4 Awesome Alternatives to Expensive Bicycle Touring Gear

Last Updated on May 9, 2020

4 Awesome Alternatives to Expensive Bicycle Touring Gear

Bicycle touring is widely popular among travelers. Every year a significant number of people set out for bicycle touring. For having a perfect and safe tour, several essential gears are required. These gears help a tourist with a safe and adventurous trip.

Typically essential gears are bit costly, and not everyone has enough money to get all of the brand new. But, it doesn’t mean to give up. There is no need to spend your every penny for gearing up. However, you should definitely start with choosing comfortable cycling shoes, and then plan the rest. There are some alternatives to expensive bicycle touring gear that we will be discussing now.

1. Get a bike

There is no need to buy the world’s top-class bikes for a bicycle tour, any old bike with an excellent operational condition will do just fine. A brand new racing bike costs up to 500$-2000$.

They lighten the wallet. Believe it or not, many bicycle tourists used rejected old bicycles which they found in salvage yards. If there is no luck to get one at free of cost or a low price from there, check out yard sales and second-hand stores.

After getting the bike, it will need some repair and modification before it is ready to go out for a tour. Still, the total cost will much lower compare to a new bike. It’s better to start a search at garage sales.

Sometimes, online shops sell second-hand bikes at a low price as well. Rarely, local bike shops may have an old model or second-hand bikes for selling. A steel touring bike is good, but it is best to get a mountain bike.

After a few modifications, they are adapted to do the job. Try to buy a bike from well-known manufacturers. Check wheels, headset, gears, chainrings, and attachment points before buying.

2. Assemble Personal Bucket Panniers

Bucket Panniers is a must to get bicycle touring gear. A tourist will need to bring many gears and essentials with them during their trip, that’s why getting a bucket pannier is mandatory.

A full set brand new bucket pannier costs near 300$. It is costly, but without it, a trip isn’t possible. So rather than buying one, it’s easy to assemble a bucket pannier with cheap materials that are still operational.

Two buckets, few hooks, screws, nuts, and nylon cord are all that needed to make one at home. Assemble all the materials accurately, and then the home-made bucket pannier is ready. After assembling is done, set it up on the bicycle.

Making a bucket pannier saves quite a lot of money. It is an excellent gear for storage purpose. The buckets can also be used as a table and chairs during the trip. They are completely waterproof and protect your necessary equipment. Sometime, bucket pannier may break down. If it happens, change the bucket. Decorate the bucket with stickers or reflectors to make it more fashionable.

3. Buy a Tent

Bicycle tourists will not always find a home or shelter to stay overnight. A tent can solve this problem. Set it up whenever rest is needed along the way after finding a suitable place. Outdoor stores sell various types of tents. Good quality tents are quite costly, but there is no need for top-class tents while bicycle touring. A cheap one will work fine.

Check out yard sales or second-hand stores to find a tent at a low price. Also, contact retailers and online sellers to check out whether they have old ones for sale. Often they offer a high discount for old products. A camping hammock is good also, and it’s an alternative to buying a tent.

Hammocks have a mosquito net and a waterproof rain fly. If it is not possible to buy any, then get a tarp and mattress. It is all about sleep for a few hours on the road while touring, and there is no need for a luxurious place. Save precious money which will come in handy in a long term bicycle tour.

4. Make a stove

Bikers will need to stop on the road often and need to cook something up if there is not any store available nearby. Again, cooking their own food saves money also.

For cooking food, a stove is mandatory. A Primus or multi-fuel stoves cost a few hundred dollars. Buying them is nothing but a luxury for bicycle tourists. There are some ways to make a quick stove on the road.

There is always an option to buy old portable stoves. Check it thoroughly before purchasing. Make sure it is compact and easy to carry around on a bike. Carry some fuel or gas also. It is much cheaper than buying an automated and brand new electric portable stove.

Be cautious while carrying it, as fuel or gases may cause an accident if the weather is too hot or if the biker isn’t careful enough. Using a soda can and alcohol is the most efficient and easiest way to make a stove while on the road. It costs of constructing this stove is nothing, and there is no hassle about carrying it. Just make one whenever it is needed.

Final Words

There is no need to back off from a bicycle tour just because the gears are sometimes costly. With the above instruction, it is possible to cut off total cost by half. Always remember money will be very important in the road, especially during a bicycle touring. That’s why rather than using a lot of money on brand new gears, save up as much as possible.


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