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Hoffman Richter HR-30 Tactical Folding Knife Review

  Hoffman Richter takes pride in having unmatched customer service and not compromising on manufacturing quality. Hoffman Richter HR-30 Tactical Folding Knife is a specially engineered knife that has set the bars so high for the purported best knife out there. It’s not only a beautiful blade (which

KA-BAR BK-22 Companion Review

  The renowned KABAR brand has been on the market for so many years and they are known for their top-quality production knives. As someone who enjoys martial arts and hunting, Ethan Becker is best suited to design tactical and survival knives of industrial strength. He is

Zero Tolerance ZT0350TS G10 Review

  Zero Tolerance ZT0350TS G10 Handle Folding Tiger Striped Blade has an incredible reputation in the knife business. ZT knives are a culmination of a familiar knife brand name, Kershaw and an award-winning custom knife designer Ken Onion. ZT is quite famous for re-invention and their latest addition

Explorer Tactical Gun Concealment Backpack Review

  Compared to the regular bags that people carry around, the explorer tactical gun concealment backpack can be a more reliable alternative, especially for any backpack enthusiast. This bag is badass and it takes you whenever you want to go regardless of the seasons, conditions or anything else for

Best Tactical Knife – Reviews & Buying Guide

When we set out to uncover the best tactical knife in the market today, we carried out an intensive research focusing on 20 most popular tactical knives which receive rave reviews from the users. We compared them against one another considering their performance, design, blade, ergonomics, size,

Best Tactical Watches – Review & Buying Guide

If you are a passionate sports person, a security officer or law enforcement official,  Tactical Watches can be very helpful for an inflexible undertaking. The expediency that a tactical watch provides during a mission resists the difficulties and increases the convenience. I know purchasing a tactical watch can

5.11 Tactical Rush 72 Backpack Review

  If you are looking for a durable and quality backpack, the 5.11 Tactical Rush 72 Backpack is the answer for you. You might know about the 5.11 Tactical Rush families as this model share space with its two other siblings: 12 and 24. As this is

5.11 Tactical Rush 24 Backpack Review

  5.11 Tactical has long manufactured some of the finest and superior backpacks for everyday customers. Though they are a bit heavy on the pocket as compared to other brands, but every backpack is constructed with utmost attention. The 5.11 Tactical Rush 24 Backpack are brilliantly designed.

Maxpedition Falcon II Backpack Reviews

  The Maxpedition Falcon II Backpack has seen a lot of improvement if compared with its previous generations. The upgrade has beautifully enhanced the overall looks and appearance of this backpack. Now more comfort will be on the board without compromising on the durability and other factors. It

Condor 3 Day Assault Pack Review

  All those who do hiking or adventurous activities have an interest in trying out travel or outdoor gears. No denying to the fact that we already have our favorite camping or hiking gears, but as soon as we get to know about something new, we just