Advantages and Disadvantages of a Handheld vacuum cleaner

Last Updated on September 27, 2020

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Handheld vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaners have come a long way from bulky systems to extremely compact cleaning solutions. Dyson Dc34 handheld vacuum cleaners are a choice that suits almost all homes.

These vacuum cleaners are incredibly easy to operate and perform lots of cleaning activities that are important and cannot be performed by a regular sized vacuum cleaner. Though, there are some disadvantages that come to mind but the list of advantages far outweighs them.

Advantages of Using a Handheld vacuum cleaner

Enough Power

Suction power is an important feature of any vacuum cleaning device. So, one must make sure that their handheld vacuum cleaner has the same. Since most of them are small in size and runs on battery, it would be foolish to expect a very powerful suction like those of eureka 990A canister vacuums.

Handheld vacuums have evolved a lot in their properties and the best fact is, these days one can find a powerful handheld vacuum for small cleaning activities. A research on the buyer’s part is necessary though, to choose a handheld vacuum with higher amperage motors.

Compact Size

This is the biggest advantage of handheld vacuum cleaner. They come in all types of compact sizes with some that can even fit inside a big pocket. Being that easy to carry around, cleaning activities does not feel like a heavy chore.

This compact size is a great advantage when it comes to space needs, be it a small apartment or car, these fit just fine inside small cabinets and other storage spaces. Taking way less than half the storage space of a regular sized vacuum, they definitely are an useful device to keep around.

Lightweight Build

Since these are Black+Decker BDH2000PL devices, they are obviously lighter than full-sized vacuum cleaner. Taking out a full-sized vacuum and moving around to clean up every little mess like spilled coffee, pet hairs etc, can be a daunting task, but not so much when the device weighs only a few pounds.

Simple Usage

Handheld vacuum cleaners are very simple to use. Just a push of a button and they start cleaning. Since they are both compact and lightweight, being easy to use, makes them a perfect accessory for use by people of almost all ages be it kids, adults or elderly. This makes cleaning duty a lot more fun.

They Are Very Portable

Being said that, the handheld vacuum comes in two different versions: one corded and one cordless. But mostly, cordless handheld vacuum are ruling the market. The sole winner here is the portability feature.

Being battery powered, lightweight and compact, it can be carried wherever one likes to perform cleaning duties, without any worry or problems.

Be it a liquid spill in the table or on the car dashboard, this can take care of both scenarios. Also, emptying the dirt bin outside of the house is less problematic and smooth.

Fast and Quick Cleanups

In case of small cleanups like where one can find a patch of pet hairs on the couch or a water spill on the table, one can get to the rescue immediately.

With a full sized vacuum cleaner, it would take quite some energy to get it out of storage, setting it up and then operating it. But handheld vacuum cleaners can do the task in just a moment owing to the above mentioned properties of compactness, lightweight, simple to use and portability.

Sometimes where it is important to clean up a mess before it makes an irreversible damage is necessary, a handheld vacuum cleaner just might save the day.

Cleaning Up Hard-to-get Areas

When it comes to full sized vacuum cleaners, it is not always possible to clean everything. Some places are there that cannot be readily cleaned. For example, cleaning a mess made on the work table and more.

The point is- at certain times, people require access to areas that a normal vacuum cleaner just cannot manage to reach with their supplied addon accessories even.

With handheld vacuum, one can easily navigate the way through to reach these areas without having to perform heavier duties such as moving furniture around or clearing all items on the table.

One can easily clean under the furniture and on the corners without the additional steps. They also prove to be very useful when it comes to cleaning stairs.

Lugging a full vacuum cleaner up and down the stairs requires quite a bit of energy, maneuvering and time to make sure even the edges are clean.

In the same situation, if one uses a handheld vacuum, this task may become quite easy and less stressful.

A Versatile Cleaner

From cleaning the pet hairs off the couch to removing dust off the carpets, there are a lot of things that these handheld vacuum cleaners can achieve.

Some duties include but not limited to cleaning stairs, carpets, cleaning computer keyboards, cleaning occasional liquid spills, cleaning inside car boot, dashboard, etc and much more.

These handheld devices also come with a number of attachments like carpet brushes, pet hair tools, dust cleaning attachments and a lot more.

A higher end handheld vacuum generally comes with a number of attachments by itself. One can also purchase different attachments from the manufacturer itself or from stores.

Cost Effective

This is a point that varies from buyer to buyer. But still, this can count as an advantage since these are generally lower priced than other kinds of vacuum cleaners and one can find a good quality handheld piece just shy of a hundred bucks.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Handheld vacuum cleaner

Disadvantages of a handheld vacuum cleaner


When it comes to maintenance, these devices need a little more attention. Being compact in size also means that their dirt chamber and thus dust capacity is lower than average vacuum cleaners. So, if they are not properly emptied and cleaned frequently, they result in reduction of cleaning ability.

To combat these problems, the dirt bin should be regularly emptied and filters should also be cleaned according to usage.


Since cordless handheld vacuum cleaners are powered by batteries, they have a specific time and thus not suitable for longer cleaning activities. Also, keeping the batteries charged takes a bit of one’s attention time. Batteries also have to be replaced in case they fail or stops working properly.

Prone to Damage

Owing to the fact that they are extremely portable, people tend to put them in places they shouldn’t. Also, since it has a lot of moving parts, one should be careful enough and handle the vacuum cleaner like any other sensitive electronic gadget.

Final Words

As one can see that the advantages of owning one far outweighs the disadvantages, it is no wonder that most people opt for having one handy in times of need.

The affordability does play a role and with so many options out there with a big low end price range, it is definitely one to add to the cleaning arsenal.


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