10 Tips on Hiking For Beginners

Last Updated on April 17, 2020

There are many benefits of hiking, but you have to do it right from the beginning. Therefore, today we are going to review 10 Tips On Hiking For Beginners. With this plan you will begin to practice this activity efficiently, enjoying the nature and all that this outdoor walks can bring you.

10 Tips on Hiking For Beginners

1. The preparation of the route: This seems obvious, but it is very important to do it well. You must inform yourself of the way you have chosen to enjoy a good walk, where it begins, where it ends, its distance and approximate duration, level of difficulty. Nothing to start walking if you know all these things.

2. Time: Sometimes unforeseen events may arise, but that same day you must ensure the weather conditions of the area where you plan to make the route. If they are salvageable things, you should be equally prepared for when they arrive if you see that they can hinder or make dangerous the walking one will have to abort the plan and leave it for another day.

3. The footwear and clothing: Sometimes it happens that we think that with any shoes or any clothes we can go hiking, but it is not like that. The footwear is essential to prevent a possible fall or twist more serious than it should, in addition to comfortable and safe to go in the mountains. The clothing must also provide such convenience, being lightweight, waterproof when necessary and warm if it ‘s cold.

4. Map and GPS: We already know that you have been very well informed about the route before starting, but it never hurts to take a map and a hiking GPS tracker (same as the one with the mobile phone, but keep in mind the battery issue) to be able to guide us well. Look also at the indications that the road has. Read more on Hiking Camping Guide.

10 Tips on Hiking For Beginners

5. Feeding: It is essential that you are well hydrated for hiking because the lack of water can make you disorient, cramps, dizziness and even fading. Although it is a first easy route, always carry water with you or isotonic drinks that allow you to be hydrated. Do not wait to be thirsty, drink all the time. While you are walking you can eat something light, eat sugars and energy foods before you start and bring nuts, cookies, fruit or a snack for the road.

6. The company: If you’re just starting out in hiking, do not do it alone, all of a sudden, to try. Look for the company of someone with experience that goes with you and can guide you both on the way to follow and in the advice and attitudes that you should take in front of it. It also leaves someone informed of where you are going to be.

7. Put on sun protection, even if it’s cloudy or winter. Especially if you are going to ascend a lot during the route. Wear a hiking sun hat, trekking sunglasses, and cream.

8. Backpack: Carry a small kit in case it is necessary to make a cure. What you are going to use most frequently, put it in the most accessible part so that you do not have to go through every time you want something.

10 Tips On Hiking For Beginners

9. Do not start with a very long and complicated route. This, like everything else, is a matter of practice, so make a first short and simple exit, or several, to see how you are, and gradually increase the pace and difficulty as you look stronger and prepared. Keep a regular rhythm not too fast, at first make it softer to warm up, and you will increase your speed. You can make stops, but not too long, so you do not get cold.

10. The canes: They will help you to walk more comfortably. There are some adjustable in height that is the most appropriate since you can lengthen them in the descents and thus support them and cushion the body a bit.


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