10 Of The Best Apps For Kayakers

Last Updated on August 25, 2020

Kayaking is a form of sport where people use a kayak or a small boat for going across the water. It is a cheap and exciting way of enjoyment. Some people take it as a form of exercise. It enhances your fitness and strength making your body flexible.

Studies show that you can lose more than 320 calories by kayaking for one hour. But it is dangerous for beginners. Moreover, you may lose track or face unwanted weather conditions in the mid of your trip.

10 Of The Best Apps For Kayakers

So you need something to guide you properly during kayaking. In the era of technology, people invented some good kayaking apps to make your journey safe and comfortable.

These apps can be your trainer for acquiring kayaking habits and best friend in hostile situations. We are presenting the top 10 kayaking apps, which you should give a try.

1. Gopaddling

This free app is available for both Android and iOS. The app provides details about almost 25,000 paddling spots around the US. So you can easily find new places to explore. Before going for paddling, knowing about the restaurants and food corners are mandatory. It gives information about popular lunch points near every paddling spot.

The users can add food reviews and see other reviews. The map format of the app is very much helpful to find out beach access facilities. The mapping of places and kayaking directions are accurate. The users can add and see all comments, and descriptions of all locations.

2. Routie

It is very popular for strong route tracking. It is one of the best apps for estimating driving speed and calculating distance. It gives accurate information about travel time and other details in the form of a graph.

If you stop, it stops tracking immediately. It also gives you voice based instructions. It enables taking pictures during the journey and writing a description of many spots. It provides all these services using the built-in GPS on your phone. This app is compatible with the iPhone which costs $4.99.

3. Paddle Ready

This is a free app designed for both iOS and Android. It features a  lot of information about the environment as well as the forecasting of tides. You can send your current location to other people by accessing the paddle instructors of the developers. It provides you a guideline for finding the right instructions and saving a life. You can also report a problem and ask for help using it.

4. Simple Tides

This app is best for monitoring and reporting tide conditions. For addictive kayakers, it is essential to know about tide conditions especially when you are paddling in a coastal area.

This app gives you all the facilities for observing tide conditions and forecasts. It uses many tide monitoring stations, collects data from them, and then passes data to the users. This simple app will help you to avoid risky situations.

5. Polaris GPS

This is a free application designed for Android. This GPS based app is a great tool for keeping track of your location and other paddling spots. It also provides some offline services. It contains information about satellites, sun, and weather.

It allows you to download the map and have a compass for accurate directing, waypoints, trail navigation. You can keep records of traveled distance. It has some built-in marine charts which define the depth and other characteristics of water.

6. Kayaklog

This free app is available in both iOS and Android devices and created by professional kayakers. It tracks your paddling locations while recording the kayaking speed and distance. It gives you details about temperature, air-speed, advanced weather forecasts, and other safety notifications.

You can give access to three people for tracking your current location. You can keep your trip pictures on its official website as your records as well as upload on your social accounts.

7. TideTrac

It is available in iPhone costing $2.99. It is simple and easy to use. The users can know the tide condition in any location by seeing the graphical interface of the app.

It let the users know the best time for open-water kayaking. It defines the state of tides and tidal forecast by obtaining information from US Coast Guard stations. You can download the geographic map for seeing it offline.

8. Mountain Buzz

It is a free iOS app which helps you to know about different kayaking conditions. You can find a lot of paddling tricks and read the advice of other kayakers across the US.

You can also share your own experience, description of kayaking spots with others. If you are looking for any specific information, ask the community. They will respond and give you advice within a short time.

9. ViewRanger

This free app is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices. It features versatile GPS services for backcountry navigation. It gives the facility of downloading topographical maps of many paddling spots across 23 countries.

So you can access them offline. It can guide you with trail details and more than 150,000 kayaking routes across the world. It keeps the records of distance as well as the required time. It provides the facility of sharing specific location with other people.

10. Tide Charts Near Me

It is made for iPhone and Android devices. If you want to paddle across a coastal area, it will help you a lot. It has a tidal estimation system which gives you accurate details about tide conditions.

Its services are available worldwide which allow you to know the best kayak surfing areas in any country. It features weather information as well as some offline services.

Final Words

Many professional kayakers admit that they use kayaking apps for proper location tracking and other facilities. Before heading to your adventures, install any of them to find a right fishing spot in any area as well as new paddling spots.


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