A Beginner Guide to Hangboard Workout

Last Updated on August 25, 2020

The hangboard workout is one kind of exercise where you do workout by hanging yourself. Men and women both can do the hangboard workout. You can take it as a fitness or training course for climbing mountains. It is a regular workout that helps you to make your muscles strong. It makes our body flexible. One can do a hangboard exercise at the gym or home. It depends on the person where he/she feel comfortable.

A Beginner Guide to Hangboard Workout

First of all, we have to see what kind of training device we should use. There are millions of hangboard to buy. If you want to do the hangboard workout at home, you should make the board, and this will be the best. As a beginner, you must have to keep your workout simple. As a beginner, try to keep your edge from 20-25 millimeters.

Here are some primary tips for hangboarding. You must have to know about these rules to do a great workout on the hangboard. The tips are described below.

Basic Tips

  • First, you must have to choose your hangboard. You should prefer a perfectly rounded wooden edge. Wooden edges are easy to use. The body can hang on wooden more than another material. It will be more skin preserving, and you can practice or train yourself more.
  • Warm-up your body. Just move your shoulders. After that, you have to do small hangs to get warm. When you feel your body warm, grab a medium-sized edge, and do your workout.
  • As a beginner, do not take much pressure. Just do your workout to warm up yourself.
  • After warming up, if you feel you can take the pressure to your muscle; pull up and down your body several times.
  • If you could not do the exercise continuously, rest as long as your body feels comfortable again.
  • After when you are ready to do the exercise again, hang yourself as long as you can by using your four fingers.
  • You can set your time on the stopwatch or your smartphone. You can compare your results by having a stopwatch.
  • Rest again about 3-4 minutes to refresh your body. Then hang again using three fingers.
  • Do not use your home stuff or anything as a hangboard. Always use hangboard for the workout.
  • Keep doing this method continuously. It will help you as a beginner.

Finger Strength

One climber will need this workout for increasing their finger strength. Stronger fingers can comfortably grip smaller hold. They can hold much longer in submaximal holds. Smaller fingers can also recover on smaller holds. Stronger fingers can hold up better because of their stamina.

If you are a beginner climber, you must have to improve yourself by hangboard workout. It is an effective way to enhance your hanging skill.

One can call a hangboard as a climber best friend. A hangboard have different types of holds like jugs, edges, slopers, pockets.

Jug and slopers are pretty self-explanatory. Sloper’s area you can hold them for long. Pockets, usually two fingers used. The main four fingers can grab edges.

  • The most basic ones are called dead hang. Just hang your body.
  • A common one is holding you at 90 degrees.

Selection and Set up of Hangboard

Selecting the right hangboard for you is vital. If you can’t choose the perfect hangboard than you have to face some accidental injuries during workout. After choosing the right board, you have to set it up correctly.

If failed, you’ll have to face the same result. You’ll have to install the hangboard in such area where the condition like temperature and humidity can be controlled. For a perfect and successful workout, you can keep some records like:

  • Which grip position you have used
  • Weight added or removed during the exercise
  • The actual resistance of every set you used
  • Repetitions you did on workout
  • How many times and how much times you spent for taking rest

Besides this information, you can also keep a record of some other information like your body weight, temperature and humidity of you work out place, how you felt during the workout, etc.

Complete Workout Plan

To gain a successful and full workout on hangboarding, you can set up a plan on it. You can make a plan of total 8 weeks for this. Divide your workout plan for every separate week. You can follow the method given below.

On the very first week, start your exercise with a 10 seconds hang. Then take rest for 30 seconds. You can continue these steps for 4 repeating times and after completing these steps take rest for two minutes.

In the second and third week, increase the number of your workout steps. That means, in the first week, you’ll do overall steps for 3 times, and in the second and third week, do it for four sets. You can increase the step once more in the fourth week. That means to repeat the whole process for 5 steps.

On the fifth week, bring a little bit change on your workout. Hang for 10 seconds, and then take rest for 20 seconds. Repeat these steps for 4 times overall. After completing these steps, take a rest for two minutes.

Repeat these steps 3 times overall. Increase set number 3 to 4 in the weeks of six and seven. And in the final week, take the total set number to 5.

Final Words

Hangboard is not only an exercise. You can learn how to climb a mountain or how to set your hands on climbing a mountain by it. For beginners, it is must to know all the rules of hangboard.

Otherwise, you may have to face stress or accidental injuries. So, to enjoy the best result of hangboard, you must have to know the rules of it. We have tried to describe every essential tip of hangboard in this article. We hope, this will help you enough on your start-up of hangboard.


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