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Backpacking the Bay of Fundy Footpath: The Bay of Fundy is considered as one of the seven wonders of North America. It is full of craggy geology and incredible natural beauty. The Bay of Fundy offers a lot of challenging opportunities for the backpackers. A trip to the Bay of Fundy indeed gives a lifetime experience.

Backpacking the Bay of Fundy Footpath

However, the Bay of Fundy is well-known for the world’s highest tides, beach campsites, lush forests, and sea caves. Its enormous trail along its north shore is the top choice of backpackers. There is nothing better than this.

This article on backpacking the Bay of Fundy footpath is dedicated to all the passionate backpackers. Let’s go in-depth of the Bay of Fundy, Fundy Footpath, and know the entire routes.

The Phenomenon of the Bay of Fundy

The international expert panel selected the Bay of Fundy as one of the world’s natural wonders for a few reasons. Like, it has the rarest whales of the world, dinosaur fossils, and semi-precious minerals. The Bay of Fundy is wedged between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. The entire area assembles along 170 miles of cliffs and the world’s highest tides.

Because of its distinctive trails and shapes, it is a designated dark-sky preserve and UNESCO Fundy Biosphere Reserve. The Bay of Fundy offers many astonishing things to witness from afar, like roaring waves up to more than 50 feet high. The adventure of the Bay of Fundy will take to the Fundy Footpath. Let’s focus on the Fundy Footpath.

Fundy Footpath

Geographical Location

The Fundy Footpath is an ultimate destination for the hikers and backpackers. It’s a 41-kilometer point-to-point hiking trail. The journey starts from the Fundy Trail Parkway located near Big Salmon River. The destination of Fundy footpath ends at Fundy National Park in New Brunswick, Canada.

Trails Specifics

The Big Salmon River is an explanatory Centre of the western station of the footpath. Between Florida and Labrador,  the area is considered as the longest stretch of undeveloped coastline. The Fundy Footpath is connected to the 33km Fundy trail at Fundy National Park. Then it connects to the Dobson Trail.

Moreover, the Fundy National Park features 110km trails, ranging from a short walk to a 45km hiking circuit around the park. It is situated where Caledonia Highlands meets the Bay of Fundy. The Fundy footpath later adds the Cape Chignecto Provincial Park, which features a 29kn trail.

What Fundy Footpath offers?

The Fundy footpath offers incredible challenges in each point and pleasing views. This place allows the backpackers to observe some of the leftover stands of old-growth coastal Acadian Forest. You can enjoy the views of pristine beaches, unique estuaries, spectacular vistas, great geology, and wildlife. The Fundy Footpath is one of the remote and risky trails; that’s why it becomes the affection of backpackers.

It leads the hikers and backpackers to many Fundy Biosphere’s. The hikers usually take about one week and more to explore these mysterious trails. Within a short distance from the Fundy Footpath, one can experience several amazing places as well.

The Fundy National Park offers many spectacular sceneries and exciting hiking. You can enjoy the flora-rich environment along with different ferns, mosses, and lichens. The park s full of salamanders, white-tailed deer, frogs, moose, and many other creatures. These wild animals are a national reserve, so hunting is not allowed there.

At Cape Chignecto Provincial Park, it has a breathtaking shoreline beside the peninsula, which splits the Minas Basin from the rest of the Bay. Though the coastal wilderness is challenging there, you’ll find several easy trails as well. From the parks, you can watch the head of the bay and the height of the tides.

Hikers have to reach certain spots at a certain time to enjoy the tides. Also, their arrival should be matched with the tides to cross the sections of the beach and rivers.

Designated trails

Since the Fundy footpath has been the top of the attraction of many backpackers, it has many designated trails for ease of hikers. It was going back to history before knowing new hot designated trails. Jack Mckay exposed the Fundy footpath in the 1980s for the first time. For its misuse, the trail was again restored by Alonzo and Gilles along with their volunteers, in the late 1980s and easrly1990s. According to the source, over 500 hikers crossed the trail in 2012.

Some of their hot designated trails are like the short side trails and the Quiddy River trail. You can watch the bay viewpoints and waterfalls as Tweedle Dum falls and Tweedle Dee. The Fundy footpath features some gorges and ravines like Walton Glenn Brook, Little Salmon River, and Goose Creek.

Furthermore, the Fundy footpath includes several waterfalls along the streams, brooks, and rivers, and so on. The hiking enthusiast with keen eyes can also spot more trails.

Professional guide and Facilities

While planning for the backpacking in the Fundy footpath, you’ll find several professional guides. The newbie backpackers can take their services. Or else there are some visitor Centre who provides instructions and advice. The expert guides offer several packages for the backpackers.

They provide proper guidance about the trails, tides, and risks. Besides, their service includes camping, visiting places, enjoying fresh food, water, first aid kit, and many more.

Also, there are several wilderness campsites available along the routes. These campsites offer bear boxes and toilets. Further information about the trail can be found in the Fundy Footpath Guidebook.  At the western end of the trail, you can get this from Big Salmon Interpretive Centre.

Safety Tips

As the Fundy footpath includes waterfalls, rivers, and many other risky trails, so the trail is only suggested for skilled explorers. The adventures require a multi-day hike in remote terrain, so the hiker should take careful preparations. If you are planning to do it my own, then you must keep all the safety gear. Some trails allow dogs, but they must be kept on the leash. The best time for exploring the Fundy Footpath is from May until October.

Wrapping Up

If you love to take challenges, then the Fundy footpath is an ultimate option for you. Despite the uphill battle, there are many views and adventures on the trails waiting for you. Before taking the challenge, make sure to get some more knowledge and experience from overnight adventures. Indeed, it’s an absolutely gorgeous destination for backpackers.


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