Benchmade Contego Folding Knife Reviews

Last Updated on May 19, 2021

Benchmade Contego Folding Knife Review

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The Benchmade Contego Folding Knife is arguably the well-loved and most popular of the Benchmade folding knives.

Benchmade has scored a powerful position in the knife business as a reputable brand by creating some of the most popular knives in the marketplace today.

It’s been a force to reckon since taking the lead in technological advances, for instance, it was the first knife-maker to use laser machinery in-house.

They have garnered several prestigious awards thanks to their unique approach of combining old-school, custom knife-making skills with modern, state-of-the-art manufacturing technique.

Benchmade 810SBK Contego is one of the heavy duty tactical folding knives that are receiving excellent customer ratings. This large, solidly-built knife with a cool heft brings works such as ‘tough,’ ‘badass’ and ‘serious’ to mind.

It might not be the prettiest knife around, but beauty is the least thing you think of when a pandemonium strikes.

This knife is designed to be solid and it gives you the precision and durability you look for in any reliable knife. ‘Contego’ is a Latin word which means ‘protect’ or ‘shield’ and this is what this knife excels at.

Knife collectors and enthusiasts talk about this knife with admiration and the customers can’t stop giving it a five-star rating.

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Features of Benchmade Contego Folding Knife

Blade Details

810SBK Contego comes with many incredible design features that set it apart from the rest. The blade is arguably the most desirable feature of this knife. The blade design is identified as Reverse Tanto which is wicked looking and unique.

This design puts the tip in line with pivot point for a lot of stabbing power which provides a lot of strength. It’s available on the classic plain edge or the ComboEdge style.

This 3.98” long and 0.156” thick blade is made of CPM M4 high-speed steel from Crucible Industries.

CPM-M4 is the latest wonder steel that is incredibly durable and razor sharp and you wouldn’t face the trouble of frequently sharpening it.

This type of style has mainly been used for high-speed cutting tools and applications that require wear resistance.

However, this steel is non-stainless steel meaning it’s prone to rust. Benchmade contego folding knife has countered this problem by protecting it using a high-tech coating called BK1 which gives it a ‘satin finish.’

The blade has Rockwell hardness 62-62 and it doesn’t easily dull.

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Handle, Ergonomics and Pocket Clip

Benchmade contego folding knife takes pride in having excellent ergonomics.  The blade is constructed from anti-slip G10 material which is a ‘sweetheart’ to most Contego owners. G-10 is a very interesting material which is layers of fiberglass soaked in resin, highly compressed then baked.

It is highly impervious to liquids as well as changes in the temperatures. It also has textured contours as well as an ergonomic structure which ensures that the knife fits the hand much more tightly and comfortably.

Within the handles, there are ultra-tough, stainless steel back spacers and liners which assist in boosting the general strength of the knife as well as enabling it to stand up to almost any kind of pressure. It also comes with a deep-carry, tip-up pocket clip that to hold the knife to belt or pocket securely but still allow for effortless and quick deployment.

Lock and Deployment Mechanism

810SBK Contego is well-equipped with the patented AXIS locking mechanism. The lock is elegant and quite simple. It functions by a small spring applying pressure to a moving bar.

The moving bar gets into position then solidly locks the blade open. The same bar is the retention device which keeps the blade closed with just enough tension to keep it in place.

The AXIS locking mechanism is also ambidextrous with a thumb stud opener that aids in realizing the knife into a folding position. This mechanism ensures that the blade is quickly deployed and closed.

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Other Features

The overall length of this knife is 9.28 ounces, and it measures 5.98 ounces. It also has a small carbide glass breaker with a very low profile and not as sharp as other designs.

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  •  It has great ergonomics with a handle that has a ‘grippy’ feel.
  • It’s made from state-of-the-art materials; it’s well-constructed, sturdy and very durable.
  • It’s out of the box sharp and very easy to sharpen.
  • It has an ease and smooth opening mechanism thanks to the AXIS locking system.
  • It has great functionality with extra features which enables it to be used in a plethora of tasks.


  • Some customers complained about it being a little overpriced but for a nice this good; it’s worth all the bucks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What’s the ideal purpose of this knife?

A: This knife was intended for tactical use. It can be used as a defense folder and also functions very well as an EDC knife.

Q: Who designed this knife and where was it made?

A: This is a Warren Osborne masterpiece and it’s made in the USA.

Q: What’s the handle’s thickness?

A: The handle is 0.55 inches thick.

Final Word

810SBK easily gets a five-star rating because it’s that type of product you can’t even nit-pick because it’s almost perfection.

This collaboration between Osborne and Benchmade Contego Folding Knife was worth it all because the knife comes with ideal dimensions.

From its weight and size to extra security features, this is the type of knife that will make you stop wandering and fully commit to it.

It doesn’t give you a reason to look elsewhere and this explains why the fans can’t keep calm about it.

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