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Backpacking California's Lost Coast

The lost coast is a very famous hiking spot to the backpackers, who are mostly looking for some privacy and solitude from the busy life. Out of all communities and connectivity, this remote place is so natural and non-developed spot of Northern California, in the King Range National Conservation Area.

On the Lost Coast, you can see the Black Sands Beach with other ocean’s beautiful views. The spot is only 25 miles in length, where a backpacker has to cross different types of rugged terrains to reach. Besides, the highway is also far from the shoreline.

Again, there is no phone signal for long distances. So, on the other hand, Lost Coast is one of the most beautiful spots. On the other hand, this is so tough to stay there out of the community.

So a backpacker has to be more concerned about the backpacking for Lost Coast. Here we are providing you all the essential information and guidelines about the Backpacking California’s Lost Coast.

Best Time to Go

When you are going to the lost coast we recommend you to go such a spot in the period between May to October. In those months, you can enjoy the comfortable, warm weather in the whole day and cool weather in the evening. Even you may go at any time of a year. Here we just recommended you the best time to go.

Backpack Weights

The trip for Lost Coast is generally for 3-4 days. So per day, you have to carry your hiking backpack for up to 8-9 miles a day (6-7 hours each day). So try to avoid extra gears which are not important enough. Try to keep the maximum weight of your backpack around 40-45 pounds.

Backpacking Gears List

As you know, Lost Coast is not like other hiking or touring spots. So, there you have to be concerned about your backpacking. To gain maximum comfort with a minimum weight of your backpack, carry our provided listed gears that given below. Here we are going to make the list of hiking gears for your California’s Lost Coast backpacking:

Basic: Some essentials, which are very common for all types of touring and hiking, you have to keep them in your packing list. Those elements are:

  • A Durable Hiking/Trip Backpack (70+ Liters).
  • Duffle Bag (20-35 Liters)
  • Maps of the Spot and whole Adventure Itinerary
  • Accessories for setting up your Tent
  • Cooking Accessories (stove, fuel, dishes)
  • Matchbox or EDC Lighter
  • Flashlight
  • Enough Water to drink
  • Mini Water Purifier
  • First Aid Kit
  • A Bear Canister
  • Enough Foods & Snacks
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Insects Repellent Cream
  • Sun Protection Cream

Clothing and Foot Wearing

Choose your clothing essentials as per the weather of the spot so that you can make your spending moments more comfortable.

  • Insulated Jacket (1 is enough)
  • Tee Shirts (3-4)
  • Long Sleeve Shirt (1-2)
  • Hiking Pants (2-3)
  • Hiking Shorts (2-3)
  • Quick Dry Inner-wears
  • Sweater for evening movement (1-2)
  • Hiking Socks (3-4)
  • Hiking Boots (1 is enough)
  • Casual Shoes or Sandal for camp movement (1 is enough)
  • Hat, Cap, Sun-glasses
  • Rain-Coat
  • Hand gloves (optional)

You may change the list based on how long you are staying there and what about the weather.

Other Recommendations

There some other essential gears, which we are recommending you to carry for more comfort.

Satellite Phone

In the Lost Coast, there is an obstacle that you may not get the cell phone network properly. So carry a satellite phone to send any messages or to call your relatives and others.

GPS tracker or Compass

Carry a GPS tracker to locate your position. You may also carry a compass. However, on your smartphone, you will get a digital compass.

Cell Phone

From the cell phone, you not only be connected with your community. But also can capture photographs.


If there is enough space, then you may carry your camera to capture awesome photos of such a beautiful place.

Audio Player/Mp3 Player

You may carry such Audio Player to enjoy the solitude with music.


Keep your headphones in your backpack pocket. It will give a more comfortable feel in music hearing.

Final Checking

Check your passport, confirmation, air-tickets, and other essential documents once again.

Final Words

Most of the Backpackers are always want a variation in their touring from regular types of hiking. California’s Lost Coast is one of such different and remote touring spot that is far away from the busy city noises.

We recommend those people to go there, who are physically strong enough to carry the heavy backpack for a long time and can cross the rugged terrains. If your able to do so, then follow our guidelines provided above. We hope that you will find our guidelines helpful enough for your California’s Lost Coast trip.

So, now without wasting a single moment, pack your bag, and start the trip. Hope you will enjoy the trip.


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