The Advantages of a Recurve Bow

Last Updated on June 23, 2020

Choosing the right bow for you is a matter of considering all options that are available. Different bow styles have different advantages and drawbacks. The archer who is rather into the traditional style bow over the modern compound bows may want to choose either a longbow or a recurve bow.

Advantages of a Recurve Bow

The difference between these two bow types is that the recurve bow features removable limbs. This improves its versatility, thus offering several good advantages to the archer.


The more an archer improves their skills, the more they may think about experimenting with other bow sizes and draw weights. This comes naturally to most archery aficionados.

Deciding upon the best configuration might take quite a while. By choosing a take-down recurve bow, you can speed up this process, as you’ll be able to replace the limbs as you gain more experience.

Moreover, you’ll find the exploration of this sport more affordable. Changing limbs enable the user to try out various characteristics of the bow while enjoying the hand feel they’ve been already used to.


Everybody knows that traditional bows are huge. They need to be big in order to generate the amount of force required for an accurate and fast shoot.

However, their size affects their portability, so they may be hard to travel with. If for instance, you have to backpack with a recurve bow, you may find it hard to attach it to your backpack.

On the contrary, a takedown recurve bow can be dismantled and packed inside your backpack. This makes it ideal for all archers who want to travel for hunting trips or for attending various competitions.

If you want more information on the best recurve bow, has a nice selection of reviews. These could help you make the big decision.


Many archers choose takedown bows because of their excellent stability. Since these bows are made from three separate parts, they are a little bit heavier than one piece longbows or recurves.

This might work to your advantage when you shoot in a crosswind. Furthermore, there are takedown recurve designs that allow for an additional stabilizer for those who really need it.

Regardless of your favorite style of take-down recurve bow, you’ll enjoy its versatility for a very long time. Should you have any questions about our recurve bows and takedown recurves, feel free to get in touch with our customer service department. Our expert staff will do everything it takes to assist you in finding the perfect bow to suit your needs.


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