Bell Sports 7064327 Tire Reviews

Last Updated on January 21, 2019

Bell Sports 7064327 Tire

Whether you’re riding a mountain bike, there’s nothing but tire allows you to go ahead with your bike. Without the right bike tires, you can’t enjoy your ride at all. Best bike tires determine every situation when you’re riding on bikes.

Again, riding on the rocks or terrain is one of the most challenging and exhilarating outdoor activity for the bikers. And so finding the best mountain bike tires has a significant impact indeed.

The tire is one of the essential pieces of mountain bike, so to help you for getting the right one we recommend you Bell Mountain Tire based on its member reviews, ratings and number of members who have already owned or wish to own.

Mountain bike tires take you beating on the rough trails, rocks, snow, hardpack, loose dirt or mud and trails with every kind of terrain and directly impact on your riding experience.

In the market, Bell Mountain tire is one of the best models of mountain tires which provides support to conquer the ride. Go through this review and set your mind.

Features of the Bell Sports 7064327 Tire

Wheel Size

The dimension of the wheel is- 26″ X 1.75-2.25.”

Threads per inch (TPI)

TPI is the first and foremost important thing that need to consider regarding bike tires. Bell Mountain bike tire features a layer of DuPoint Kevlar and rugged carbon steel bead. KEVLAR layers add more strength and extra puncture resistance.


The next ultimate thing to consider about bike tire is the durability of the tire. This tire is strong enough to protect flats. This is more than 25% stronger as well. But Kevlar beads need to replace faster than others also.

Design and Shape

The design is the last but not least thing to consider about bike tires. The comfort of a bike ride relies on thread design. Besides, knob shape impacts on bike function. It makes the bike more prone to rolling and provides a better braking response. The big knobby tread provides superior traction from a smooth trail to single technical riding.


Bell mountain tire is easy to install. Its carbon steel bead allows to fold and unfold without damage for storage.


  • Puncture resistance
  • Can be folded without damage
  • Durable and easy to install
  • Strong and puncture resistance
  • 100% other fibers


  • Kevlar beads seem to be replaced faster than others.

Final Words

Mountains bike tires can make or break your riding on the trails. Whether bulky threaded tires slow down the bike on the road, whereas, too small and too smooth tires affect your traction on the trail which is potentially unsafe. Again, where fat bulky tires are useful in the winter, therefore, the same tire will make you miserable in the race.

As every bike enthusiasts know, getting the right tires for bike includes various advantages to improve your performance and intentional contact with the ground.

To ensure that you’re choice will prove best for the job and suits your bike, you need to consider your riding style, preferences, and riding conditions very well.  Considering all these things along with the key features bell mountain tire is a great one indeed.


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