4 Things I Couldn’t Go Bicycle Touring Without

Last Updated on September 7, 2020

The benefits of riding bikes are almost endless. It helps people by boosting their brainpower, health, and happiness. Not only that, but it also lets them live a physically active lifestyle. And so, people across the world prefer cycles as a mean of transportation rather than choosing high-tech cars and other vehicles.

They consider cycling more than just going from place to place. And they probably won’t like anything that can cause trouble while riding, especially when they go bicycle touring. They prepare themselves by taking essential equipment so that they can overcome difficulties that most riders face while cycling.

4 Things I Couldn't Go Bicycle Touring Without

Besides other elements and facts, cyclists give more priority to the four crucial things without which they can’t complete the tour successfully. Here we have described those things that every bicycle enthusiast should keep along with them during bicycle touring.

The Bicycle

The bicycle is a significant thing in cycling. It is almost impossible to complete a bicycle tour without a high-quality bike. That’s why avid riders never compromise anything while choosing a bicycle for touring.

For that, they check the essential features of the bike before purchasing. And you may also follow the same step to buy a comfortable touring bike. To select the best one, you need to check first its building materials.

Some bikes come with the aluminum frame when others have a carbon body. Then, you should check wheels, tires, and tubes. There are some other essential features that you can’t ignore while buying, which are the racks, seat, saddles, etc.

You need to ensure that the frame should be made out of steel and offers ultimate durability. The rack is essential because you need to keep other vital gears in this cycle rack. Here we are going to describe the rest three necessary things that you need for a comfortable journey.

A Mirror

You may find fewer places where drivers respect cyclists. That’s why you need to be cautious enough to avoid any unwanted situation. For that, you need to prepare yourself and your bike to overcome troubles.

At the time of cycling, most riders can’t see what is coming towards them from behind as their bikes don’t have any mirror. Hence, the mirror is more important than wearing a helmet. And you need to choose one while moving out for bicycle touring. There are various models out there that may suit your preferences. You can select a mirror which you can mount on the handlebar, helmet or even sunglasses.

A Good Saddle

A right saddle can help you experience excellent riding. On the contrary, an uncomfortable one can easily ruin your trip. That’s why a seat is an essential thing that you shouldn’t ignore while going on a bicycle tour. We recommend you to choose the best bicycle saddle.

And while looking for bicycle saddle, you need to make sure that it is made of leather and it should have padding for ultimate comfort. Although it can be hard at the beginning, once the saddle has formed to your shape, you won’t be uncomfortable while riding.

Waterproof Panniers

No matter which area you select for bicycle touring, there is always a chance of getting caught in the rain. Some people love to cycle in the rain, though. It refreshes their mind and brings enjoyment. But this fun turns into their worst nightmare when their essential gears get wet. Of course, nobody wants to go through this type of situation.

That’s why cyclists use waterproof panniers to protect and store their equipment. And you can also follow the method to keep your tour gears secured. You can use a pannier which is highly durable and ensures secure storage. We recommend you to look at the features of the pannier thoroughly before purchasing.

These are the four essential things without which you can’t go bicycle touring.

Final Words

As you know, there is no better view of new places than the one you see from a bicycle. You can’t get the same result when you are in the seat of an automobile. People who have completed a tour will tell you that it is one of the wealthiest and most rewarding experiences they have had as a rider.

And if they have traveled via other transportation, they wouldn’t have experienced nature in that way. That’s why many people love to go to new places by cycling.

However, as touring season ramps up and you are getting things together, you may become a bit confused about what you should keep in your touring list and what you need to avoid. No matter what you keep and what you ignore, you shouldn’t forget those above mentioned four things to bring while going for bicycle touring.


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