect.

Where to Buy a Camouflage Suit?

Buying this garment online is a good option for several reasons: physical stores rarely have camouflage suits of this type, and those that do have very few options to choose from. On the other hand, the catalog that we can find on the Internet is much broader. In this way, we will get just the camouflage suit we need.

On the other hand, prices are usually much cheaper and cheaper, thanks to the recurring offers that we usually find in online commerce. You may see our review regarding Hunting Camo or Hunting Blinds or these types of useful elements for hunting.

Homemade or Professional Outfit?

Some hunters are encouraged to make their own camouflage suits, although this is not always the best option, and the results can leave much to be desired.

Using one of these Ghillie suits is not always easy and comfortable; normally we will wait for long hours with it on and move through the mountains. For this reason, using a homemade suit can be a nuisance since the comfort of what we can do will be seriously affected. The suits that we can buy ready-made guarantee us that comfort and lightness that we seek and these two factors are very important in these camouflage suits.

There is also an intermediate option that some people use: buy a professional suit and then adapt it to our preferences. This option is brilliant since our accessory base will be of quality and comfortable, and with our adaptations and modifications, we will refine it to our liking.

Camouflage Yourself as a Bush

Some people are so-called Bush camouflage suits because it distorts our silhouette so that it is almost impossible to differentiate a real bush and a person in a bush type suit.

The ability to mimic this garment is due to the 3D camouflage of these suits, since the colors appropriate, like a traditional camouflage garment, and the relief and texture resemble that of a tree or plant. Thanks to this, the human figure is completely blurred, the patterns and straight lines of the body disappear, making our contour not visible.

Origin of the Ghillie Military Camouflage

Talking about its origin takes us back to the 19th century, where a group of Scottish hunters realized that they could get an advantage with their prey if they added leaves, branches, and foliage to their hunting clothes. Since it allowed them to get much closer to the deers.

Later, some hunting royals wanted their servants to imitate this strategy and began to equip their hunting outfits with natural-like items, to make tracking down the best pieces easier and more effective.

Later, the Scottish soldiers themselves began to use this type of suit to camouflage themselves, more or less, as we know it today, adding ropes, nets, branches, and foliage to their clothing.

Recommendations to Choose Your Perfect Camouflage

One of the most useful recommendations I can give you is that you choose a color that best suits the territory where you are going to use it. Finding the exact color and tonality is impossible, but you should look for the most similar colors possible, and then you can complement them to your liking with some accessories.

Another important tip that you should know is that you have to keep in mind that many Ghillie suits have fire retardant properties, so they will have fire resistance, while others will not. This factor is important because the shot a spark may occur in the fire muzzle at the moment of the shot.

Use Tips:

  1. The shape of our head and shoulders is very characteristic, it can be seen at great distances, and at a glance, it is easy to recognize. For this reason, if you want the maximum mimicry with the mountain, you can put some type of material that bulges in the part of the shoulders, to eliminate that characteristic human pattern.
  2. Avoid standing on the horizon, because even if you wear camouflage gear, it will be much easier to see you. Opt for wooded or scrubby areas and move between them.
  3. Use the sniper strategy, that is, foresee your target’s trajectory and plan your position in an elevated area of ​​the terrain, keep still, and wait patiently for the exact moment.
  4. Stay well hydrated, because if we wear this type of suit on very long days, we will sweat more than usual and you will have to be provided with an extra amount of water.
  5. As much as possible, avoid carrying hard objects, as these will make noise when you move. Those that we cannot give up, you can line them with some type of cushioning material, even with vegetation.
  6. Now that you will be practically invisible do not spoil everything with sudden and noisy movements, move slowly and stealthily so as not to make noises.
  7. Try not to wash the camo Ghillie suit after wearing it. Yes, as you hear it, if we want maximum invisibility, mud, dust, branches, etc. who get hooked on the suit, they will help that purpose. At the end of the day, we do not want it to go for a walk, but for the mountains.
  8. It would be best if you always carried a knife that cuts well with you. Many unpredictable problems can arise in the field, and this suit can get caught in something at an inopportune moment. You must be able to cut it in extreme cases, and for this, a well-sharpened knife is the best.


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