Arizona Backpacking – Best Backpacking Trips in Arizona

Last Updated on February 20, 2020

Arizona Backpacking

Arizona is one of the beautiful states in the USA for its unforgettable hiking trip. It has some world-famous areas, including Grand Canyon National Park, Sedona, and Havasu Falls. When many places around the country are mired in the cold in winter, Arizona remains sunny with warmth, beauty, and adventure.

If you like adventure and want to go to some beautiful locations, Arizona can be an option for you. To get a hike in Arizona’s stunning locations, you will need to pack the necessary things to be more comfortable and relaxed.

In such a condition, you need to carry the right things that can help you to adjust to the diverse climate. You can also get help from our list of items. We recommend a backpack that will be lightweight for you while carrying. You must be sure that either your backpack has enough room for your essentials or not.

Sunglasses, Sunscreen, and Sun Hat

Before going to a hike in Arizona, you need to experience the Sun how much intense it is. Walking through the trails and lying in the pool require protection from the harmful sunlight. To protect yourself from the sunshine, you have to pack a sun hat that can cover your entire face.

Make sure you pack SPF 30 or higher sunscreen for exposed skin, back, and neck. You shouldn’t forget to protect your eyes from the sunshine with sunglasses. It is better to choose a polarized lens to see views more clearly. You also need to purchase sunglass straps if you plan to go into the water.


The temperature of the Arizona desert usually fluctuates 30 to 40 degrees in a day. You will need to pack thin cloths for daytime and thick ones for the evenings. Besides, we strongly suggest packing a light jacket or coat, especially if you’re visiting the Grand Canyon.

Because temperatures in the river at the bottom of the Canyon can exceed 100F. So, you have to be prepared with the well-hydrated equipment. If you want to visit in the spring and summer, you have to make sure you are packing with plenty of light clothes like shorts, light shirts, and plenty of summer dresses.

Snacks and drinking water

The first thing you should make sure in Arizona deserts to purchase a lot of drinking water. Most of the time, Arizona visitors make mistakes without keeping any water.

The second thing you need to pack healthy snacks that can fuel you with energy. You may keep on hand some healthy snacks like mixed nuts, dried fruit, or granola bars. So, keep yourself hydrated on your Arizona trip.

Lip Balm and Chapstick

You always have to be conscious of the Arizona sunshine. In addition to keeping the sunscreen, you need to pack some quality lip balm and Chapstick with SPF protection. They will save you from sunburnt lips in warm temperature.

Hiking Boots and Gym Shoes

Your Arizona backpacking needs a good pair of shoes. If you’re planning on hiking and taking plenty of tours, you have to pack a pair of waterproof and breathable hiking boots.

These will allow you to explore many beautiful locations in Arizona. They will also protect your feet from unwanted things such as cactus needles, rocks on trails, and snake bites.

Mobile Phone and Camera

Most of us hardly want to leave our cellphone at home. You may prefer to pack your cell and charger before you go out on a trip to the Southwest. You also need to pack your favorite camera so that you can capture all the wonders of Arizona.

Bathing Suit

You may need to take a bath from Arizona’s hot temperature. So, a bathing suit should be with your other backpacking things. You can pack your favorite one and plan to wear it to the pool or as an extra layer under your hiking clothes.

Large Handkerchief or Water Mister

To soak water, a large handkerchief is a piece of the necessary equipment you can put it into your Arizona Backpacking. You also keep a cool water mister that can make you feel a lot more comfortable in hot weather.


With all of the physical items, you need to bring your energy and excitement on the Arizona trip. Keep in mind that you have to be hydrated in both wet and dry weather. Finally, we hope you bring the essential things in your backpack and enjoy the beauty of Arizona.


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