10 Of the Best Mountain Biking Movies of All Time

Last Updated on January 21, 2020

10 Of the Best Mountain Biking Movies of All Time

As we all know, practice makes a man perfect. But without knowing and watching, only practicing does not make any sense. Besides, whatever we do, we need some basic knowledge and inspiration to do the job correctly. Without watching, we can’t learn it well.

As people used to say, “if you want to ride a bike like a pro, you need to watch the biking of biker first.” So, in the question of mountain biking, if you are a beginner, you need to watch mountain biking of professional mountain bikers and gather knowledge and inspiration very thoroughly.

It will help you to practice biking like a pro and know more pro tricks and tips which we should practice more. Therefore we recommend you to watch some movies on mountain biking to learn those pro tricks and tips very well.

In this article, you will be informed about 10 Of the Best Mountain Biking Movies Of All Time, which you should watch. These movies will help you to learn more about biking styles, features. And also it will help you to improve your mountain biking skills very well. Those movies will coach you to be able to ride a bike faster and harder than before.

10 of the Best Mountain Biking Movies of All Time:

1. Klunkerz (A Film About Mountain Bikes)

It is one of the legendary films on mountain biking. The story of the movie is the historical background of mountain biking in Northern California. In this movie, you can find the struggling period that from the late 1960s to the early 1970s, how mountain biking was formed in San Francisco.

You can see how Marin County hippies and athletes who brought a massive change in the mind of entrepreneurs to popularize the mountain biking. Gary Fischer kept his own impact in the biking with a technological approach with the 29″ the wheel’s invention.

The kids, who rescued bikes from dust and used the parts of those bikes for a new creation, such a mountain bike is called Klunkerz. We recommend you to see the movies to be inspired to gather the experience of pro-biking.

2. Ride The Divide

This is an award-winning and highly inspiring feature movie about the world’s hardest and dangerous mountain biking race. In this movie, you can see how to ride in the toughest off-road along the Continental Divide in the Rocky Mountains.

The most difficult tricks for rocky mountain biking can be observed in this movie. For being a pro mountain biker for the toughest of roads, you should watch the film. You must be an inspiration to the mountain bikers.


3. Where The Trail Ends

This movie is on freeride mountain biking in unknown difficult terrains. There are a lot of twists in the movie. You can see the most epic high jumps and flips over the rough mountains. Different types of new challenges on the biking and biking skills, which will provide a thrilling experience to a biker.

We recommend you to watch this movie not only for the beginner but also for the pro, which will encourage a mountain biker to take new challenges and to complete the task.


4. Deathgrip

This is the most legendary and inspiring movie on mountain biking. Where most of the film is about some re-invention of wheels and biking techniques, but Deathgrip is about something more creative and challenging to raise the bar.

One of the most pro bike riders Brendan Fairclough and movie maker Clay Porter, both of them travel around the world to demonstrate their recent and premier prospect of mountain biking along with the excellent features of the most prominent names in the sport.

Whatever the weather is, Deathgrip guaranteed to make you highly eager to go for mountain biking.

5. Vicious Cycle (A Real Mountain Bike Movie)

This is the movie that is related to the expectation of a mountain biker about the trail. Undoubtedly it is very challenging for a biker to ride in a wild area. As a biker, you may love the wooden terrain, trail over the mountain, riverside road.

This movie is about the searching of the best trails for mountain biking across Arizona, Canada, California, Costa Rica, and Hawaii. From this movie, you will be couched for wild biking.

So for all the beginners, we recommend watching the movie to increase the enthusiasm for biking in difficult wild terrain. This movie will inspire you to take a new challenge in your biking.


6. Shift

It is a documentary film of 29 minutes. This documentary is about a community of local youngsters from Yukon, Carcross, who have spent their previous ten years for changing the traditional trails into an international top-class mountain biking destination.

In this way, they transform their community and themselves along the path. And this documentary will inspire you to understand that with your courage, you can bring a considerable change in your destiny. So we suggest you watch this documentary for some motivation.

7. Fluidride Flow-Tonic

This movie is informative and instructional. In mountain biking, some riders give more focus on the wheel, brakes, and body parts of the bike. In some cases, the style of biking also proves a biker’s skill. But, “What’s about the footwork on the paddle?”.

From this movie, you will learn how to paddle in the right way and how to set your body on the bike by a pro-Veteran racer and internationally famous coach Simon Lawton. So, we highly recommend you watch the movie.

8. Earthed 3 (Europa)

For all the Freeride, Downhill, Cross Country bikers, this is mandatory to watch the movie. Besides who wants to know more about all the risky and rough trails of Europe, for them, this movie is very informative.

In this biking movie, you will see the European biking scene of pro bikers on their continental trails, which will amuse you and inspire you to go there for experiencing the Europe mountain biking.


9. Rad Company

Brandon Semenuk’s Rad Company is such an inspirational movie. Here Brandon Semenuk is one of the most famous mountain bikers in the world. Some are not convinced that Brandon is entirely a human; in this movie, you will find the thrilling reason for the doubt.

Here Rad Company was teaming up with the worldwide best free riders for demonstrating all the bikers skill under one team, get the Brandon to the top position of bikers. From the movie, You will get thrilling consequences, enjoyment, and different pro tricks of feature biking.


10. Fundamentals Mountain Bike Technique

From the name of the movie, you must get an idea that this movie is about some essential and primary instructions before start mountain biking. These fundamental techniques are necessary to follow for a beginner to start biking skillfully. From the movie, you can get all the vital tips and tricks as per the terrain.

So, we recommend all the beginners to watch the movie at first so that you can prepare yourself for your first mountain biking.

Final Words

Our provided 10 of the best mountain biking movies of all time, will give you the pro instructions to ride with more skillfully in different terrains.  From these movies, you will also get those tricks, which make a spectator amused. As a mountain biker, you must want to entertain the spectators with your riding skills yet.

And if you watch all the 10- mountain biking movies, which we prescribed, then we can ensure the improvement of your mountain biking skills. You can easily pick up all those rules and tricks, which will make your mountain biking experience awesome.

In short, all the beginners should watch the above-listed movies not only for entertainment purposes but also for learning something new.


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