5 Things to Do Before Going on a Deer Hunt

Last Updated on July 12, 2020

5 Things to Do Before Going on a Deer Hunt: Gone are the days when people have to hunt down food, but nothing beats the charm of the sense of fulfillment of eating fresh meat from an animal you worked hard to kill. This very charm is the reason why a lot of hunting aficionados go on trips every year into the woods searching for action in spite of the possible hardships that await them. Aside from packing the best crossbows, there are some things you should do before you go on that much anticipated hunt.

5 Things to Do Before Going on a Deer Hunt

Secure Your Tag and License

Before you go out and hunt, make sure you get a hunting license. Hunters are legally obliged to have a hunting license. And even though you might not be hunting, you still need this license so you can be armed in the field when hunting season comes.

The requirements and paperwork for getting a license can differ according to the place where you are planning to hunt. Aside from a license, you might also have to buy a tag for hunting a deer.

Be Familiar with Your Hunting Tools

It is a no-brainer because you need a weapon to hunt. Whether you are hunting using the type of best weapons like crossbows or a rifle, you have to feel comfortable with the weapon you choose.

You have to ensure that these tools are in accordance to the deer hunting regulations in your state, and are in great condition. Check the gun for faults to see if they operate properly and can shoot straight. Aside from improving your shooting ability, it is also important to practice gun safety.

Explore the Area

You can increase your chances of bringing home a deer if you have ample knowledge about the location where you plan to hunt. You will be aware of the things you can expect from the surroundings and make a good guess about the possible locations of the deer.

Your research can start by checking topographic and satellite maps. It also makes sense to scout the place in person or using trail cameras days prior to the opening day if you are serious with the craft.

Wear the Right Clothes

You need to pay extra attention to two important things when going on a hunt. First, ensure that the clothes you wear are in accordance with the area’s weather. Second, avoid wearing clothes which will only scare away the prey.

Choosing your clothes is best done after you have scouted the area and figured out its surroundings. While the mornings and nights are colder, remember that days can get hotter. Have some warm clothes with you and remember to wear them in layer.

Pack Other Important Hunting Essentials

Finally, aside from the obvious ammunition and arms, there are other pieces of hunting equipment you have to carry inside your backpack. After hunting a deer, for instance, you need tools to help you field dress and carry the prize home, where a sharp knife is needed.

Other things you can include in your hunting checklist are tents, tarps, sleeping bags, binoculars, topes, compasses, maps, flashlights with extra batteries, matches or lighters, first aid kit, camouflage smear, and toiletries such as toothbrush, oil, toilet papers, wet wipes, and others.


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