ALPS OutdoorZ Commander Pack Review 

Last Updated on August 27, 2018

ALPS OutdoorZ Commander Pack

Are looking for a hunting backpack which can be carried for all types of hunting? If the answer is yes, then we are about to show you a product that is worth buying.

ALPS OutdoorZ Commander + Pack is capable of keeping your gears and equipment safe and secure even in the harshest weather condition. You will barely find any disadvantage of the product.

This product is more than perfect when you want a backpack with meat hauling facility along with other primary features. So, without any further discussion, let’s take a look at the review of the product.

Features of ALPS OutdoorZ Commander Pack

Structure & Organization

The structure is a very important matter to think before buying a hunting backpack. The structure of a backpack tells how much the pack will be able to perform and how long it will stay strong.

Another thing comes when we raise the topic structure. It is organization. An organized backpack product helps you to have lots of facilities.

The product we are discussing today has a fine structure that ensures you get all the facilities even in the roughest weathers. The structure doesn’t fail so easily.

Improved cotter and clevis pin design make this product stronger. There are many types of pockets for any type of uses. The main compartment is big enough to carry large equipment.

There are lashing points too so that you can carry extra gear with you. You will also get a spindrift collar for extra space whenever you require.

The amazing part of this product is all the parts of this product is well-organized. There are lots of pockets, but still, the manufacturer has decorated well and given such a structure that you can easily use this product.


Fabric puts lots of effect on the quality of a backpack. When you are going hunting, you need a backpack made of such fabric that is durable, strong and capable of taking lots of abuses.

The backpack we are showing today has quality fabric. Nylon Ripstop Fabric is the name of this fabric. We all know that when you are going on a hunting trip, there is a possibility of your bag having abuses consistently.

This fabric is durable enough to take the harshness of the environment. You can use this product rough regularly. The fabric won’t get simple damage. There is another fact about this fabric.

The fabric is capable of enduring abuses from the weather too. It doesn’t matter whether the rain is falling outside or snow is falling. The product will always protect your gears kept inside it.


there are many pockets in this product. You can organize your gears as per as your wish. Accessory hinged pockets are located on both sides of the backpack. Spotting scope pocket is also integrated.

The main pocket has enough space to store larger stuff. Clip style holster of this product is durable and well-constructed. The product has lower door access.

The lower door access has an internal horizontal divider. Drop-down rifle pocket helps you to carry your gun easily. You can make this product H2O compatible as there are Hydration pocket and port.


Frame is the surprising part of this product. You can detach the frame and use this separately. You can use this frame to haul out meat whenever you need. As you can use this frame like freighter frames, you can have advantages in hunting than other hunters when you have this backpack.


  • Nylon Ripstop fabric is used to make this backpack.
  • The backpack is capable of taking harshness of weather condition.
  • Top loading system helps you to load or unload the backpack easily.
  • Several pockets to organize your gears according to your demand.
  • Webbing loops integrated for lashing facility.


  • The water resistance facility is not strong enough.

Final Words

We all know ALPS OutdoorZ is a brand which is providing quality products for several years. Today, we discussed a product of it. The product is capable of providing you service in any outdoor activities.

This product surely will stay strong for many years even after having lots of abuses. So, the product is worth buying for a hunter to have a nice trip.


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