Last Updated on September 21, 2020

A Beginner's Guide to Mountain Bike Maintenance

You may always take care of your beloved bike and like to keep it in a top condition. Regular maintenance is essential because it works as a preventive measure for your bike. If you are a beginner owning a motorbike or intend to purchase one, there are a few basic maintenance tips for your bike, which you need to know.

A little-do-it yourself maintenance in your sphere time can save your money and time. You will also be able to catch problems early and make bike repairs as needed. You can feel the difference as well when you ride on your bike.

Maintenance varies depending on your bike structure. You need to know about the parts of your bike, their functions, and the different types of fluid you have to use. Keep checking your bike at regular intervals and enjoy the happiness of rides. The following tips will provide you basic guidelines for your bike maintenance.

Check the Tires

Ensuring the optimum level pressure for the tires is essential as they tend to lose pressure over time and need to be refilled periodically. The best time to check the pressure of the tires is before getting a ride. If you run your bike over bad roads every day, you will have to keep the eyes on them to make sure they are not cracked.

Lubricate the Chain and Sprocket Regularly

As a beginner, you need to know that you must lubricate the chain and sprocket regularly. You can use a thick paintbrush to remove the dirt and clean the chain as well. Then you will be able to get smooth and carefree riding on your bike.

Replace the Engine Oil

Different engines need different kinds of oil. Changing the oil is very important. Most of the beginners only go by whatever their mechanics recommend. But pouring the wrong type of engine oil can damage your engine in many ways. Oil lubricates the engine to reduce friction between components.

Vary on your rides; it is better to change engine oil after 3 -months. Besides, most motorbikes come with a dipstick. It indicates the maximum and minimum level of oil in your bike. Keep checking the dipstick when it has reached the minimum level.

Check the Battery Regularly

Most new motorbikes today come with a zero-maintenance battery, but it needs utmost attention and care to prevent the corrosion. Battery damaging may turn you into a costly affair. You have to replace it after it gets weary and discharged.

If you don’t have an idea about handling it, take advice from a mechanic or an experienced biker, who can teach best.  If you take care of your motorcycle’s battery, it will help you to increase your bike life.

Check the Headlights and Horn

Due to extensive abuse, the headlights and horns can be broken down in the rains. If you feel problems when you’re using it, check the lights for correct illumination and replace the bulb inside the headlight unit if it feels necessary. For improving visibility on the road, you can also upgrade to better bulbs yet. Check out for any weak components or loose wires for the horn. You can replace it at a very minimal cost.

Wash Your Bike Regularly

A beautiful motorbike is incomplete without a clean outer surface. Make sure you have a more beautiful bike before riding.  Even after using so many years, you can also keep your bike looking as good as new by following basic bike maintenance techniques.  Using polish and wax, you can get the desired exterior to keep the motorcycle’s paint intact.

Final Words

As a motorbike owner, it’s crucial to realize that buying one is easy, but keeping it properly well is a responsibility. The most vital factor is that you must care about and pay attention regularly. Negligence can quickly turn your great bike into a worse one before you even realize it was happening.

Once you make these checks a habit, it will only take a few minutes to determine the problem before starting your journey. It is always better to solve the problem at home, without going to a mechanic. We recommend that you should check out these tips to keep your motorbike in good condition.


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