5 Tips for Spring Hunting Wild Turkey

Last Updated on June 2, 2020

Preparations for the wild turkey hunt are in full swing. If you have painful memories of unsuccessful attempts to lure birds into your shooting range, read on. We have organized some tips that will help.

5 Tips for Spring Hunting Wild Turkey

The Lure

A well-located lure will add an element of realism to your setting-up. It will also tell you if a turkey is at a distance that will allow you to shoot it in a humane way – as quickly as possible. Place the lure within 25 yards of your hiding place and consider your skill and the equipment you use.

Lures should be visible to approaching birds. Place them on open ground such as an agricultural field or a corridor of power lines. They will hold the attention of more fearful birds. Never carry or move an uncovered lure.


Hide well. Wild turkeys have an exceptional view. Do not hesitate to wear camouflage clothing including helmet, mask, and gloves. The less you expose your skin, the more likely you are to attract a bird.

Remember that the color of the field may vary between early and late spring. Browns and grays will be more and more dotted with green as the leaves arrive.


Do not wear red, white or blue – these are the colors of turkey feathers in the spring. Be especially careful when wearing camouflage. It is recommended that you wear an orange hat or gloves when traveling and remove them when you are ready to hunt. We would suggest you to read bestsurvival.org before preparing yourself for hunting

You can easily imagine that most hunting accidents are due to the fact that a hunter has been taken for prey. Use a call only to spot a target and not to attract it. We could take you for a turkey!


Turkeys have no trouble making you wait. When they are exposed, their only concern is their survival. Be patient but be ready to react quickly at the right time. Ian McCleary, co-host of The Real Outdoor Experience says he had to wait three seasons before slaughtering his first turkey.

Do not constantly chase males’ gurgles. You would be continually passing from one turkey to another since your movements will undoubtedly encourage the birds to be quiet. Make yourself comfortable and do not lose confidence if the results are slow in coming.

Get a Card for Hunting

In addition to permitting you to plan your trip, a GPS topographic hunting map will show you trails and logging roads, hunting areas, ZECs, wildlife reserves, and national and provincial parks.

You can hunt turkeys rather than cell towers because all data is integrated. You are also offered hunting atlases (province of Quebec only for the moment) and custom maps (province of Quebec just for now). Printed products are available on synthetic paper, waterproof and tear resistant.

Hunting wild turkey is not easy. This prey (one of the most difficult) requires proper preparation as well as patience and perseverance. With the right techniques and some adjustments, you will ensure your success!


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