A Beginner’s Guide To Mountain Bike Training

Last Updated on September 7, 2020

Mountain biking is a way of having a kick out of adventure trips and also a way of working out close to nature. Mountain bikes are known for their durability and distinct features. Mountain biking doesn’t necessarily mean that the biker will have to enjoy a ride only in the mountains.

One can have a bike ride outside the house or on the road as well. However, the best feeling of raw excitement you will get when you are riding your MTB on the technical, uneven, challenging trails because that is what it is for.

A Beginner's Guide To Mountain Bike Training

Now, if you are a beginner, such risky trails are not for you. First, you need to learn to ride a mountain bike. Mountain bikes are not like regular bikes. It has too many features and parts that have separate purposes. If you do not know about those, then there is no point in buying an MTB as they are expensive.

So, if you are not a pro, then you must know your mountain bike thoroughly well before riding it. You will need to learn a lot of things related to MTB, that is why we are summing up the basics of MTB training for you.


Before you start your training, do thorough research on what type of MTB you want. There are different types that rely on the suspension type that are rigid, hardtail, and full suspension.

What type you need fully depends on the trail you are interested in riding your bike and if you already have one, choose the trails which are appropriate for your bike ride. Depending on the suspension type and wheel size first, buy the apt MTB as that will make your training a lot easier.

Learn about the parts and features

Now when you have bought a mountain bike for yourself, start learning about its features and different parts and what they do. The more you learn, the sooner you will become a pro at mountain bike riding as the riding skill mostly depends on these.

Frame- A MTB will have to have a sturdy frame. It joins all the other parts of the bike.

Wheels, Pedals, and Cranks- Like regular bikes, MTB will have Wheels, Pedals, and Cranks. As we mentioned, the wheel size determines one kind of trails you can ride, and as you are a beginner, flat pedals and short cranks are the best bet for you to ride on uneven paths with a lot of obstacles smoothly.

Brakes- The crucial part of riding on an off-road is using the brake properly at the right time, that too efficiently. MTB has both brake pads at the front and disc brakes at the rear for effective braking in the harshest trail conditions.

Suspension- Just like the wheel size, the suspension also determines the ability of a bike, riding on complex terrain. You can buy MTB with front or rear suspension or both. The suspension absorbs the shock created due to landing jumps and small jumps and provides excellent control over the bike.

Chain and Gears- If you have a high-end MTB, then you already have one gear at the cranks and another on the rear wheel. The shift in the chain and gears determine the pedaling power, speed, and control of the bike.

Practice and sharpen your basics

You need to know how to ride a bike. Practice near your house or an open place. If you are already a pro, then choose an easy trail near you.  Ask your friends or bike shops near you, and know about the apt trails for a beginner.

Then start practicing as the specialty of off-roads is unevenness, obstacles, and sharp turns. So, practice and learn to hold a right balance while riding your MTB and use the braking and gearing efficiently on off-roads.

Dress accordingly and have safety measures

A good pair of shorts, a well-fitted t-shirt, and comfortable sneakers is all you need to have a comfortable ride. Wear a good helmet, eyewear, and gloves and take a water bottle and repair kit as safety measures, and you are good to go on a bike ride.

Ride with better riders

Go on bike rides with those who are more skilled than you.  It will help you to better yourself and learn new techniques.

Learn the basics of repairing

You don’t need to know everything about bike repairing but knowing how to change a flat tire and fix the chain are basics, so learn the basics, it’s essential.

Final Words

As a beginner focusing on the trails are very important. One can easily derail from focusing due to excitement or anxiousness. So, the one important tip to the beginners will be to stay focus, pedal with full force, and take breaks in between.

Go easy and take time to explore simple terrains. Slowly increase the difficulty level to check how skilled you have become. Also, once you are experienced enough, only then test yourself the most challenging trails. Remember, your safety is your responsibility.


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