5 Places to Visit This Winter in Australia

Last Updated on August 16, 2020

Australian winters create some of the best and diverse holiday opportunities in the world. With the cold weather in the south and warmer temperatures in the north, some may opt to spend their time in the snow, while others may prefer soaking up the summer sun.

Luckily for you, Australia is blessed with many tourist destinations in both regions. Therefore, when the temperature drops and you have to carry your coats all day, you have no excuse to not take some time off and enjoy yourself all through the winter season.

To help you find some nice places to visit, this article narrows it down to the 5 best places to visit during this season in the country. These are:

1. Montague Island

5 Places to Visit This Winter in Australia

If you don’t mind the cold, then Montague Island can be a good place to spend your winter. The Island is just a short boat ride away from Narooma, which is the nearest town on the mainland.

Montague is widely known for its huge population of Australian and New Zealand fur seals and you can snorkel with them from the Island’s shores. Also, being on the New South Wales coastline, this Island is a great place to watch whales as they come from the southern hemisphere, migrating northwards.

They do this to escape the cold waters in the south and cause spectacular splashes that can be spotted from the Island. Alternatively, you can hire the services of watching tours to take you closer to the action via boat or air. However, this migration happens in May so you must not be late.

2. Australian Snowy Mountains

5 Places to Visit This Winter in Australia

This region is home to the highest mountain in mainland Australia, Mt Kosciuszko. The ranges are famous for skiing and host resorts such as the Perisher ski resort, which is the largest ski resort in the southern hemisphere.

The beautiful snowy slopes of the mountains provide perfect skiing parks for this resort and it features 47 lifts to cater to the large number of tourists that frequent the place.

A few kilometers South West off these mountains, there is another popular skiing destination called Falls Creek. There are many ski resorts in this area and can be a good place to learn this sport, whether you are a kid or an adult.

3. Sydney

5 Places to Visit This Winter in Australia

If a cold city vibe is your thing, then you need to visit Australia’s “honorary” capital. The city offers several interesting activities such as skating on city center ice rinks and spectacular light shows from various places, including the iconic opera house. The city is filled with many hotels, ranging from expensive 5-star ones to low-end lodges.

The good thing is that finding suitable accommodation is quite easy using websites such as Travelhotelsbooking.com. This website has listings and prices of various hotels in different cities across the world, including Sydney.

4. Tasmania

5 Places to Visit This Winter in Australia

I bet you have never heard of the Southern lights. The Northern Lights get all the press, leaving their “southern twin” out of the picture.

However, if you have ever visited Norway and enjoyed watching the natural light shows in the dark skies, you need to visit Tasmania and see these less advertised but spectacular dancing lights.

However, the viewing of these lights needs to be timed. Sometimes they appear all through the winter season but other times they appear only a few times. In theory, the best time to observe them would be around September so you should plan to visit around this time.

5. Darwin

5 Places to Visit This Winter in Australia

If the cold winters suck, why not head north and enjoy the winter sun and warm temperatures all through the dry season. Darwin is the tropical, laid-back capital of the Northern Territory, which has temperatures that average 30’C during winter.

Apart from the warm weather, the city has a rich multicultural feel, resulting from its diverse food and bar scene, museums, galleries, and various festivals such as the Darwin festival.

It is also close to the Kakadu National Park, which has spectacular waterfalls and hosts various outdoor activities such as camping, bushwalking, and crocodile spotting.

Final Words

Australia does have something for every type of tourist. These are just five of the best places to visit during winter but the list is almost endless. Various destinations are spread throughout the country and you only need to find the one that has the best activities to suit you the most.


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