23 Of the Best Mountain Biking Apps for Bikers

Last Updated on August 30, 2020

Do you love mountain biking? I think you do; otherwise, you won’t be here. For mountain bikers, this experience is something unexplainable. It’s like moving towards paradise while leaving the agony of life behind. If you are thinking about mountain biking, don’t think, ride on!

You will be thrilled after the first experience. And soon it will become an addiction. You can even listen to the call of the mountain, and you can’t resist it! That’s what mountain biking is! In a word, it is life!

23 Of the Best Mountain Biking Apps

But mountain biking is an extreme sport that comes with obstacles and dangers. You can’t be ambivalent out there. You have to be fully conscious. That’s why you need to get help as much as possible. You’ve your partners out there who can be a helpful hand. But there are some apps too that can support you out there like a true friend.

Today in this article, I am going to mention 24 best mountain biking apps for rides. Readout till the end and know the use of those apps. You will thank me later. Let’s start:


Starva is one of the most popular GPS cycling apps among the professional mountain bikers. The app offers some handy ride logging functions that can be uploaded to your Strava profile. This app can track your ride stats, speed, time, and distance.

Also, it will keep monitoring your position too. You can also read calories burned and elevation ridden at the end of your ride. The app will let you know if you set a new record in any segments.


In the TrailForks App, you will get the largest database of mountain bike trails around the world. If you download a region, you can access all the data offline, that’s the best part of this Application.

The app will plan your route by displays trail difficulty, elevation, ride logs, and trail conditions. The Trailforks is a must have an app for all the mountain bikers out there.


The MapMyRide is similar to the Strava app. It is like the twin brother of Strava. The app offers a detailed map ride logs without the pressure of segments and a peanut gallery. The app is available in Android and iOs. You can use the free version and also the premium version for full access.


The app shows thousands of trails from around the world. You can see articles, reviews, and photos as well. The app also indicates the nearest bike shop in some areas.

Go Pro

Want to share your moments in social media? You have to install this app on your mobile device. The app will help your record the particular moment and also share it publicly. You have to connect your Smartphone to your camera via wireless for the perfect shot.

MTB Project

This one is similar to Trailforks. The app works offline. The app uses local riders to submit up-to-date trails and information. The app is excellent for use in the United States.


SingleTracks Trail maps, articles, reviews, and photos will let you find mountain bike trail close to your area. You can explore a lot with this amazing app.

IMB Mountain Bike Magazine

Need inspiration? Install the IMB Mountain Bike mobile app and get as much as you need. In the app, you will get the latest news, gear reviews, life experience, articles, and trail guides related to mountain bikes.


AccuWeather will let you know the weather update. You will never get stuck in a thunderstorm if you have this app installed on your mobile.

 Bike Doctor

The app is the doctor of your mountain bike. It is an in-phone bike manual. With the app, you can repair and maintain your bike properly. The app is not free, but it is available in both iOs and Android

 Bike Gear Calculator

The app will let you calculate the useful gears available with crank length, front chainrings, and rear cassette. The app is not available in the free version. It is also compatible with both iOS and Android

Bike 3D Configurator

This app will let you build your dream bike with colors, parts, and everything else. The good news is that the app is available both iOs and Android, and it is free of cost.


This free app will let you know the potholes and other municipal problems. It is also available in the iOS store and Andriod play store. You don’t have to pay; it is free of cost!

First Aid: American Red Cross

The app is ideal if your trail is in the US. With this app, you can call American emergency numbers and know first-aid tips. The cost is free. Both iOs and Android users can use the app without any problem.

First Aid for Cyclists: British

This app is similar to the above app. you will get the numbers of British emergencies. You can ask for practical first-aid tips as well.

Weather Underground

This is a complete weather app that will let you know everything, including Doppler radar, forecasts, and many more. The app is free of cost, but you cannot be able to use all the features in free versions. For that, you have to switch to the premium version.


Darksky is another fantastic weather app that offers highly accurate forecasts. But it is not free on iOS. Android users can use all the premium features for free.

Ride With GPS

The Ride with GPS app is a must-have app for navigation-challenged rides. It offers audio cues so that users can get help while moving. They have a rich website, which is also easy to use. The app has a free and premium version available in the market. You will not get everything in free versions. Both Android and iOS users can use the app comfortably.


If you need more detailed analytics without having the pro version, this is the app you need to install. The app is not that much popular than other apps, but it serves excellently. You will get more data, graphs, and charts on the free level. But the premium version will let you use all the features.

Cycle Tracker Pro

Another premium app with excellent efficiency. This app has nice music controls and other unique features. It is not free and not available for Android users.

Garmin Connect

The app helps to put together your Garmin devices like watches, on- bike GPS, and many more. You can also be able to access the online Garmin Connect Community where you can sync, share, and store your data. The app is not fully free, and it is available on both iOS and Android devices.

Wahoo Fitness

The App is another excellent choice if you don’t have Garmin devices. The app will let you know and store your data, including speed, power, heart rate, and many more. You can sync data and share them with the online community.

 Google Maps

This one is a universal app that can be used anywhere you wish. The app is available on all Android devices. If you know how to use the app, it will help you a lifetime.

Final Words

I hope you enjoyed reading the above discussion. All the above apps are pretty helpful. You don’t have to install all of them on your mobile phone, pick the one that is required. Besides, most of the apps serve the same purpose. Try them and let us know about your experience. I am wrapping up now.

If you have anything else to know related to mountain biking, feel free to ask. I promise we will get back to you with the best possible solution. Keep visiting our blog and share so that we can rise. See you soon with lots of other essential tips, tricks, and product reviews. Till then, Ride On!


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