Barnett Carbon Crossbow Arrows Review

Last Updated on August 27, 2018

Barnett Carbon Crossbow Arrows

Barnett is one of the leading companies in the market for making arrows. It has made many types of arrows. Now, we are going to talk about one of them.

Today we are showing 20 inches Barnett Outdoors Carbon Crossbows. This set of arrows has become famous for its fascinating features and behaviors.

From the structure to the nocks, everything is perfect and capable of producing the best. It is one of those set s of arrows which can change the result of your hunting trip. It is capable of behaving positively all the time when you shoot these arrows.

Barnett’s this model of arrows is totally worth buying. There are several reasons why we are suggesting these arrows to buy. Every single part of an arrow has fine structure and quality materials.

These arrows can give you good penetration feature. The main reason why we chose these arrows is the power they can produce when they hit the targets. You can have all these facilities even when you are shooting the arrows from a very long distance.

So, there is no worry about whether you can hit your badly or not from where you are standing.  You can maintain a good distance from the animal to keep you safe.

Here is the description of these awesome arrows below.

Features of The Barnett Carbon Crossbow Arrows


We said earlier that the structure of these arrows is quite fascinating. The length of these arrows is 20 inches each. This much length is quite enough for any types of hunting.

Not just this, any type of people can handle this much longer arrows. Every arrow of this set weights almost 8.1 ounces. So you can say this set is light weighted.

As it is light, it can produce speed and accuracy all the time. You can easily use them with any type of bows. Though this product is pretty light, it is also durable.

You can expect these arrows to stay strong for a long time. Quality carbon is used to make each arrow. The thickness of the wall is another positive side of these arrows.

This feature increases the possibility of these arrows to perform for a long time. Wall thickness increases the life of an arrow. So you can use these arrows for year after year.

All of these five arrows have half moon nocks. Half moon nocks ensure the arrow to produce accuracy in hitting the target. You will also get 24F field points with this set of amazing carbon arrows.


This set of carbon arrows can be shot with many kinds of crossbows. But you can have the best of these arrows using Penetrator, Ghost 350, Wildcat C-5, and Jackal crossbow. These arrows make a great combination with any of those crossbows to give you a good result on your hunting trip.


These arrows are accurate enough to give you satisfaction in hunting. You can shoot these arrows in major hunting trips. At 13.78 grain/inch matched with 100G points, every arrow ensures optimal accuracy. This also makes every arrow to penetrate deeply into the target.


  • All five arrows of the set have 20 inches length.
  • Half moon nocks are integrated for better performances.
  • Each arrow weights around 8.1 ounces.
  • Wall thickness adds more durability and helps to produce strength.
  • The set of these arrows has five years warranty.

Final Words

The quality of a gear or equipment made by Barnett cannot be questioned. So, you expect something special from this set of arrows too. You can enjoy shooting these arrows as they are capable of producing great accuracy with satisfying penetration feature even when they become old.


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