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If you love to tour around the world’s all adventurous & amazing spot, then The Joshua Tree National Park is one of those places, which will amuse you. Now, before going there, you just need to be prepared from all senses. If you are prepared to go for a trip or hiking at the Joshua tree national park, then now your homework is backpacking.

Backpacking For Joshua Tree National Park

Here we are providing you some guidelines regarding your backpacking for Joshua Tree National Park. However, it depends on the timing of your trip. You have to pack your bag as per the weather in the park.

You may go there at any time, but we suggest you for visiting such a place in mild weather. For hiking, climbing -early spring (March, April, May) is the best time. You also may visit in summer (June, July, August) for some reasons (to enjoy the starry skies scenery, the mild temperature at night, less crowd).

In winter (December, January, February), you may see the snowfall luckily and also can do outdoor activities, like hiking, climbing. So, according to the season & purpose, you have to pack your bag.

Tips Regarding Backpacking for Joshua Tree National Park


Choose a hiking backpack of lightweight with rain cover. You have to carry many essentials along with your backpack, so choose a backpack having lightweight. And rain cover is also essential to protect your backpack from being wet in sudden rain. It is also important to choose a durable backpack, in which you will keep your – all accessories, clothing & footwear, food, a photography device, and other essentials.


Now, here we are going to provide the list of those accessories, which you need to keep in your backpack.


Try to keep a map in your backpack. As you know, this park has a vast area. So for staying on the right track, you need a map.

Tent Gears

Keep those accessories which are necessary for setting up the tent. As you know, for staying there at night you have to set up a tent. So keep those tent accessories. You may also carry a tent footprint.


The most important and essential element is water. Try to carry as much water as you can. Summer, spring, and winter in all-season touring at the park, you need a lot of water. Besides, if your purpose is hiking or climbing over there, then you must need a lot of water.

Sleeping Bag

Carry such a sleeping bag, which will provide you warm enough and will protect you from insects outside.


Carry such a multifunctional watch, which may have an altimeter feature.


For locating your position to other team members, a whistle is essential.

Other Tools

Some necessary essential tools like Knife, Matchbox, LED lights, Power-bank, Extra Batteries, Mini water-purifier, Mini-Stove, Fuels, Dishes, Cups, First-aid kit –all these tools are fundamental and essential tools for all types of touring.

Personal Items

Keep your personal items in your backpack safely. Sunglasses, Cap, Personal wipe, Towel, Sanitizer, Cell-phone, Soap, Tooth-brush –keep all these items in your backpack.


Carry a GPS tracker to locate your position and others.


For hiking and climbing over there, you need strong rope to tie. Keep it.


It will protect your head from being injured in hiking time.


It is an optional element to carry. For the long distant view, you may bring a binocular.

Foldable Backpack

It is also an optional item for a day movement around your camp. You may keep such a light foldable backpack.

Clothing & Footwear

Choose your dress as per the weather of that park, for spring traveling you may cloth some t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, denim’s pant. For summer you need to wear light clothes, like t-shirts, three-quarter pants, shorts. In winter you have to carry extra jackets along with t-shirts and pants.

Moreover, try to keep in your backpack – quick-drying underwear, sports-bra, lightweight pants, raincoat, rain pants, etc. Some other elements – hat, cap, gloves – are needed to carry. Now in the question of shoes, obviously you have to keep a pair of hiking boots. Besides, you also should keep a pair of sandals in your backpack so that you can relax in your camping.


If you are planning to stay more a few days, then carry enough foods along with other stuff. You may carry dried foods, bread, cheese, snacks. For fresh food, you may take a stove and fuel to cook. You can also freeze items. We highly suggest you for carrying much fruit. Fruits are natural to eat and don’t hamper the environment.

Photography Accessories

When you are going anywhere to travel for any purpose, you must back with some good memories. You will take many photographs of that place. Here when you are going such a place like Joshua Tree National Park, you must take so many pictures.

You may carry a professional camera. For taking good photos, you may take proper lenses and also your camera stand. Now, if you have no camera, then you can also take good pictures with your smartphone.

For excellent and awesome smartphone photography, you may carry external lenses available in the market and even tripod for standing your device. So, keep your photography device and accessories in your backpack safely.


Now, we hope that this article will be helpful enough for your backpacking for Joshua tree national park. You will also be able to choose your stuff for backpacking. After deciding the place and planning about the tour, the main work is backpacking.

In this case, without proper guidelines, you won’t be able to choose appropriate accessories for a tour. Here we try to give you clear guidance for your backpacking stuff. So now you must be able to backpacking for Joshua Tree National Park. Pack your bag and start your tour. All the best.


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