5.11 ATAC Tactical Boot Reviews

Last Updated on September 8, 2018

It is said that you can learn a lot about a man from his shoes. You can tell whether he is a hard worker or a freeloader. You can say what his sense of style is. You can tell what his personality is.

In the same vein, if a man’s shoes could talk, they would narrate the most interesting tales of their exploits. You see, the shoes go everywhere a man goes.

They remain loyally on his feet, accompanying him constantly. And with boots like the muscular 5.11 ATAC boots, imagine the kind of image you project. They ooze strength and masculinity.

They show character and confidence. They show resilience and grit. These boots were made for the man. So, deep breaths people here is our 5.11 ATAC 8 Inches Men’s Boot Review.

5.11 Shock Mitigation System

The wearer of these boots is not an everyday kind of guy. He is one who is exposed to numerous dangers. He wastes a lot of time on his feet, constantly on the move.

In fact, these boots are specially engineered for law enforcement, military, and tactical operators. And you can imagine the kind of aggression their feet go through.

So, to provide protection, 5.11 incorporated a shock mitigation system into the boots. This is a system that supports the feet during high impact, offering superior compression capabilities. Whatever state the terrain is, these boots will absorb the shock, so your feet stay safe.

Oil & Slip Resistance

Perhaps you’re a factory worker. You’re exposed to slippery substances. With the wrong kind of shoes, you’ll constantly be in danger of meeting the floor. The 5.11 ATAC boots have a synthetic sole that’s resistant to oil and slip.

They’ll keep you firmly rooted to the ground, protecting you from an embarrassing and even perilous fall. Having these boots on your feet means total peace of mind no matter what you step on.


Wearing these boots, you’ll hardly feel you’re in such rugged, tough shoes. The inside is warm and cuddly. It’s very soft. In fact, if you’re constantly on your feet, you won’t feel the strain at all.

This is because the boots have a cushioned insole to provide a soft resting for your feet. Underneath this, there’s a Phylon midsole that not only provides protection but also added comfort. The shoes are also light enough, so your feet won’t feel any strain whatsoever when walking or climbing.


What kind of boots would these be if they weren’t durable? Of course, you wouldn’t buy boots that only last you a couple of months, right? These 5.11 ATAC boots are nothing short of durable.

They’re made of a combination of leather and textile which gives it a hard wearing quality. They have a semi-rigid heel and toe reinforcement that keeps them tough in the face of harsh situations. Not only, do they protect your feet on the inside, but they also remain stoic on the outside.

Side Zip Functionality

The people at 5.11 had a good sense to include this YKK zipper on the side of these boots. The zipper goes along the side of the boots from your shin to the base of the ankles, a long enough length to provide ample accommodation for your feet to wear or remove them.

You might be in a hurry and need to strap these boots on quickly. Not to worry, the zipper allows you to strap on and go smoothly. No sweat.


  • The 5.11 shock mitigation system of the boots protects your feet inside the shoes.
  • The sole is oil and slip resistant, providing added safety to the wearer.
  • These boots are very comfortable, ideal for prolonged standing or walking.
  • The boots are highly durable, a quality gotten from the leather and textile material used.
  • The side zip functionality provides for comfortable wearing and removal.


  • The boots are not waterproof.
  • They don’t hold a shine for too long after polishing, due to the material.
  • There is a lack of metallic toe safety reinforcement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does the inside of these boots heat up in hot weather?

A: They have a moisture wicking lining that keeps your feet cool.

Q: Are these boots ideal for hiking?

A: Yes they certainly are. They are light and very comfortable. Their soles provide a good grip as well.

Final Words

These boots are sturdy, highly durable and very comfortable. If you’re one who is always on your feet, then you’ll find the comfort a blessing. They are as functional as their more expensive counterparts, giving you total value for money.

So, whether you want to go hiking with them or you’re doing some heavy work at home, these are the ideal boots to use. Therefore, as we put a lid on this 5.11 ATAC 8 Inches Men’s Boot Review, all I can say is show your feet some love and get these amazing boots.

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