Best Tactical Backpack – Reviews & Buying Guide

Do you like fishing, hiking, hunting, biking, walking through dense forests or you are just into an individual sport? Whatever it is, any such outdoor activity demands the best tactical backpack. Regardless of where you are going or whatever adventure you intend to make, a backpack will be the best companion by carrying all your essentials throughout the journey. 

A tactical backpack can assist you with convenience for an easy quest, only if you are able to discover which backpack will suit your expedition the best, which means you need to look for the Best Tactical BackpackWith the extensive range of tactical backpacks available on the market today, it must be quite difficult for you to understand what would be the tactical pack.

Therefore, I have prepared this article, with all the valid information, in order to decide, what shall be the best tactical backpack for you. I am quite positive about the investigation I have done on tactical bags and packs, and I believe it will convince you.

Our Top Pick – The Best Tactical Backpack

1. 5.11 Tactical Rush 72 Backpack

I am certifying the 5.11 Tactical Rush 72 Backpack as the best product. And it is for a reason I am doing so. This is completely featured as a 72-hour backpack, which is perfect for frivolous exercise. This best tactical backpack has all that you need for an excellent adventure. It is well divided yet not too heavy.

Carry the most organized backpack with comfort. As well as, feel no pressure on your back. What makes it the best is the additional organization facility, with throngs of zippered and meshed storage. Such a good quality in such a price range makes it the best. Most importantly, this is the best because this backpack has all the features and priorities.

I am not the only one who thinks this is the best tactical backpack; it is the contentment that has been achieved by users, which made me rank this backpack at the top of the list. Besides, while using this backpack, personally I did not have one single complaint. It is a merge of all expectations I ever had. 

best tactical backpack

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This amazing tactical backpack can be used as a three days, which means, it can assist you for 72 hours. It has a front loader design to support the best possible organization. It is undoubtedly the best tactical backpack for you if you are looking for a front loader design. Within this price range, you cannot look for anything better than the 5.11 Tactical Rush 72 Backpack.  It has the best possible features you will require.

It is assembled with vigor, 1000D nylon cordura. Cordura is a tear resistant fabric, which is more durable compared to any other nylon fabric. It is woven with tight threading, and would never look stretched even after long use. It has a surface coating to make the water penetration challenging. That is not entirely a waterproof backpack, but water repellent.

The zippers are secure and sturdy. It has a capacity of total 55 liters/ 2894 cubic inch. As it is a front loader, it has a large front pocket, two smaller pockets at the back, the main compartment, a top pocket, two large side pockets, as well as a mixture of exterior and interior pockets. This makes the best organization possible.

The main compartments and side pockets consist of numerous inner pockets that have zippers or nets. Although it is a front loader, yet has a facility of top-loader design, that is the front compartment can be relaxed from the fastenings. 

best tactical backpack

Dear hikers, mountain bikers, and bikers, to delight you, I must inform you by loosening the front compartment, you can create an extra large pocket placing your helmet or anything such as climbing gear. It has a 23″ H x 13.5″ L x 8.5″ D main compartment, the front pocket is 15.5″ x 11.5″ x 2, the left and right side pockets are 16.5″ x 6″ x 1.75. The front side has an admin panel to store maps, pens, papers, and documents. The main compartment unbolts in a clamshell fashion.

Therefore, you can have access to anything with a single grasp. There is a space to carry water too; the hydration pocket can carry up to 3 liters of water, with a bottle of 21″ x 13.5″ dimension.  There are two spots to place the water bottle. The munificent MOLLE / TacTec System with attuned mesh stage, systematize all your gear for quick access.

The dual zippered front and main compartments protect and store the materials. The fleece-lined sunglass pocket keeps your wiry and slender essentials prearranged, firm, and secure throughout the jagging terrain. 5.11 Rush 72 Backpack is ultimately the best tactical backpack.

This best tactical pack is extremely easy and comfortable to be carried. It has a foam back panel, with four cushion spots, to allow the airflow. This feature keeps skin cool even though the bag is in contact with the skin. There will be no skin irritation or skin peel-off.

best tactical backpack

There are clips on the chest and waist, which helps to lock the bag weight in position, while transferring the extra weight towards the hips. The adjustable waist straps make the backpack adaptable for taller people. The shoulder straps or the Sternum Strap is also modifiable, comes along with clips that can be instantly discharged in case of emergency situation.

Key Features

  • An ideal front loader.
  • Designed for 72-hour essential backup.
  • Perfect use for both light utilization and as a prepared bug out bag.
  • Dual-zippered front and main compartments with molded grip pulls allow quicker access.
  • Manifold incorporated organization pockets for supreme organization.
  • Admin Organization pocket to store and protect maps, pens, and documents.
  • Fleece-lined sunglass pocket secures smaller essentials.
  • Internal hydration compartment with a hook is to pull out the water tank efficiently. Can carry 3 liters of water.
  • Cinching waist strap and dual compression straps hold the backpack in position and is easier to carry with comfort.
  • Adjustable dual density closed-cell foam shoulder straps are added to loosen or tighten the backpack to fit according to your body structure for more comfort.
  • Sternum Strap to fit according to your upper body and distribute the weight evenly throughout the upper body.
  • Foam Back Panel allows airflow between the bag and the skin to keep you cool.

2. Maxpedition Falcon-II Backpack

Let me introduce to you the 1st runner-up the Maxpedition Falcon-II Backpack. This is the 2nd among the Best Tactical Backpack because of the organizational features and overall durable design. Although it is a great deal compared to the price, it still comes later in the ranking as the other two backpacks have better capacity and more compartments. 

The maxpedition backpack is construction aims to haul numerous equipment. The design promises the backpack never to pitch downwards for heavyweight.  The rounded, double foam padding around the shoulder straps outlines your chest. The sternum suspension belt facilitates by distributing the weight equally throughout your upper body, which means it doesn’t hub the weight only on the back or chest.

best tactical backpack

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Instead, it evenly allocates the weight starting from the neck to hip. Hence, you can carry it without feeling the mass on your back. It is built with high-quality 1050-Denier Ballistic Nylon, which is water and scratch defiant. The light-weight ballistic nylon fabric has an exceptional durability.

The High strength zippers trails, and self-repairing YKK zippers save your time, besides, you can pull off the zippers quicker without any distress or fear of damage. The stress points are double stitched, for added durability. The main compartment has a 18″(H) x 9.5″(W) x 4.75″ dimension, the secondary compartment has a 16″(H) x 8″(W) x 3″ dimension, the upper front pouch has a 4″(H) x 7″(W) x 2.5″ dimension and the lower front pouch has 10″(H) x 7″(W) x 2.5″dimension.

Maxpedition tactical backpack comes with multiple compartments and pockets that offer enough space for your adventure essentials, camping equipment. There are two hydration reservoir pockets, which can carry 3 liters of water. The best features are the YKK zippers and the compression straps. 

best tactical backpack

After you drag down the dual-directional YKK zippers, the main compartment expands into a full clamshell opening, where you can carry a laptop or textbooks. The front & side compression straps keep a sleek look and keeps the backpack in position. It can sustain a total weight of 25 liters/ 1520 inch.

Key Features

  • The capacity of the backpack is 1520 cubic inches/25 liters.
  • Made of lightweight 1050-Denier Ballistic Nylon.
  • Scratch resistant as well as durable.
  • Teflon fabric protector allows it against filth and makes the maintenance easier.
  • High strength zippers and zipper tracks allow durability, rough and easy access.

3. Condor 3 Day Assault Pack

Condor 3 Day Assault Pack is overall a great deal, so comes second runner-up in the list because it is a good quality like the best product, yet a great deal for the number of features within such a low price rate.

This is a good option, and the reviews are quite good. But the water repellent quality is not as good as the other product, besides there was few durability complains. But because of the price range, you must not have any complaints, besides, there are a lot of people claiming it to be durable.

The Condor Assault Pack is an attractive and quite a large tactical backpack which has a 3038 cubic inch/ 50-liter capacity. The internal casing collection comes with seven munificent compartments and a mass of pockets, pouches with straps for better organization.

best tactical backpack

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The shoulder straps supply comfort. The front of the straps is well-matched for horizontal clip on straps, D-Rings, and vertical MOLLE webbing. It is also designed to carry different gears such as hunting gear at a time. This pack is built with 1000D nylon Cordura, which is a water repellent and most anti-ragging fabric. 

The sternum strap distributes weight evenly throughout the upper body to avoid the weight to be focused at a point. It also outlines according to your body. It is padded in 4 strategical spots, to keep it foamy and double stitched for added protection and enables maximum airflow.

The hip belt keeps the tactical backpack attached on position while moving roughly. Compression straps keep the load tighten and doesn’t allow the bag to look bulky. The heavy-duty carry and drag handle is quite tough and enables rough dragging. The Grommets on all compartments maintains the drainage for a clean and light feel.

The main compartment has water resistant zipper and a rain distracting flap. The zippers allow the compartment to open completely to position and take out essentials easily. The main compartment is around 13  x 20 x 10-inch dimension and can carry 40 liters in the main compartment. There are four compression straps to secure the loads in the main compartment.

The front compartment includes two large mesh zipper pouches on the front side of the main compartment, a  separate hydration pocket to carry up to 3 liters of hydration bladders,  three map and document pockets, two radio pockets, (it is a good place to preserve miniature electronics) and pen holders.

There are two large pockets on the back; bottom pocket has a 12.5″ x 6″ x 3″ dimension. The three mesh pouches come along with flexible openings, a chief middle area, and one large mesh pocket with a zipper end. There two side pockets, placed on both sides, with a dimension of 9″ x 5″ x 2.5″.

best tactical backpack

Key Features

  • It has a capacity of a 3038 cubic inch/ 50 liter.
  • It has a main compartment to carry maximum load, 40 liters.
  • A hydration compartment which can carry 2 liters.
  • A front compartment with two large mesh zipper pouches on the front side of the main compartment, three map and document pockets, two radio pockets, three mesh pouches come along with flexible openings, a chief middle area, and one large mesh pocket with a zipper end.
  • Has a hip belt to keep the backpack table.
  • Well-matched for horizontal clip on straps, D-Rings, and vertical MOLLE webbing.
  • Sternum straps to distribute the weight evenly across the upper body.
  • Well padded, at four smart spots to allow airflow.
  • This backpack is made with 1000D nylon Cordura. Therefore, it is water repellent.
  • Can use it as a bug out bag.

4. 5.11 Tactical Rush 24 Backpack

5.11 Tactical Rush 24 Back Pack is 3rd runner-up. This is a 1-day usage backpack, this can only assist you for 24 hours. If you want to go on a journey for a lesser period than this is one of the best tactical backpacks for you. It is designed in such fashion that it supports superior comfort.

It is constructed with ballistic nylon (Durable 1050D nylon). The double weaved fabric is extremely durable, as well as very light. The 22x12x7″ front pocket dimensions the main pouch has a 33 liters capacity. The main compartment has a 20″ H x 12.5″ L x 8″ dimension.


best tactical backpack

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The hydration pocket can carry 2 liters of water, and has a dimension of 18″ x 12.5″. It can bear a total of 37 liters. The Adjustable, dual density closed-cell foam shoulder straps with Duraflex (TM) hardware the enable the backpack to fit according to your height, and chest.

The foam prevents the weight to hurt you, and adjustable straps allow you to decide the tightness and keeps it flexible. It has a water-repellent coating, to prevent water rushing into the best tactical backpack.

The two large metal perforation drainage holes on the bottom of the backpack allow the excess water to drain out, as the bag it not 100% waterproof. Two external firmness straps prevent the backpack to look bulky.

Rush 24 backpack is designed to grant advanced storage capacity and organization, so that you can access to whatever you need, without wasting any time. The large main compartment includes three inner web manager pockets to preserve small accessories ordered.

The closed-cell foam back padded hydration pocket, with double end-to-end zipper, draw flaps, so you do not need to squeeze the bottle to fit in or pull it with all force to bring it out. Besides, locks your water tank in place, and allows you to move confidently.

The dual side storage space pockets come along with double-zip access and a roomy stuff-it pocket, which is incorporated with a drag flex so that you can stretch and enlarge the storage when needed.

Plus, the outlined firmness straps guarantees an unwavering and comfortable hold. The fleece-lined sunglass pocket safeguards your eyewear inside an easy reach.

The twisted web-platform is compatible with the MOLLE/5.11 SlickStick® System, which makes it possible for you to modify your storage alternatives according to your demand. The web-platform has bonus attachment points on three sides, which enhances the customization. The admin pouch adds a further few liters. Overall, it is the Second  best tactical backpack.

best tactical backpack

Key Features

  • Simply the tactical backpack on the market.
  • The main storage area has quite a lot of space.
  • Dual zipping side pockets make it easier for you to reach the essentials quickly and conveniently.
  • Zippered side water bottle hydration pocket keeps you hydrated by allowing you to carry 2 liters of water. The zipper allows easy access to the water tank.
  • Stuff-it pocket with integrated drawcord can be stretched to  enlarge the storage.
  • Reinforced grab-and-go handle, for moving the bag with a grasp.
  • Coiled MOLLE/SlickStick web platform for customization.
  • Three mesh admin compartments for further organization.
  • Zippered fleece-lined eyewear pocket for protecting smaller essentials.

5. 5.11 Tactical Rush 10 Mobile Operation Attachment Bag

The Rush MOAB packs are some of the most exciting tactical backpacks. These packs are part of a tier attachment system, whereby they can be attached to larger RUSH packs. The idea came from the need for a tiered system that would allow soldiers to detach compartments or smaller bags from the primary bag before moving up to forward observation.

The 5.11 Tactical Rush 10 Mobile Operation Attachment Bag is the smaller bag and is perfectly suited for hiking and travel. Leave your larger pack in the hotel room and take the smaller tactical backpack with you while walking around town.

The top of the bag features a carry handle for easy vertical lifting. The front and sides of the pack are covered in the web platform, allowing you to customize the pack to your specific needs. Use these areas to attach additional pouches and gear. There is also web platform on the main carry strap which allows you to attach easy-to-reach gadgets and tools while carrying the bag. 

best tactical backpack

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This best tactical backpack has been designed for both right and left-handed individuals in mind and is one of the first tactical packs to feature an ambidextrous carrying strap. The female part of the strap branches from the center of the top of the pack while each lower side of the bag houses a male counterpart.

This allows you to choose which side you would like the strap to connect to, based on your hand orientation. The side that is not in use folds away into its own small pocket. The tactical backpack features back-facing padding with ventilation for enhanced comfort when the bag is on your back. This area also comprises a removable rigid plate for maximum stability as well as tactical rubber which stops the bag from slipping and sliding.

Working from back to front, the first compartment can be accessed from both, the left or the right with a dual-way zipper. This is a hydration compartment; you can attach your hydration pouch to a tab at the top and thread the hydration valve through a hole in the top of the pack.

There is a sealable port at the top of the bag where your hydration valve can pass through, then thread it through the gap beneath the ‘comms’ port on the shoulder strap to have it readily accessible while carrying.

best tactical backpack

The main compartment of the tactical rush 10 moab pack houses pockets that can be accessed from both, the left and right-hand side. Many of the pockets utilize a Velcro system and can be easily torn open; others are simple zipper pockets. 

The ‘comms’ (communications) pocket lies on the shoulder strap and can be used to house flashlights and other small accessories. It also has an eyelet to support the threading through of headphones from a smartphone or iPod if desired. There is a fleece-lined pocket on top of the pack which is perfect for storing your sunglasses or lenses of any sort.

The front of the pack houses an admin pocket with various compartments, perfect for storing AR mags, business cards, pens and whatever else you wish to include. The left and right-hand side of the pack feature compression straps and there is also a strap at the bottom of the pack for the attachment of a wind-breaker or small bed roll. 

Lastly, there is a secret weapon compartment, located between the main compartment and the front pouch. This is large enough to house a full-sized pistol and can be easily torn open using a Velcro system for easy access to your weapon.

Key Features

  • Attachable/Detachable from larger RUSH packs.
  • Ambidextrous shoulder strap to suit your hand orientation.
  • Web platform for additional tactical gear and pouches.
  • Back-facing padding is featuring horizontal and vertical ventilation for maximum comfort.
  • Rigid plate and tactical rubber padding ensure maximum stability while carrying.
  • Fleece-lined pocket for scratch-able items.
  • Comms pouch is featuring an eyelet system for discrete headphone listening.
  • The bag can easily be spun around and worked through in the front.
  • Secret weapon compartment.

6. Direct Action Dragon Egg Tactical Back Pack

This Direct Action Dragon Egg Backpack has been designed with military and law enforcement operators in mind. It is a very rugged pack and is also perfectly suited to those who spend a lot of time outdoors or want a solid base for their bug out bag. This bag has been mentioned in many of the best tactical backpack, and if you’re in law enforcement or embarking on advanced tactical missions, this may well be the best tactical backpack for you.

The back-facing part of the bag features thick padding for enhanced comfort while wearing it. These pads run down each side of the bag with a ventilation channel running down the middle for air flow. The pads are also ribbed to ensure the tactical pack doesn’t slide around.

best tactical backpack

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The shoulder straps are very thick to ensure the user’s comfort even when the bag is very heavy and full of gear. The top of the bag has a paracord grab handle. This allows easy vertical carrying and lifting and also doubles as 2.5 meters of paracord in emergency situations.

The front of the bag features a laser-cut MOLLE and PALS system. The sides of the pack feature compression bands which allow you to slim the bag down if you don’t have it filled. The zips on the bag are large and bulky; this makes them durable and easy to use. This tactical backpack also features a waistband strap for increased support when on the move.

Working from back to front, the first compartment of the bag (closest to your back) houses the back panel which keeps the bag rigid. This compartment also has an area that is well suited to holding a 15” laptop or other flat devices such as tablets.

best tactical backpack

At the top of the pouch, there is a loop for your hydration pouch as well as a hole to feed your hydration tube out of. The front of the main compartment features a large netted pocket. The middle is open, perfect for larger items and the rear of this compartment houses a large bungee pouch, well suited to carrying a laptop or other slim device.

At the top of the front of the pack, there is a scratch-resistant pocket for mobile phones, sunglasses or lenses. The front compartment features various netted sub-compartments which are ideal for housing PDAs, range finders and the like. There are bungee pockets which are ideal for radios and smaller pouches which are well-suited to tactical pens and tactical knives.

A bigger Velcro pocket runs down the back of this section. The sides of the tactical backpack feature MOLLE-cut pockets which would support a bottle of water or something of similar size very well. The bottom also has compression straps which can be used to tighten up the bag or hold a bed-roll, windbreaker or sleeping bag.

best tactical backpack

Key Features

  • Redesigned elastic side pockets allow for expansion.
  • Patented Combat Vent System ensures comfort during prolonged use.
  • Water-resistant coating and made of Codura 500D fabric.
  • MOLLE/PALS system.
  • Dual purpose paracord grab handle.
  • Thick shoulder straps and waistband strap.

7. 5.11 Tactical Rush 12 Back Pack

This 5.11 Tactical Rush 12 Backpack is a high-performance pack that is known for its versatility. It can be used for everyday carry (EDC), tactical assault, hunting or even as a fast response emergency bag. The bag houses a total of 16 different compartments, each with a defined use. The bag has been designed for all climates and situations and has been featured in many of the best tactical backpack reviews.

This is the smallest of the 5.11 Tactical RUSH series. The bags are numbered according to the hours of mission or operation that they are best suited to. The packs go up to 72 hours but this bag is the Tactical Rush 12 meaning it is best suited to carrying gear for a 12-hour mission or expedition. You can also attach other bags such as the M.O.A.B. 10 to this pack.

best tactical backpack

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The front of the bag features PALS webbing and Velcro tabs for name tags and patches. The top of the tactical pack has a comfortable carry handle. The sides of the bag have one compression strap each and follow suit with the PALS webbing, and it allows for the attachment of additional pouches and gear. The bottom of the pack has two drainage holes as well as additional straps that could be used for bedrolls and the like.

The shoulder straps are very padded and feature a yoke system which disperses the weight and afford maximum comfort even when the bag is full of gear. The shoulder straps also have a chest strap which can be used to stabilize the bag when carrying. This piece is removable if you don’t wish to use it.

The back-facing part of the pack has four padded sections between which ventilation channels run. The bottom two pads feature a rubber material to keep the bag steady when being carried and between these two there is one more drainage hole.

best tactical backpack

At the top of the front of the bag, there is an easy-to-access zipper pouch that is well-suited to smaller items. The front admin pouch houses pen pockets, key-keepers and other sections for cards, iPod and similar items. This section is backed by a zipper pouch that runs its full length. All the pockets on this 5.11 tactical pack feature YKK zippers with large pull tabs and are lined with a rain-protective layer.

The top of the pack has a fleece-lined pouch that is great for items you wish to keep free from scratches such as sunglasses. The back-facing part of the bag is made to house a hydration bladder and features a hole for the hydration tube to run through; The hydration tube exits the bag through a hole in the side of the carry handle. 

The edge of this compartment is fitted with a rigid plate to give the bag support when being carried. The main compartment features two netted pouches, a smaller one at the top and larger one at the bottom. This allows you to see where items in these pockets are with just a quick glance. There is also a bungee-type pocket in this area which is perfect for a 15” laptop.

best tactical backpack

Key Features

  • Water-resistant 1050D nylon material.
  • Contoured Yoke system and thick shoulder straps with chest strap for weight dispersion.
  • YKK zippers with large pull tabs for easy glove use.
  • Can be used in conjunction with other packs such as the M.O.A.B. 10.
  • Eyewear pocket for items you wish to protect from scratches.
  • Mesh pockets allow fast identification of items.
  • Spacious main compartment with bungee pouch for a laptop.

8. Explorer Tactical Gun Concealment Backpack

For low price, Explorer Tactical Gun Concealment Backpack is a great option too,  ranked it at the end because of the rating and fewer features compared to other tactical backpacks. If you are related to law-enforcement missions or steering adventures, this is a good option as it is sized and planned for carrying different accessories and tools. 

best tactical backpack

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The Explorer Tactical Gun with multi pockets, gun compartments. The padded shoulder straps are compatible with durable webbing MOLLE Strap System, which will make you feel like you are wearing the backpack not carrying it.

It is created with Nylon fabric and has a water-repellent coating. It has a capacity of 1660 cubic inch/27.2 liters. What makes it so fine is the four extra military style pockets with the fastener at the front. Explorer concealment backpack has six zipper pockets; two front pockets and four side pockets.

There are two handles at the top to carry the tactical backpack easily with a clasp. There is a long pocket to place the laptop. You can also carry you iPad as there is an easy access pocket for tablets. The two gun pouch around the waist helps to hold revolvers, cell phone, iPad, GPS devices or remedial accessories. This also has a hydration chamber so that you can carry your bladder. It can fit clothes worth of 3 days.

best tactical backpack

Key Features

  • Big enough for a three-day essential storage.
  • Well divided for better organization.
  • Durable manufacture and in a good form of structure.
  • The top load straps secure hefty loads.
  • Has a different laptop and tablet compartment.
  • Top Gun waist pouch to carry other accessories.
  • Compatible with MOLLE  Strap System.

9. G.P.S. Tactical Range Backpack

If you’re looking for a tactical bag that is made specifically in the USA, then G.P.S. Tactical Range Backpack is probably one of the best tactical backpack for you. This is a backpack style range bag and has been designed to hold all your gear for the gun range. If you are looking for a tactical pack to use for the gun range, then look no further.

This tactical pack has thick, padded shoulder straps as well as a padded waistband strap to keep the bag stable when you’re carrying it. It also features a double stitched handle at the top so that it easy to move the bag around. The bag has a Y-strap which can be used for carrying a jacket, blanket or any other item you can’t fit into the bag. The outside of the pack is covered in MOLLE webbing so that you can attach additional pouches if you wish to do so.

best tactical backpack

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All the pockets on the bag have corresponding icons to what should or could be kept in them. For example, a target symbol indicates the place to roll up and store your targets for the range. The front pocket on the bag has a place to store magazines, a flashlight and tools. The pack even comes with a small toolbox that fits nicely into the corresponding area.

The front top pocket has a separate pouch for safety glasses and ear protection as well as a lanyard for your keys. There is also a zip pocket for personal items. There are two other pockets on top of the bag which can be used to store magazines, ammunition, range finders and other forms of hearing or visual protection. 

The base of the bag opens from the side, inside this compartment, there are three smaller, removable compartments and each is meant to house one of your pistols. The base of the bag features a honeycomb internal structure which keeps the pack rigid and allows for each one of these pistol compartments to be removed.

Key Features

  • Triple stitched MOLLE webbing system that is strong and allows you to carry extra gear.
  • Honey Comb internal frame for enhanced rigidity.
  • Heavy duty fabric for maximum durability.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Three internal, removable handgun storage cases to conceal your weapons.
  • Icon tabs for keeping all your gear in order and allowing easy identification.

10. SOG Ninja Daypack

In our search for the best tactical backpack, we came across the SOG Ninja Daypack. This is a hardy, well-built backpack that will fit snugly in your active, outdoor lifestyle. With its polyester and canvas build, the backpack is durable enough to endure those strenuous days. And you most definitely want a bag that can keep up with you.

This bag will not only keep up but will also be your trusted companion. With its roomy main compartment and multiple pockets, it has enough room to carry all your essentials to keep you going. The Ninja Daypack also rocks a convenient hydration pocket that has left and right hose ports to supply you with water while on the move continuously. Don’t worry about running out because the backpack also has a side pouch which can easily fit two 16oz water.

best tactical backpack

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With a polyester and canvas material, the Ninja daypack is assured of durability. This material is known to withstand the vagaries of the outdoors, a quality necessary for such a backpack. The whole backpack has a capacity of 1475 cubic inches with its main compartment measuring in at 18 inches tall by 9.5 inches wide by 7 inches deep.

It also has a pocket for flat storage, a front accessory pocket and a soft lined pouch for carrying your delicate stuff. The Ninja comes with a hook and loop flag patch that gives you the power to personalize it to your taste.

Clearly, there’s enough room to accommodate all your necessities. And if all this isn’t enough, the handy MOLLE attachment feature lets you strap on extra storage compartments to see to it that nothing gets left behind. Worried about getting thirsty? No problem, just fill up the Ninja’s hydration pocket, attach a hose and keep yourself supplied with water. 

The beauty about the Ninja Daypack is that it can effortlessly transform from the outdoor adventurer to a simple backpack that you can use in your day to day lifestyle. Simply detach all the extra compartments and you’re good to go. All that one wants from a backpack is its ability to keep from transferring the strain of the load onto your shoulders and back.

best tactical backpack

The Ninja does exactly that. With its yoke style shoulder straps, the Ninja Daypack comfortably lays over your shoulder, evenly spreading the weight on your back. This avoids putting the strain on your shoulders, enabling you to haul the backpack’s weight comfortably.

There’s also an adjustable sternum slider that allows you to set the straps to your desired position and giving you the ability to change the strap position at any time easily. The back has a soft padding to enable the backpack to comfortable rest on your back without any strain.

Key Features

  • The Ninja Daypack has a large main compartment with a large zippered opening for easy access.
  • It has a pocket for flat storage together with a front accessory pocket with an organizer.
  • It has a hydration pocket with left and right hydration hose ports plus a side pouch which fits two 16 oz water bottles.
  • The backpack is MOLLE equipped to enable expansion of storage capacity.
  • Yoke-style shoulder straps with an adjustable sternum slider and padded back improve comfort.
  • It is versatile and can not only be used for outdoor adventure but also for school.

11. 3V Gear Velox II Large Tactical Assault Backpack

If you are some kind of adventure junkie, this is the best tactical backpack for you! Buckle it down and run around with it. The compression straps allow you to do any kind of outdoor activity and feel comfortable carrying this bag on your back; it will literally become an extension of you.

3V Gear is a company that is dedicated exclusively to manufacture all type of accessories for the lovers of adventure and all the Tactical Backpacks are their five-star products. Once you buy your backpack, activate your lifetime warranty!

best tactical backpack

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This assault-style backpack from 3V is made with 600 D PVC backed nylon. These materials offer you a large backpack with some rigidity and this makes it weather-resistant, and super rugged. This backpack has stretchiness straps in the front that makes you feel very comfortable carrying this backpack.

The hip belt allows you to take some of the weight. All the straps are easily adjustable and the biggest feature is the fully customizable design.

Best Tactical Backpack

This large tactical backpack has many pockets: the little pocket is right on top where you can carry some practical knives. The pocket right beneath it has two zippers.

The secondary compartment also has a mesh pocket and finally, the main compartment that offers you a generous space. It has 1628 cubic inches and allows you to carry everything you need whether you are traveling or bug out preparedness bag.

best tactical backpack

You can choose the color that most matches your personality from the available options of; Olive Drab, Black, Coyote Tan and, Foliage Grey. This is the best viable tactical backpack you can get if you intend to go a day hike, on your way to the gym or if you are looking for a lightweight overnighter. If you are looking for a backpack that will last for the rest of your life, I consider this investment with risk-free.

Key Features

  • MOLLE compatible for pouches and attachments.
  • Definite five out of a five-star product.
  • Large backpack with good size.
  • Secret pockets with velcro.
  • Nylon organizer for your pencils, phone, tablet or day planner.
  • All zippers are designed for durability and noise reduction.
  • Lifetime Warranty: register your bag and activate your guarantee.

12. Red Rock Outdoor Gear Rover Sling Pack

Customers say this backpack has been both expensive and cheap. If you are searching for an ideal bag to carry your work, study or hiking equipment as well as carry all the food, drink, tools and medical equipment you need, this bag gives you the space you need. This is the most popular product of Red Rock Outdoor for its excellent quality and attractive price. Its design promises to satisfy all kinds of needs from going to work or to the gym.

best tactical backpack

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The durability of this product is guaranteed, thanks to the material from which it is manufactured. The Rugged 600 Denier Construction of polyester with PVC coating ensures its resilience. This material is more resistant than rubber and you will not have to wash it regularly. If you require buying a pack of your favorite color, do not worry, it comes in a bunch of different colors as ACU, black, coyote, olive drab, dark earth, Olive drab/red, Tornado Blue and woodland digital.

This is the best tactical backpack option to load many things. On your back, you got an essential holster where you can carry a full-sized handgun or even an iPad. You can add more accessories thanks to your Molle tape. It’s ambidextrous strap and adjustable shoulder strap allows it to be more comfortable. All zipper tabs come with para cords and have a quick-release buckle on the main strap for rapid deployment.

The main compartment of the bag is so large and sturdy that you will be able to charge your laptop. It also has three other storage compartments that allow you to carry with you a first aid kit, ammunition, binoculars or any tool that is essential for survival. Both the internal and external pockets have dividers that make it easy to carry your things in an organized way.

Key features

  • Contains a hidden cover in the back.
  • It’s two external pockets allow you to have quick access to any item.
  • The main pocket has a non-slip pocket with a tactile closure.
  • You can attach other accessories thanks to the MOLLE platform.
  • Materials such as 600D polyester guarantee you the durability of your backpack.
  • Capacity for 9 liters.

Why You Need A Tactical Backpack

A best tactical backpack is an indispensable tool if your vocation includes escapades. If you continuously keep moving, carrying your daily essentials along with you throughout the exploration, is a necessity. And I am considerably certain, taking multiple pieces of luggage or bags will only dawdle your motion. Besides, it will be tough for you to supervise so many bags.

Even if you carry a single luggage/bag, you won’t be satisfied with it, as it will not serve the purpose. Luggage will never be handy, and it’s impossible to clutch it throughout the journey, and an ordinary bag will never be vigorous enough to incorporate all your essentials expediently. In fact, a tactical pack is designed in such a manner, that it is tough enough to embrace through any circumstance. 

Despite the fact that the condition may turn difficult, a tactical backpack so clever, that it will continue providing comfort, and you will barely realize you are wearing it. It will be sufficiently satisfactory to accommodate all types of equipment, yet, won’t look massive. It consists of straps and clips to protect your gear, and it is also divided with short zippers. Most of the tactical backpacks come with a separate pocket for the water bottle to keep you hydrated.

Best Tactical Backpack

 Think Before Buying A Tactical Backpack

There are various designs existing in the market today,  but not all of them are ought to assist you with a quick and efficient organization for comfort. Thus,  while creating the Best Tactical Backpack Review, I focused on few necessary priorities that would benefit you in every possible angle. And I am going to recite those priorities so that you are well informed about how to choose a best tactical backpack.

Before making the decision, you need to know what you will be hauling in the backpack, it be is well suited, plus have enough room for your materials. Let’s say, if you are using it for a comprehensive episode during outdoor activities,  you must make sure it has a split section intended for water and food, in order to protect your documents and equipment if it spills.

Check if you need a front loader or a top-loader design. A front loader reduces the struggle to look for something. It is well divided with individual pockets for your use. It keeps the arrangement organized, separated and convenience of reach increases. A top-Load is often lighter, since, they don’t typically have as many compartments as a front loader. Hence, a reduced amount of fabric and fewer straps along with lesser clips reduces weight.

Plus, the elasticity concerning the capacity increases due the advantage of strapping any gear on the top using external flap. Before making the final decision know what organization you prefer the most. If the partition is more important, go for the front loader. If the quickness is the key to your comfort than then go with the top loader.


The most appropriate dimension for the majority of the tactical bags is approximately 25-35 liters. Such backpacks will be able to provide enough space for your materials, as well as food and water. If you need to position too many pieces of equipment, then choose something bigger than usual, say around 35-55 liters.


You should choose a best tactical backpack according to your torso; that is according to your chest size. Most people have a torso between 15.5″ and 20.5″. Your torso length is the length of your upper body. You should take your exact measurement. While amending the shoulder straps make sure it’s not too tight, yet tight enough to clasp to your body while moving.

Best Tactical Backpack

Extra Preferences

The excellence backpacks depends on the strap preference, that if it is attached from one shoulder strap to the other accurately crossways your sternum. These straps diminish pressure off your shoulders. The waist support belt is used to sustain the weight off your shoulders and relocate it to your hips. It is sheltered for maximum comfort. A foam back panel is to shape to the curves of your back, meanwhile, allows ventilation between your back and the bag. It keeps you cool.


The material of the tactical backpack will decide its stability and durability. The mass of the backpack will also depend on the fabric. If you move through the water, make sure your backpack is made out of water-repellent fabric. There will be several types of Nylon fabrics like Naylon Nlon; Ballistic Nylon and Cordura Nylon.

Nylon Nlon is a light,  sturdy and durable, which means it does not easily tears or punctures and is easy to waterproof. The specialty of Ballistic Nylon is its anti-tearing quality which is better than regular nylon. It is freshly used for durability.

It has a moderate waterproofing. Cordura Nylon is quite tough yet extremely light. This is the most popular fabric, currently being used. Canvas shall be your last option; it is heavier than other synthetic fabrics and quite difficult to be waterproof.

Final Word

At the end of this  Best Tactical Backpack Reviews, I would request you to trust me. I did not create the list over a single night; it took me weeks to complete the list. I made an inclusive ranking list while keeping the general adventurous users in my mind. I have decided what is the best for you, what is the second best for you on and on and on. And as you have noticed, in every ranking there was a priority, depending on the hours of usage, specific usage, and budget.

For example, if you want it all go for the 5.11 Tactical Rush 72 Backpack, which is the best.  If you are someone who is looking for something extremely durable for everyday use then the 1st runner-up, Maxpedition Falcon-II Backpack, is being introduced in the list for you. If you want a lot of features and seeking for comfort within an extremely tight budget get the 2nd runner-up, the Condor 3 Day Assault Pack. 

If you want something for a shorter period, still it must have as many features as the best, as well as durable for 5.11 Tactical Rush 24 Backpack, which is the 3rd runner-up. You know the best is always the best, so, as I have listed it the best, I must say you should purchase the best if it meets your requirements. I hope this review benefits you, thank you for reading.

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