6 Mistakes About Airsoft You Need To Avoid

Last Updated on July 7, 2020

6 Mistakes About Airsoft: Beginner or not, you are bound to make some of the mistakes mentioned below (if not more). But, if you are aware of your bad airsoft habits, I think you can work to overcome them and so, become a better short and player. So have a look at some of the most common mistakes that can throw off an airsoft players game:

You invest too much, too fast

This is quite a common mistake, seen with some of the most enthusiastic beginners who also benefit from a large budget.  I always recommend patience when you first start in airsoft because if you buy the most expensive rifle on the market, it doesn’t mean your aim will be accurate. The rifle doesn’t shoot alone and some advanced models have complicated settings that only an advanced player can understand.

The same goes for gear and accessories. If you dress like Rambo, it doesn’t mean you’ll automatically get better at the game. And, while accessories are indeed useful, there is such a thing as too many trinkets.

Protection gear is not appealing to you

On the other side of the spectrum, we have the John Matrix airsofter, who doesn’t believe in protective gear or that BBs can inflict damage or injuries. I am talking from experience when I say that you will have bruises for days even when you’re wearing protective gear! BBs shot at 300+ FPS hurt and if one hits you in the eye or teeth, the damage will be considerable.

This is why it’s mandatory to wear protective glasses and face mask (I always recommend a full-face mask, but one to cover the mouth and cheeks is also great). Not to mention, a lot of the protective gear on the market resembles the Mad Max style so it will make you look badass!

The spray and pray approach

Back to Rambo – the style where you waste ammo and pray for something to hit its target is just that: a waste of ammo. You won’t learn how to aim and shoot and your teammates may get fed up with the style rather quickly.

Instead of wasting ammo on the field, take a bit of time to do target practice. If you’re a sniper get a high-quality  rimfire scope and if you’re a CQB player, get a laser. These will be extremely helpful in shaping your shooting game.

It’s just a shooting game to you

Airsoft is a culture and for many, it is a fantastic way to release stress and connect with friends (or make new ones). This is why so many companies use it for team building exercises and why so many adults continue playing even after they start a family. Not to mention, there are huge global events organized throughout the year!

So, if you’re only treating it as a dumb game you get to play from time to time, you will never have the opportunity to taste the real attraction.

To create the initial connection, I recommend reading about it or watching YouTube MilSim actions. Some of the best airsoft websites like Airsoftpal.com have detailed guides to improve your knowledge and understanding of the sport.

You don’t believe in teamwork

You can’t play airsoft all by yourself! I mean, you can shoot an airsoft gun in the courtyard, but that’s just plinking!

Airsoft is a collaborative game, where a team works together to destroy the other team. The action involves strategies with multiple players, military tactics, and a system where everyone knows their role. So, if you’re a lone wolf who doesn’t like to bond or depend on anyone, you may want to re-think your strategy. Otherwise, you’ll be the first one eliminated from the game and the team may not pick you the next round.

You don’t take care of your gear

Yes, even though these are not real weapons, you still need to clean them after a game, especially if it was one happening outdoors. Also, from time to time you have to check your rifles, pistols, and shotguns for inconsistencies (problems with the barrel, the trigger, the safety).

Just take it like this: if you keep the gear in pristine condition and don’t just toss the weapon into a box under the bed until the next game, it won’t fail you!



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