20 Gifts for Mountain Bikers: The Complete Mountain Biking Gift Guide

Last Updated on August 29, 2020

So you’ve got a mountain biker friend, beloved, family member or relative whose birthday is coming soon? Or you want to give that person something on the coming Christmas? Or on any occasion, you wish to create a smile on his/her face? The best idea is a gift. If he/she is a mountain biker, gifts related to mountain biking will create the wider smile of the season!

20 Gifts for Mountain Bikers

If you don’t have any idea about the mountain biker’s gift, don’t worry, we are here to solve your issue. Here we will present 20 gift ideas that will surely make a mountain biker happier than ever. Let’s start:

20 Gifts for Mountain Bikers

Wireless Headphone: Listen to songs that keep us calm and active. While riding a mountain bike, many mountain bikers have the habit of listening to music. Hence, a quality wireless headphone is an appealing gift item.

Don’t go for wired headphones, and they will irritate a mountain biker more than they entertain. In the market, you will get lots of wireless headphones from different brands, including Sony, Bose, Beyerdynamic, and so on. Pick quality and make your friend happier than ever.

Multi Bicycle Toolbox: A Multi Bicycle Toolbox as a gift seems awkward, I know but mountain bikers will adore this gift. Those who ride a bicycle on the mountain regularly know the importance of a Multi Bicycle Toolbox. With a quality toolbox, he/she can solve a wide range of bicycle problems within a moment.

Hydration Pack: Not all mountain bikers love hydration pack, but some of them do. Before picking a hydration pack, know whether the person likes using a hydration pack or not.

Helmet: The importance of Helmet is beyond any description. A good quality helmet even saves a life. You can purchase a high-quality helmet to make your mountain biker friend cheerful and also show him that you care.

Mountain Bike Pump: Add more air to the tires of mountain bike before or during a ride is a common task. A mountain biker always checks his tire pressure before each trip and pump in some extra air if needed. Hence, a good quality mountain bike pump will be an excellent gift.

Phone Mount Bicycle Holder: SmartPhone nowadays plays a vital role in our day to day life. It is almost impossible to keep our phone away from us for an extended period. You can purchase a perfect phone mount bicycle holder so that your mountain biker friend can keep his/her phone secure while on the move.

SmartWatch: A quality Smartwatch provides a hell lot of benefits. It can track everything, including fitness activity, steps, location, pace, distance, and so on. If your friend is health conscious, a Smartwatch from a well-known brand like Apple, Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi will be a great gift item.

Mountain Bike: If you want to give something big and you’ve enough dollars in your pocket, you can provide a complete mountain bike. Yes, it is an expensive solution, but it is the best possible gift you can give to a mountain biker. Believe me; this gift will surprise him/her the way you want to see.

Bike Pedal: If you don’t have enough dollars in your pocket yet you want to make a mountain biker happy, you can give a pair of bike pedals. Before shopping for a bike pedal, make sure the pedal is compatible with your friend’s mountain bike or not.

Bike Seat: Ask your friend whether the saddle of his mountain bike is comfortable or not. If he or she says, it is not, go for a comfortable seat. It is another excellent gift item you can give to any mountain biker.

Knee Pads: sudden fall is a common phenomenon in mountain biking, which can hurt and break the knee. A good pair of knee pads can keep a mountain biker safe. So, as a gift, knee pads are excellent as well.

Hand Gloves: Hand Gloves while riding a bicycle is another must-have accessory. Especially for long rides, wearing a hand glove is a must. They help by providing a better grip. And in winter season they will keep hands warm too. As a gift, they are cost efficient but excellent.

Jacket: Jacket is another great gift item if the person rides his/her mountain bike in winter. It will keep him/her warm on the winter condition. You can give a stylish Mtb Jacket as a gift too.

Mountain Biking Underwear: Don’t give someone underwear if she/he is not someone very close to you. Otherwise, it will seem very inappropriate. But to close ones you can easily give perfect underwear specially designed for mountain biking. He/she won’t mind,  I guess.

Shocks: Shocks as a gift seems a bad idea. But if you give a waterproof shock, it is not that bad! Instead, it will come handy to the mountain biker. So, if you want to make someone happy on a tight budget, waterproof shocks are waiting for you.

Shoes: Shoes are another item that can present as a gift to anyone on any occasion. Everyone needs Mtb shoes. For mountain bikers, you need to shop for a shoe that is specially made for mountain bikers. Better shoes increase performance and also make a person look stylish. Yes, as gift shoes are excellent.

Sunglass: Sunglass is something that can be given as a gift to anyone of any age and sex. Most people love Mtb sunglasses. They keep our eyes safe from debris and dust while it makes us appear cool to other people. So, this is another excellent gift item for mountain bikers.

Water Bottle: If your mountain biker friend doesn’t want to use a hydration pack, you can give him a water bottle instead. If you’re on a low budget, this is an excellent solution. Water bottles don’t cost much, yet those are essential out there on the mountain.

Headlamp: Headlamp is another handy accessory for mountain bikers. A quality Headlamp will keep your friend on the right track during the darkest hour.

First Aid Essential: Mountain Bike is fun, but it is dangerous too. Anything can happen out there on the mountain. Hence you should keep your friend well prepared for any unexpected issue by providing a First Aid Essential Toolbox. This can even save the person out there on the mountain.

Final Words

No matter the age, sex, or location, all the above items are essential for every mountain biker. You can give any of them or many of them from the above list. To bring a smile on the face of a mountain biker, any of the high items is fair enough. I wish this article helped you a bit or at least I tried to. No, the rest is on you.

While shopping for mountain biking items, don’t forget to check the customer reviews on Amazon, and it is safe to go for a well-recognized brand. It is time to say goodbye. If you’ve anything to know, feel free to comment. We will back to you with a proper answer. Share your views about our blogs and help us to improve.


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