Badlands 2200 Pack Review

Last Updated on August 27, 2018

Badlands 2200 Pack

What kind of facilities should a hunting backpack have? An expert will always call a hunting backpack best when it will have separate meat shelf facility, easy-to-access to gears, weather resistance, weapon carrying system facility and many more.

Today we are showing you Badlands 2200 Hunting Pack and Meat Hauler. This pack can be carried for multi-purpose. It can be called a companion on your hunting trip.

From carrying your weapons to carrying meat separately, this product provides the maximum number of facilities. The main reason why we are showing this backpack because it is a user-friendly multi-tasking hunting backpack.

The manufacturer has given it a structure that can ensure any type of user’s comfort. Here is the detailed information of the product below.

Features of Badlands 2200 Pack


The product we are discussing today is an imported one. The fabric used in this product is very durable and strong. It is KXO-32 fabric. Nowadays you will be unable to find such strong fabric in the market.

This fabric gives you water resistance facility. That is why you can easily use this bag in any weather conditions. You gears inside will remain dry and safe all the time. It is a very soft fabric.

That is the reason why the backpack is pretty much quiet. You will be able to stay hidden from your target. The less a backpack makes noise, the more you can focus on hunting.

There’s another thing that you should know is this fabric is DWR treated. This system allows your backpack to resist dirt, blood, and moisture. So you can easily carry meat inside this backpack. Scent suppression allows your backpack not to smell bad at all.


The structure of this backpack is very much user-friendly. You will feel comfortable carrying this bag. The structure of this bag also ensures durability too.

The manufacturer has kept the fact in mind that a hunter should easily get access to his gears and weapons. The rear entry of this product is zippered and you can easily reach your stuff inside.

The frame of this product is T-6 Aircraft Aluminum. There is a built-in meat shelf that allows you to carry meat separately from other stuff.  There is internal scope integrated.

Tripods pockets are very much helpful.  Rifle boot is integrated so that you can carry your rifle with this product. Built-in hip belt pistol holders allow you to carry more weapons for your safety.


The product can be carried out easily. You won’t feel any sort of problems carrying this backpack for a long time. We all know that hunting trip doesn’t end quickly. It takes time. Most of the backpacks are unable to reduce your fatigue. But this backpack is totally different.

You will see that ThermoMold Suspension system will easily adjust with your body so that you can carry this backpack with heavy stuff inside. The load lifter straps allow the weight of the backpack to transfer from your shoulders to hip.


  • T-6 internal Aircraft Aluminum frame makes this product both durable and easy-to-carry.
  • The color palette of the product easily mixes with natural surroundings.
  • The main compartment of this product has 32.4 liters of volume.
  • Quality materials are used in most part of the backpack.


  • The main problem with this backpack is the unorganized compartments.

Final Words

If you are a frequent buyer of backpacks, then you might know that Badlands is one of the finest hunting backpack manufacturer companies in the market. The product we showed today has most of the features that a hunter needs.

From flexibility to durability, this product is capable of providing most of the facilities that can make this backpack a companion of your journey.


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